The World after the Fall - Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Path of the Depth (2)

On the fourth day, after Jaehwan returned from destroying the Palace, Gorgon Fortress wasn’t celebrating the victory. Too many had been injured or died. They had won, but they were tired. They were also not ready for the unexpected turn of events.

It was Jaehwan who put an end to all the uneasiness. On the fourth day, he summoned all the people of Gorgon Fortress and declared, “We will begin the Remembrance of Lost Spirits for three days.”

Everyone mumbled to each other. It wasn’t a strange thing to do, but it was still shocking. Too many had died to even try and mourn for everyone. But their concern was removed right after a huge cloth, that placed right below the stage where Jaehwan was standing, was uncovered.

There were thousands of caskets, dedicated to all who died in the war. The people were shocked.

When was this all prepared? They then looked up, but Jaehwan wasn’t there.

Jaehwan was already descending the steps.

Everyone looked at Jaehwan silently as he walked up to the caskets. Jaehwan then stood in front of one casket and looked down.

“Isaac Kendell.”

It was the name of a hero who became a 3rd step Awakener, killed one Lesser General, and died. Jaehwan did not know the name, however.

But there were a lot of such people who died.

Jaehwan laid his hand upon the casket. Within it were the belongings of those who perished. <Chaos> did not leave a body behind when one died, so it was replaced with their belongings. The caskets were to be burned when everything was done.

Jaehwan closed the casket. He then went on, reading the names of other caskets, and closing them as he did so.

“Rachel Belder.”

“Kasim Hill.”

It seemed that Jaehwan was talking to those lost spirits, to tell them they had done well. One by one, the caskets were closed and people moaned and cried.

And after every casket was closed, Jaehwan stood.

“You all have done well.”

People were crying. Some wailed loudly, while some cried silently.

“However, you must know that it is not yet done. The war has only just begun.”

Then, from the back, within the keep, something was pushed out. On the cart was a giant object that looked like a giant serpent biting its tail. People looked at the device in confusion. After a while, someone finally realized what it was.

“N-narrow door!”

“It’s the Narrow Door!”

It was the device that allowed living Lords to travel into <Chaos>. It was currently deactivated.

“You are right. It is the Narrow Door.”

People shook. It was the device that reigned hell for the people of <Chaos>.

“D-destroy it!”

“Destroy the thing, please!”

People shouted. They were afraid that the forces of the <Great Lands> would come into <Chaos> again. Jaehwan stood there silently. Instead, he gave an order.

“Bring him out.”

From behind the Narrow Door, a man was dragged out. He was bound with magic-coated chains. Many did not recognize him, but those who fought in the frontlines of the war knew who it was.


“It’s a General of the <Great Lands>!”

The people panicked. Why was there a General here? Weren’t they all dead?

“It’s Laika!”

It was shocking. To most people, the existence of Generals was but a word. They couldn’t even have had the chance to fight against them as they were too weak. But now, they knew who they were fighting against, who they had won their victory from.

Laika declared, “….You will regret this!”

His voice filled was with powerful spirit energy.

“The Lord of Darkness will not forgive you!”

His voice froze the crowd. Jaehwan was right; the war was not over. People began to lose hope, which was replaced by despair. Why did they fight against those terrible Lords? Why did the Master bring that General to this place? What were they going to do with the General?

Kill him?

‘But what if that angered the <Great Lands> even further?’

Let him go?

‘What if he leaked information?’

They couldn’t decide and asked Jaehwan to decide for them. The answer was simple.

“That’s enough.”

Jaehwan’s sword swung at the chains binding Laika, freeing him. The crowd gasped in shock. Laika immediately charged at Jaehwan, trying to land at least land a blow before being killed. But it was a false hope. His left arm that tried to strike was cut off.


Then, his right arm and both legs were cut off. Blood poured out from his body, then turned into a silvery powder. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


Laika laughed maniacally on the ground with his limbless body.

“KILL ME!!!”

“No, you will not die.”

Laika looked at Jaehwan in shock.

“W-what? If you do not kill me, you will all die! The Army of Darkness will come to end you!”

“That’s why I’m letting you live.”

Jaehwan declared as the crowd looked at them in silence.

“Return, and tell your Master this. If he wants war, come. I will await him on the top of the Tree of Imagery.”

Laika couldn’t even reply as the [Narrow Door] was activated. The device began to emit a bright light. Jaehwan then added, “Of course, that’s if he has the guts to kill himself in the first place.”

Jaehwan kicked Laika’s body towards the [Narrow Door] and the light swallowed Laika. In the next moment, Jaehwan’s stabs poured towards the [Narrow Door]. The gate that made <Chaos> cower for hundreds of years had been destroyed.

Jaehwan declared, “<Chaos> now declares war against the <Great Lands>.”

“What is the meaning of this?!”

Everyone had gathered within the office of Gorgon Fortress. Chunghuh was shaking his head in shock. People were shouting at Jaehwan, to which he frowned. At that moment, the room began to change.

It was a powerful hallucination.

The officers inside became confused, as if they had forgotten why they were there, and walked out. Jaehwan then turned to the caster of the magic who just appeared from the wall.

“Thank you.”

“I knew you were crazy… but you really are crazy.”

It was Sirwen.

“Didn’t you say you were quitting as Master? What was that for?”

“It was for war.”

Sirwen yelled. “I know, I mean WHY?!”

Jaehwan replied calmly, “It’s to make <Chaos> safe.”