To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 132

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Finally, This Day Has Come

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Finally, this day has come.

The counterfeit factory that we built underground has ceased its operations right now, and the remaining workers are preparing for a full withdrawal.

The factory has served its purpose.

“John-han, please take a look at this.”

In the form of John Smith, I opened a huge iron door when urged to, by Yukime.

Hidden behind that door was a large quantity of gold coins, piled up so high that it reached the ceiling.


“Most of the counterfeit bills have already been redeemed. Is this enough?”

This was the lowest area of the underground facility, the very place where my sister was imprisoned at; that prison was renovated and now acts as a huge safe.

Countless gold coins shone, glimmering golden and winking at me.

This factory still hasn’t been found yet.

The Great Trading Alliance and the Mitsugoshi Company have traced the counterfeit route all the way until the Lawless City, so I took a break from school, and kept watch all day.

After that, I succeeded in completely cutting off the trail that lead from the Lawless City to our factory.

Everyone from the Mitsugoshi Company also tried their hardest, but they overdid it, and antagonized the Alliance.

It can’t even be considered a fight for them, to go against those sly old foxes from the Alliance with only the cheat knowledge.

That’s why I will become [The boss of the large organization that controls the world from the shadows].

The Mitsugoshi Company will be absorbed into the newly created J&Y Company, only then, will I have truly become a [ POWER IN THE SHADOWS].

The girls might hold a grudge against me, but I will gladly accept it.

For that is also the way of a [ POWER IN THE SHADOWS].

“Now, if we exchange the rest of the real banknotes we’d prepared beforehand, it will all be over. The Alliance no longer have enough funds to convert this number of banknotes. The credit system will collapse.”

As Yukime converted the counterfeit bills into real money, she also collected the real bills.

All that is left to collapse the system, is to exchange that money from the Alliance. The Alliance already doesn’t have the monetary power to convert it. When that fact come to light, it will cause a bank-run panic, then after that, the Great Trading Alliance itself will collapse.

The oncoming panic will also spread to the Mitsugoshi Company as well.

When the Alliance collapses, people will surely think ‘Will the Mitsugoshi Company be okay?’.

Finally, we only have to swoop in and take over both companies with the large amount of money we’ve gained, and establish the J&Y Company.

That seems to be what Yukime has planned.

The specific details might be wrong, but I guess it probably was something along those lines.

“Right. The merchandise prices have already increased due to the amount of circulating money, and that increase rate is ……”

I casually bring up the data in Beta’s report, and promote my information gathering ability.

“John-han, to think you have gathered that much information…….”

“It’s only natural.”

“Becoming John-han’s comrade was really the right choice. This plan wouldn’t have been successful without John-han after all.”

“The success isn’t mine alone. Yukime, you also have a big part in it.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

Yukime smiled.

We held out our hands and shook them.

“Now then, we shall be off to the final task. John-han, please continue to obstruct any pursuers from the Lawless City.”


“Meanwhile, we will convert these bills at the Alliance.”


I felt uneasy, hearing Yukime’s words.

The Yukiitsune Company she owns is a part of the Great Trading Alliance. Her aides, Natsu and Kana always act as her representatives in the meetings.

So far, Yukime hasn’t come on stage yet.

The reason is that she is my partner in being [The boss of the large organization that controls the world from the shadows]. She shouldn’t take any actions that would make her stand out.

“Yukime, do you really have to go out there yourself?”

Of course, we can’t let Natsu and Kana go, as they’re the representatives of the Yukiitsune Company.

However, it doesn’t mean Yukime has to go out herself, as there are others who can get the job done.

As Yukime is also [A POWER IN THE SHADOWS], she should be manipulating the result from behind the scene.

“This wouldn’t have any meaning if I don’t go there myself.”

Yukime looked away and smiled a little sadly.

‘I see.’

Well, each person has their preference in aesthetics.

“If not for my unrequited love, I think we would have gotten along much better. Will you hear a bit of my old story…………”

Having said that, Yukime started telling her story.

“Before, I told you about the time I spent with my mother when I was young, it is the continuation of that.

After my mother went out to hunt, our village came under attack from an enemy tribe. Other than my mother who had three tails, the other villagers were powerless and started fleeing; I too, hid under the bed and shivered. But soon after, the door of the house was kicked open, and a lot of men entered.

I was dragged out from under the bed, and looked at with their disgusting eyes. When I thought it was all over, another man came in from the window, and started attacking those guys.

That man was sent as a part of reinforcements from our allied tribe, the Great Wolf tribe. He was a young man with glossy black ears and tail.

His name was Gettan, and his smile as he hugged me, made me feel relieved. This was back when I was 14 and he was 17.”

Yukime’s clearwater-like eyes seem to be nostalgic reminiscing a time long passed.


Her encounter with Gettan, her first love.

After the attack from the enemy tribe, her village was revived with help from the Great Wolf Tribe.

At the time, the great hero Shiva had just fallen, and the beast-kin country was in chaos from the war.

Under such circumstances, it was natural for them to make an alliance to become stronger.

And Yukime, who is the daughter of the only tailed fox in the village, was chosen to be engaged with the son of the Great Wolf tribal chief, Gettan.

Yukime, who admired Gettan, gladly accepted. Yukime’s mother also liked him because he’d saved Yukime before. Gettan too, welcomed the beautiful Yukime.

Both of them were blessed by everyone and engaged and the marriage ceremony was set for when Yukime turned 15.

However, until their wedding, they could not live together.

The two lived in their own villages, and Gettan would visit Yukime several times a month. The two treasured that irreplaceable time dearly.

That was the happiest time of Yukime’s life, and she prayed that their life would be happy even after their marriage.

However, those peaceful days did not continue.

Nearby, a big war between tribes occurred, and their tribes were caught in the middle of it.