To Be a Power in the Shadows! - Chapter 122

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The Malaise Of Mitsugoshi

“『Four Leaves』will not return….is that the case?”

Gettan heard the report, with crossed arms and pondered deeply.

The『Four Leaves』who led the attack on the Mitsugoshi Company have not returned.

This meant that the attack failed catastrophically.

『First Leaf』,『Second Leaf』&『Third Leaf』were all highly skilled magic swordsmen. Although their ability was unsatisfactory from Gettan’s viewpoint, it would still fall in the category of above ordinary to brilliant.

Those three will not return.

Moreover, according to Garter, not even one of the mercenaries sent with them at the same time has returned.

No one is coming back.

Just in case the mission fails, the communication personnel are always stationed in the rear. Even those communication personnel will not come back, how is that possible?

He expected that they’d hired good guards. If there were no more than one skilled guard, this would not be the result.

However, the names of those skilled guards have not come out at all.

――A sense of incongruity.

Gettan experienced a feeling of having seen something that should not be seen from the likes of the Mitsugoshi Company.

These doubts that were rekindled again called forth new suspicions.

The technical power of their products and their artistic inspiration are all innovative. Their field is diverse and frankly speaking, a single company cannot produce such a large number of items.

Where and what is the source of these ideas, the technology, and the ability to flexibly incorporate it?

It shouldn’t be possible for a new company to do something like this within just a few years.

There is something.

Something huge is lurking behind the Mitsugoshi Company.

Gettan felt anger, while also experiencing a cold feeling.

“Gettan-sama, that… …There are complaints that the Mitsugoshi Company is not going to collapse even from among the Great Trading Alliance.”

“Silence them.”

“Uh, yes……”

“No, wait … … Find out where the sources of dissatisfaction are.”

“Sources of the complaints, is it?”

“There might be something more to all this. Then … investigate the Mitsugoshi Company thoroughly.”

“The Mitsugoshi Company? But I’ve already looked into it.……”

“Look again. There must be something behind it.”

“Uh, yes……I will investigate.”

Gettan watched Garter bow and leave with visionless eyes.

And mutters while touching the wound over his eye with a finger.


What was hidden behind that company is unknown.

However, what moves next is Gettan, the one feared as the 『Big Wolf』.

Whatever it is, he’ll crush them and pillage everything.

Just as he has always done.