Thriller Paradise - Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003: Can’t get drunk in life


One would learn how to communicate with the dead after staying in the martial world for a long time.

The dead could not speak, but they could still tell the living many things.

Moreover, the dead were often more honest than the living …

At this moment, song Wuji was already a dead man, and those standing around his body were all living people.

These living people had come to check the corpse after asking for Alliance master Yuan’s permission.


Without a doubt, they were all experts in this field.

In just a few minutes, these people had learned a lot from the corpse that had been cut in half.

“If I remember correctly … Fifteen years ago, song Wuji was already thirty-seven years old.”

“Yes, I’m already 37 years old.”

“He’s trained in hidden weapons,”

“He only practices hidden weapons.”

“Hidden weapon skills are easy to learn but hard to master.”

“It’s hard to find the ultimate realm of hidden weapon skills. ”

“People who practice hidden weapon skills usually can’t make any progress in external strength and realm after forty years old.”

“But this 52-year-old song Wuji’s external skills are even better than before …”

“Internal energy … The same.”

After examining the corpse, they began to chat noisily with Alliance master Yuan.

Their conclusion was that song Wuji must have received guidance from an expert in the past fifteen years, which was why he was able to advance his martial arts to a new realm at an age where his physical strength and energy had already passed the peak.

Of course … Even if song Wuji turned from a quasi-first-rate expert to a first-rate expert, he still couldn’t escape the fate of being instantly killed by Yuan Kuang.

“My fellow heroes!” Not long after, Alliance master Yuan had organized his words. He circulated his inner energy and spoke loudly to his fellow Jianghu members,”everyone has seen it …” His tone was obviously provocative.”Let’s not talk about how many martial arts scums and beasts that ‘King of Hell’ has shielded over the years. Let’s talk about this song Wuji in front of us … His martial arts has actually improved greatly after 15 years in the valley!”

At this point, the crowd had already begun to discuss.

“From the looks of it … This burial heart Valley is a place to hide evil and nurture evil!” Yuan Kuang had been the chief of the martial arts world for ten years. Based on his experience, there were some things that had to be said clearly.”Because there are indeed many people who are stupid to the point that they won’t understand unless you point it out to them,” presumably, the other scumbags who escaped into the valley were also like this song Wuji … They had already received the guidance of that ‘King of Hell’, and their strength had increased greatly. Heroes … You must not be careless!”

Naturally, everyone understood what he meant.

“Thank you for your reminder, Alliance master!”

“Alliance master is far-sighted, this one is impressed!”

There were also many people who took advantage of the opportunity to flatter him.

As for the people from the underworld frontline …

“Let’s go,” Feng bujue suddenly made a suggestion.

“Eh? Aren’t you going to follow them?” “So many free cannon fodders?” flowers asked doubtfully.

“These people are completely unreliable.” Brother Jue shook his head and replied lazily,”some of them are gathered here for the ‘art of immortality’, and this is for ‘profit’. Some of them are here to show off in this operation, or in other words,’fame’.” He paused.”Whether it’s for fame or profit, it’s all about pursuing desire, not faith. When a person is in a life and death situation, even their beliefs might not be reliable, let alone their desires … Simply put, if the situation starts to get worse, staying with these people … Will instead be a hidden worry. ”

His teammates listened to his words and pondered for a moment.

After a few seconds, RUO Yu was the first to speak.””That makes sense … The Alliance formed by these gangs is very fragile. Every sect and every person had their own selfish motives. Now, they think the situation is in their favor, so they’re following Alliance master Yuan around, thinking that they can get a share of the loot after this … But once the situation changes, these people will reveal their fox tails. ” She paused for half a second and looked at Xiao Tan and Hua Jian.”For example … The sects that are on good terms with each other might team up to harm the sects that are on bad terms with them, or they might target the smaller sects … And force them to be cannon fodder.”

“Er …” Hearing that, Xiao Tan’s expression changed.”‘A small sect with little power’? then it has to be Broken Sword chahitsu …”

“What is Broken Sword chahitsu?” Flower asked doubtfully.

“Hehe … We are Broken Sword chahitsu.” Feng bujue replied with a smile.

“Ha?” “Oh …” Flower was stunned, but she quickly remembered what RUO Yu had said about coming to this world before. She immediately said,”Oh … Is it the identity you used the last time you came to this world?”

“That’s right, I’m the master, and you’re all my disciples. ” As Feng bujue spoke, he raised his hand to signal to RUO Yu.”This is the madam of the master.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to make her the wife of the master anymore, right?” RUO Yu said.

Indeed, in Chang Ling town, RUO Yu had only agreed to it because she wanted to cooperate with Feng bujue to create an excuse to kill.

“Don’t mind the details.” Feng bujue spread his hands and replied with an emoji that could increase his cheapskate power by ten percent.

“Alright, didn’t you want us to break away from the main group? Then hurry up and lead the way. ” RUO Yu did not want to continue this conversation with him, so she changed the topic.”I’m sure you’ve already thought of where you’re going before you made this suggestion, right?”

“Hmph … Of course,” Feng bujue tilted his head and used his eyes to glance at the forest to the left of the group.”Wuji song should be coming from here.”

His teammates all looked in that direction, but they only saw a chaotic forest, without any obvious path.

However, after a few seconds, Xiao Tan’s eyes widened.””Oh! There are indeed traces left behind!”

“What are you shouting for?” Feng bujue quickly stepped forward to cover his mouth.”Are you afraid that no one will notice us?”

To be honest … No one really paid attention to them. The big shots of Jianghu in front of him were either experts who traveled the Jianghu alone or sect Masters who were in charge of prestigious sects. The followers they brought with them were also the disciples or trusted aides with the highest seniority and martial arts in the sect. It could be said that … The people gathered here today were the best of their generation. How could such a group of people have the time to pay attention to a few unknown juniors like you? Who knows where you came from … They are all fighting to show their faces in front of the Alliance master and claim credit for it, you Birdmen can just go and stay where you are.

So …

After a brief observation, Feng bujue’s group left the group of a few hundred people and left the main road that ran through the valley. They turned into the forest.


Like most experts who used hidden weapons, song Wuji’s Qinggong wasn’t bad. In the complicated terrain of the mountain forest, it was very difficult to trace the traces he had left behind. Although Yuan han could use his internal force to detect the opponent’s real-time position, he could not find the route that the opponent had taken before.

However … For Feng bujue and Wang Tanzhi, this was a piece of cake.

One of them had a data view and the other had Eagle Vision. For them, the more complex the terrain, the less difficult it was to track.

To make a long story short, after more than 20 minutes of trekking, the four people from Hell’s frontline finally walked out of the dense forest and came to a relatively wide mountain pass.

At this moment, the sun had completely set.

Without the sunlight, the mist had a soft and cold tone similar to moonlight.

The mist was cold but beautiful.

The players ‘hearts seemed to calm down with the change in color around them.

“Tsk … Disappeared …”

Finally, next to a small river, song Wuji’s trail disappeared. Brother Jue scoffed in displeasure.

“I think it doesn’t matter.” “There are people living in this Valley all year round,” Hua Jian said.”Those people must be inseparable from water.” As long as we walk along the river, we should have a high chance of reaching the mountain village in the opening cinematic.

“You’re right,” RUO Yu also agreed with her deduction.”Perhaps the disappearance of song Wuji’s tracks here is a hint … That he came along the river.”

“That makes sense!” Xiao Tan added,”maybe he has some kind of Kung Fu that can allow him to touch the water like a Dragonfly touching the water and cross the river on a Reed. He might have been able to float all the way here.”

When Feng bujue heard that, he narrowed his eyes at Xiao Tan and said,””That’s why you can’t be a detective. ”

“Eh?” “Why?” Xiao Tan asked.

“Because anyone with the slightest ability to reason would first consider … Whether the other party came by a bamboo raft or a small boat before thinking about crossing the river on a Reed.” Feng bujue’s answer hit the nail on the head.

“That’s not right. ” Xiao Tan asked again,”if song Wuji came here by boat, then … Where is the boat?”

“It was taken away by someone.” Feng bujue replied,”who said Wuji song had to row the boat down alone? Isn’t it normal for there to be other people on the ship?”

“Hmm …” Xiao Tan laughed awkwardly.”Hehe … You’re right.”

After criticizing his teammates, brother Jue led his team upstream.

On this late autumn night, the players ‘hair, faces, and clothes were naturally covered with a layer of frost as they advanced in the damp fog.

The water quickly turned into cold air, which made them more energetic.

As the terrain by the river was relatively flat, the four of them moved much faster than they did in the forest. In less than half an hour, they had covered a few kilometers.

Then, a clear spring appeared in front of them.

It was a small pond surrounded by all kinds of strange mountains and stones. The river passed through the two ends of the stone pond. The terrain of the upper reaches suddenly increased, and the lower reaches gradually became gentle.

At this moment, there was actually a figure standing by the stone pool … Alone.

It was a thin figure, wearing a long white robe.

He placed his left hand behind his back, clenched his fist, and supported his waist. His right hand … Was holding a wine pot.

He silently looked at the stone pool in front of him, occasionally taking a sip from the wine pot.

There was only water in the rock pool, and there was no moon in the water. No one knew what he was looking at, and no one felt that there was anything to see here.

But … He had been standing there for a long time with great interest, and he had no intention of leaving.

“What?” When they were still a hundred meters away, the man had already noticed the players ‘presence.

However, when Feng bujue’s group was within ten meters of him, he slowly turned his head and said,””This is really … There are so many people in the world.”

Brother Jue had already recognized the man before he could even open his mouth, so brother Jue calmly cupped his fists and said,””Greetings, eunuch Cao,”

That’s right, the person who was drinking by the stone pool was Cao Xin.

“It’s been more than ten years since we parted at the Forbidden City …” Cao Qin said,”Master Feng is indeed a legend of the present age. He could conceal his identity in the world and easily disappear for decades … And every time he reappears, he still looks as young as ever.”

As he spoke, he turned around.

However, in the next second, Cao Qin’s expression changed and he softly exclaimed,”eh?” A sound.

“Hehe …” Feng bujue chuckled. He knew that the man was confused because he saw that his teammate did not age, so he explained,”eunuch Cao is right … The martial arts of my Broken Sword chahitsu does have the effect of prolonging life, so my disciple is the same as me …”

Unexpectedly, before he could finish, Cao Xin interrupted,””Isn’t your wife already dead?”

“Er …” Feng bujue suddenly remembered that when he had a one-on-one fight with Xu huaixuan at the Forbidden City, to keep up with the trend, he did say something like ‘bury me with my wife’.”…Well, actually, she is not dead.”

“What?” Cao Xin was suspicious again.”Then, that lady Xu Huai Shang was infatuated with you even though she knew that your wife was not dead?”

As soon as he said that, the whole world … Fell silent.

About five seconds later, all the livestreaming platforms were like a pot of oil that had exploded. It was probably the most terrifying round of bullet comments in the history of gaming livestreaming.

“Oh?” RUO Yu looked over expressionlessly and gave brother Jue a murderous look.”There’s such a thing?”

“Yeah …” Flower looked at him gloatingly,”…There’s such a thing?”

“Eh?” Xiao Tan continued with curiosity.”There’s such a thing?”

“No… That … Actually …” Feng bujue stammered,”she doesn’t know that she is still alive.”

“Then why did you hide it?” Cao Qin said,”if you tell that lady Xu … That your wife is still alive, perhaps she will not bother you anymore.” As he said this, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something.”Wait … Are you playing hard to get? Are you intentionally not telling her that your wife is still alive?” He paused for a moment.”Or … Did Lady Xu already tell you that she was willing to be the mistress?” So you did the opposite?”

“F * ck …” Feng bujue was shocked, and he cursed in his heart, you damn eunuch, will you grow a tool if you speak less? You’re still so gossipy and melodramatic at your age, and you have such a good memory … Are you trying to kill me?”

“Hmm …” At this moment, RUO Yu mumbled thoughtfully,”I suddenly understand why you would call her fourth aunt in the harem.”

Actually, she had already guessed that this was just a misunderstanding by the NPC, but … This was a rare opportunity to tease Feng bujue in public, and RUO Yu did not want to miss it.

“ERM … Eunuch Cao …” Feng bujue had been holding it in for a long time before he finally said,”…Can we talk about something else? For example, the weather?”

“The weather?” When Cao Qin heard this, he was stunned. He then looked up at the glowing fog above his head. After that, he chuckled and took a sip of wine. Then, he continued in a sarcastic tone,”…I’m drunk too.”