To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 162 - The Ringleader is Here!?

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162. The Ringleader is Here!?

Thick clouds had blocked the sun, and a light flurry had begun.

“I did it for my own purposes. Following you is at least better than listening to this foolish girl.”

“Very well. I do not care either way, so long as you do as you’re told.”

“I’m expecting to be well compensated once Lord Doem gains the country.”

“That you will.”

Clara could only stare in mute shock as Guin and Maximilian casually conversed.

She thought, if it was my sister, something like this would’ve never happened.

If in her place it was Rose, as originally intended, they wouldn’t have suffered so many cruel betrayals.

Because her sister was strong, dependable, and so people believed in her.

Clara couldn’t become like that no matter how much she tried.

Because she wasn’t strong, Guin had betrayed her.

Because she wasn’t strong, Batt was cut down.

And now, they were at the end of their rope.

“It should’ve been her, not me…”

Wasn’t that the root cause?

She, a girl who knew nothing, couldn’t have stood leading others. Her sister would’ve at least suspected Guin.

Even she had heard talk that a traitor may be in their midst.

But she couldn’t even imagine that it’d be Guin, this man who’d served her family for so long.

Thinking back, there were many points where he seemed to be scheming something, but she’d waved those thoughts away as imaginings.

Her people had fought so hard, and they’d even gotten aid from Shadow. Yet, she still lost.

Clara was already shedding tears. She felt horrible for the people who’d put their trust in her, she fest horrible for Batt.

“Do you see this, OWL! Reveal yourself now! That is, if you care for the fate of this girl!”

Only Maximilian spoke in the courtyard slowly filling with snow.

The wind grew stronger and the snowfall increased along with it, creating a curtain of white.

“There is no one else to lead the Royalists once this girl dies. After all, all her other blood kin are gone.”

Blood, that’s right, blood. Maximilian was right. Clara was only chosen for her royal blood, not because she was a good leader.

Still, there were those who genuinely believed in her, and stayed with her.

Clara wiped away her tears and looked at the cold ground where Batt lay. The blood that had spread out from under him colored the snow red as it fell.

His back was slowly moving.

He was still alive.

She might still be able to save him.

So, the fight, Clara’s fight wasn’t over yet.

“I will wait 10 more seconds. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6…”

Clara began thinking. What can she do?

Something, anything, she just needed to find…

“5… 4… 3…”

Clara looked around herself, and then she noticed something.

Behind Maximilian stood a man of the Doem Camp. The man who had warned her about the traitor among her people.

He was looking at Clara, he was awaiting her order to strike.

Clara nodded.

Yes, there was still someone who believed in her.

“2… 1…”

Maximilian stopped counting.

“…What is the meaning of this, Zack?”

Zack was holding a knife at Maximilian’s throat.

“See that gardener lyin’ bloody over there… That’s my pops.” Zack spoke with wrath wreathing his voice.

“Oh, so you were our traiter after all… Perhaps a survivor of the secret royal guard? I recall they were all executed.”

“I’m still a trainee.”

“A weakling then… I should’ve been more thorough I suppose.”

“I might be weak compared to you. But even us weaklings have ways to fight. Now, kindly let Her Highness free, boss.

Zack had her knife at Maximilian’s neck, which Guin had his sword at Clara’s.

“I wonder, should I…?”

Said Maximilian in a bored sigh.