To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 168 Part 1

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Chapter 168 – What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 1)

As some readers had posted links of chapter 113 ~ chapter 167 translated by other translators under the last chapter (hope you enjoy 🙂 ), I decided to translate from chapter 168. Then I want to apologize for my translation quality – many readers had complained that my translation was much like MTL (some comments are complete insults). Sorry I’m not a native English speaker, and actually I’m not that good at English. This time Star River helped proofread this chapter, and I hope that you can have a better reading experience this time. I will also try my best to improve my English. Still thanks for all the support! I will continue to share interesting Japanese novels with you 🙂

I pondered the question as I flew in the snowstorm with my Slime Wing.

The battle between Maximilian and me was coming to an end. Concentration Camp was destroyed in the shock from the explosion of the atomic bomb – a thought suddenly struck me.

Was I right?

Was I expecting such powers in the shadows?

I recalled what powers in the shadows had done before. I was playing the role of the powers in the shadows I imagined. It should be like that. . .

But, why? I felt that I was not satisfied with something.

What was that on earth?

At the same time, there was something going off the rails.

No, was that because feeling dissatisfied had become my inertial thinking?


I didn’t know why.

But what I only knew was that I had a strong sense of dissatisfaction

I wanted to be what kind of powers in the shadows before I reincarnated? My mind traveled back to the past, and then I knew the reason.

Whatever. If only I could be like powers in the shadows…

Therefore, there was no clear image of powers in the shadows in my mind.

Because the image of powers in the shadows I was expecting did not exist.

I just behaved like powers in the shadows to a limited extent.

Maybe that was why I felt dissatisfied.

“…Is it okay to keep it?”

Was this a sudden thought occurring to me, or a long-existing thought? I didn’t even know that.

However, if I kept thinking about that, I couldn’t enjoy being the powers in the shadows from the bottom of my heart.

“I have to do something…”

I organized my thoughts about what was the most important character of powers in the shadows. I took the simple, less complicated way to explore the nature of powers in the shadows. Then I could get an answer.

So I decided to become a passerby.