To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 126

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Don’t Get In The Way

The steel threads were glowing in the moonlight.

Relying on that glow, No.664 avoided the entangling strings.

What was troublesome wasn’t its speed but the low visibility, unpredictability and the number of strings itself.

Despite using just ten fingers, John Smith was manipulating threads many times the number of his fingers.

And those threads were attacking them from all sides.

Their angle and attack timings are nasty.

He predicts No.664’s movements and blocks her escape paths. Moreover, when the directions that can be used to evade are limited, No.664’s movements are being guided.

The result—–She can’t get close.

The strings have longer reach than a sword. They can’t attack unless they can close the distance.

Nevertheless, since the beginning of the fight, they couldn’t even move one step closer to him.

Instead they were being pushed back.

Within the space of a few seconds, that man has already completely dominated this area.

He still hasn’t moved a single step.

Just by manipulating the strings using his fingers, he has the girls running about trying to escape its range.

They looked like puppets being manipulated by his threads.

“Everyone, retreat.”

In response to the instruction of No.664, the other two reacted immediately and went outside the Maai of the threads. [TLC: As mentioned earlier, Maai is the distance between opponents in Kendo.]

If they stay inside John Smith’s Maai, they would only exhaust themselves.

If they don’t have a method to attack him, the situation won’t change.

The three looked at each other and nod their heads.

This man—–is strong.

Although it’s confusing to be attacked by an unfamiliar weapon, the steel strings, but even if you take that into consideration, he also has the power to dominate the battlefield.

To manipulate dozens of threads and precisely predict and guide their movements. That is something that can’t be done unless you possessed a certain amount of skill.

No.664 knows many that are stronger than her.

No.666 is the same. Within the upper echelons of the organization called Numbers, and also the Seven Shadows, are individuals who possess overwhelming power. Both have people who are much stronger than her.

But this John Smith is different from the strong individuals she’d known.

His strength does not come from his magical power or muscle strength or his speed or the technique he used.

No, his technique to manipulate those strings is certainly skillful but the core of his strength does not lie there.

The identity of John Smith’s strength——- it was his ability to dominate.

No.664, who is the squad leader and has the duty to give out orders, knew. The ability to oversee, understand and predict the flow of the battle is a must.

In other words, John Smith possessed those skills.

“What’s wrong………..are you not coming?”

John Smith does not move a step. With his eyes hidden behind the mask, he just looks down on them from his spot.

He has plenty of leeway.

He has the confidence that he can deal with anything that can happen.

The threads that covered the night sky are denying all their attempts at an attack.

If you move poorly, you will get caught.

Withdrawing is also an option.

‘No.666 might be against it but I have to force her.’

She thought so, but in the next moment…

“If you don’t come to me, then I can just come to you.”


John Smith slightly moved his finger.

At the same time, a thread wrapped around No.664’s neck.

No way——since when!?

Moreover, we should already be outside his Maai.

“Who said that the length of each and every thread is the same? Naturally its thickness is also different.”

“No way——!”

Looking closely at the thread wrapped around her, she noticed that it was extremely thin and very hard to see.

The strings they have seen up until now were the only ones that they were allowed to see.

“Don’t tell me, from the beginning………”

“Yes……from the beginning.”

No.664’s actions were manipulated from the start.

While her expression distorted due to the humiliation, the thread around her neck started to tighten.

Highly concentrated magical power is passing through the string. If he adds only a little more strength, her neck would be cut through.

“If you are going to kill me, then do it already. I don’t have any intention of talking.”

She glared at John Smith.

No.665 and No.666 were also bound. They’d already made up their minds.

Strength was being added to the threads.

At that moment, No.666 moved.

She rushed out from the front.

She simply came at him before he could pull the threads tight.


‘Faster, just a little bit faster—–.’

She rushed at John Smith.


But his stance didn’t waver.

He just pulled a finger on his right hand lightly.

“But who said that there was a thread only around your neck?”

No.666 suddenly fell.

She collapsed, and was made to float in the air with an unnatural pose.

A number of strings had already been wrapped around her limbs.

Naturally the other two were in the same state.

“Kuh…! Kill me!”

No.664 said as their movements were completely sealed.

However, he just tightened the strings and did not kill them.

“There is no meaning in killing you guys. Even if I were to kill you, others will come again, and so, this is just a warning. That’s all there is to it.”

And expressionlessly said.

“Don’t get in the way.”

With those words, he released them.

“*Cough*,* Cough*”

Despite her continuing to cough, No.666 glared at John Smith.

No.664 instantly leapt.

And held down No.666.

“Stop it already! We’re withdrawing.”


No.666 bitterly lowered her face.

John Smith….. we have to inform Gamma-sama.

As long as he’s out there, the source of the counterfeit bills can’t be found. And the fact that there exists a person with that level of skill means that another powerful organization also exists out there.

No.664 watched John Smith’s figure as he left.