To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 169 - In This Troop You Will Earn A Lot of Money

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Chapter 169 – In This Troop You Will Earn A Lot of Money

I found out that there were about 10 thousand people who lived in/on this street and some/many were waiting to be tested.

Today was a sunny day and I could see the clear(just to flow and look better) blue sky. The white snow on the field was glowing because of sunshine.

There were about 100 men who were dressed pourly.

I pretended as if I was a young man fighting for my country and joined them.

“Hey guys, have you heard about that? We can be promoted to captain in only 3 days. So I’ve quit my job and came here.”

“Wow, they say we can earn thousands of coins per month. I’ve sold my farmands too.”

“And even though we don’t have any experience we can be promoted rapidly. Then I can mortgage my wife out.”

These middle-aged man who were full of muscle were talking about this job excitedly. They looked like some people doing an excellent job who were filled with dreams and hope.

“Welcome, everyone! You are all brave fighters of Oriana.”

This gigantic man, who looked like a pig, dressed as an upstart did. He smiled suspiciously, and then he said.

“I’m Tulpicano and I’m glad to see you all here!! Let me welcome you to our Royalists faction and then we will test your abilities. We do this so that you can show us your talent perfectly for your job.”

Then there was a team of ugly soldiers behind him.

They didn’t look like soldiers in a regular army.

“Hey, Tulpicano. I’m Quinton and I worked as a mercenary before. So I wanted to ask you, are you all a regular army?”

That was good. That guy Quinton looked like a vicious professional wrestler and he asked a question which a lot of people wanted to know. But I guess I had seen him before.

“Hmmm this is a good question! But don’t worry! It’s an honourable noble who asked me to raise the troops!! Here, this is the Conscription order.”

Tulpicano gave him the Conscription order and Quinton read it carefully.

“Oh, he really is an honourable noble and this seal is true. I believe that if we work for Tulpicano, we will earn a lot of money.

Quinton said loudly, but he didn’t show them the Conscription order. Then he gave it back to Tulpicano.

“Wooo, it’s true!? But Quinton who had experienced war has told us, so there’s no problem. Maybe it’s real.”

“Fight! I said that selling my farmland was a good decision!”

“Yeah!! I can redeem my wife.”

They started cheering loudly.”

Huhu, I got it. This is to prove that the monthly income is not a lie.”

Having a dream is not a bad thing.

“Then let us start the test! It’s my pleasure to invite Goldoh. Kinmekki-sama, who is the son of an honourable noble, to be our chief examiner for the test! Welcome to our test!!!”

“Ohhh!! “

Everyone cheered loudly.

Goldoh. Kinmeki-sama wore a suit of golden armour, and looked handsome just by standing there. But I thought that that’s just an illusion.

“Wow, his armour is made from gold! Who’s that guy?”

“Ho-, how would I know? But you can feel a noble aura coming off from him. I think we can earn a lot of money if we become his follower!”

“Im-, impossible, is he connected to the royal family!? Good times for us are coming, I’m going to become rich, even though I’m fourth child of a poor peasant’s family.”

Goldoh.Kinmekki-sama was a real noble. Umm, he must be.

“Now, my name is Goldoh. Kinmekki. And just as you think, I’m going to be your examiner. We are going to test you one by one. You will be fighting with me using your specialities. First, hmm, what was it… Ah, yes. Quinton, was it?”

“Emmm, we start from me??”

“I can tell just by looking at you that you’re quite strong, aren’t you?.”

“Hmm, thank you, you also look quite strong.”

Both of them drew their swords, and took a stance that looked theatrical. Looks like both of them are magic swordsmen.

And then, both of them attacked each other in a flashy manner.

It looked like an action movie, too much useless and flashy movement, but for me it looked just like a play..

If you were to add sound effects it would be something like 【kinkinkin!!】, 【doka!】, 【baki!!】, 【tyudonn!!】, or so.




Everyone started cheering as hard as they could.

Emmm, I mean, I know that they should be capable of doing something like this, but it’s just flashy. It doesn’t seem like they are serious about it… No, it’s alright, I’m a mob and the mob are not capable of detecting something like that. .

Their swords and magic collided creating a flashy explosion that threw the snow around them. After that, both of them put their swords down.

“Quinton, you are just as strong as I thought you are…”

“You too…”

“Okay, I’m gonna put Quinton in charge of the newcomers. Does anyone have any objections?”

Nobody seemed to have any objections. Although there were some other magic swordsmen, but it didn’t look like there was one capable of beating Quinton.

That’s OK, I just have to act like a mob character and flatter him later.

“Quinton, as of now, you are in charge of new team of newcomers, which means you are a captain, right?”

“Are you kidding me! He became a captain in just one day!?”

Goldoh. and Quinton were acting like in a play.

“Yes! This troop will reward you in proportion to your worth. If you are talented, you will be rewarded..”

“Wow! That means not only me, but other people have a chance right!??”

“Certainly! If you work hard for your captain, you’ll have an equal chance of promotion!”

“Wow! I’m gonna get promoted and earn tons of money!”

“Come on! Attempt the test! There are still two captain slots free!!!!”


After watching their play, everyone became excited..

Then they started to test everyone.