To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 153 - Evil Encroaching

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153. Evil Encroaching

After leaving Clara’s room, as I was randomly strolling the halls, I sensed people approaching.

Expecting a story event happen, I stayed in place.

“Newcomer! Great work getting in that woman’s good graces!” Said one of them with a toothy grin while grabbing my shoulder.

These men, no-names from the Doem Camp, had surrounded me.

5… no 6 of them.

I spotted Zack standing at the back with an awkward face.

“Listen kid, we need you to do us this favor.” Said the man after drawing close to my ear. His breath reeked.

“W-what favor…?”

Not only was my voice the definition of wimpy, I was already bodily shaking as if I was a lowly Slime being stared down by a Dragon.

“No need to be scared now. You do us this favor, and we’ll be best buds.”


“Here’s the deal. We want to talk to the princess is all, but the bastards around her keep getting in the way. That’s where you come it. You’re someone she trusts so we need you to get her to meet us.”

“Y-you need me…?”

“Yeah, you’re the best man for the job. Do whatever you want, but get it done. You know what, here’s a little something that might help.”

He then took out a powder.

“This here’s a little drug that helps you get a good night sleep. Mix it in they drinks and bam, they’re sleeping like babes.”

“Wa-wait, no, I, I can’t…”

“Listen you little shitstain!! I’m trynna be yer friend and ya won’t even listen to one favor!? Got’a fuckin’ death wish do ya!”

Hiyipe…!!” I curl in on myself looking terrified.

“Uhh, let’s, not get too violent, yah guys?” Zack spoke up from the back in a stiff expression.

“The fuck, Zack. You finally goin’ soft on us?”

“No, uhh… anyway, I don’t think it’s a good idea to, uh, do somethin’ rash.”

“Fuckin’ pussy, we ain’t gonna get nothin’ done like that!! We’r gonn take the bitch hostage and that damn OWL’s gonna show up right where we want’im!!”

After that outburst, the guy slugged me in the face.

The moment the punch connected, I loosened my neck, and let my body flow with the impact.

It’s called slipping.

A good punch to the head can cause a concussion, but knowing how to get hit can prevent that with surprising success.

There’s two ways to get hit. One is stiffening up and absorbing the strike, and the other is what I did just now, flowing with the impact.

And since it looked at if my whole head was flung away by that punch, it also doesn’t detract from my mob role.


I pretended to get knocked off my feet and fell on the floor.

“Hey, I told them to stop. I did, alright?” Zack was already backing away, as if to say he wasn’t involved.

“You know your job. Now do it. We’ll wait 3 days. You get us the girl, and I’ll get you good food. Don’t do it, and…”

The man put his foot on my chest and pressed.

“Yer dead, kiddo.”

He said finally, and they all left.

“I see, that’s how it is. Take Clara hostage so OWL comes out to play.”

How smart of them.

I stood up and brushed off the dirt on my clothes.

While I was doing that, Zack came back.

“I know you’re unhurt, but we still cool yeah? I was just there, I didn’t do nothing.”

Mr. Zack looked awfully frightened.

“It’s fine. This is all within predictions.”

“What… fucking hell, you knew this’d happen!? I mean, I was surprised how you got yourself bonked to get along with the princess, but you even predicted… that we…!”

“The gears of destiny are finally in motion… all according to plan, of course…”

I casted a sidelong glance towards Mr. Zack, and grinned cryptically.

“…!! Y-you, who are you…! Y-you’re on the Royalists side right? You don’t look like you’re on our side…”

“… I’m neither really.”

“Nei, ther…?”

“I support neither the Royalists not Doem. My true enemy—”

And right there, I speedily got out of sight, only leaving echoes.

“Is the Evil that lurks in the shadow of the divide…”

“He disappeared!? But I can still hear him, how!?”

Zack started looking around every which way in shock.

Now, whatever shall I do.