The World after the Fall - Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: King of Chaos (8)

Sameng Garam looked down and over to Sirwen.

“The adopted daughter of Mulack…”

Chunghuh raised his head in shock. He did not know Sirwen was related to Mulack. Sirwen replied, “So, the Lord of Darkness is in a hurry to have sent you all the way here.”

“…You wish to follow your father’s footsteps?” Sameng Garam spoke, ignoring Sirwen’s comment. “One who comes from the dream, will return to the dream. What a pitiful race.”

“…Watch your mouth,” Sirwen replied, angrier than ever since she met Jaehwan.

‘Can I defeat him?’

But she had not lost her mind in her rage. She knew how powerful that man was.

“Hmph. So, will you fight then? I will look forward to seeing a [Nightmare]’s trickery.”

The man taunted her sarcastically. Sirwen began to concentrate Spirit Power in her hands. The magic was slowly taking form.


A cold voice spoke up, stopping her. Sirwen and Sameng Garam turned toward the voice. It was Jaehwan who had just finished checking up on Cayman. Cayman was barely breathing, on the verge of death. Jaehwan rose up slowly.

“I will handle him.”

Sirwen felt dumbfounded and relieved at his words. But then she came back to herself. They were facing the impossible.

‘No… you can’t do it alone.’

She wanted to say it, but couldn’t say it out loud as she saw Jaehwan’s face. He was enraged.

[Insolent fool.]

However, it wasn’t Sameng Garam who stepped forward. It was Magito the Silent.

“…What’s with you, Magito?”

Kanael the Storm seemed to be shocked by Magito’s unexpected action. Magito glanced at Kanael, and Kanael began to cackle. Tt seemed like they had exchanged messages. Kanael then looked at Jaehwan.

“You already heard Magito’s voice? How unfortunate.”

Jaehwan then realized the voice he just heard was from Magito.

“No one survives after hearing Magito’s voice.”

The reason why Magito’s nickname was silent was simple. No one who knew his voice, and all those who heard him had been killed. Jaehwan declared, “Then, I’ll be the first.”

Before Magito could act, Jaehwan was already moving. Two swords clashed.

‘It’s not going to be easy.’

Jaehwan felt that this wasn’t an enemy he could not win against, but it wasn’t going to be easy either. Magito then counterattacked with his sword, which Jaehwan dodged.

[Strong Stab]!

[Strong Stab]’s range was originally too wide, but Jaehwan had trained for 2000 to use it against a single target. However, Magito dodged it.

“That rumor wasn’t even close.”

Sameng Garam mumbled to himself. Magito did manage to dodge it, but his clothing was in rags and his right side was injured. It wasn’t severe, but it was embarrassing. Kanael laughed.

“HA HA! What are you doing, Magito? Can you not kill an insect?”

[Shut up, Kanael.]

Fortunately, they did not fight together against Jaehwan. They were too proud to join forces to fight a mere human. However, they did not know that their pride would be their demise.

‘Sameng Garam… 11th stage Adapter.’

Jaehwan glanced at Sameng Garam in the distance. The two Generals in front of him were powerful, but he was the real enemy. Jaehwan knew that Sameng Garam was twice, if not more, as powerful than those two Generals combined.

Jaehwan and Magito clashed against each other. According to Jaehwan’s [Suspicion], Magito was similar to when Jaehwan first arrived in <Chaos>.

‘Let’s not waste time.’

Jaehwan moved. He needed to finish it while the enemy least expected it. Jaehwan attacked with his [Strong Stab]. Then, from the attack that had left a scar, Jaehwan’s unique world began to spread. Magito panicked. He had not expected such power from a mere human. He tried to use his best sword skill to fight back, but Jaehwan did not give him that luxury. He had already readied a second stab.

Repeated Strong Stab!


Magito finally spoke out loud after hundreds of years. The damage spread, destroying everything in its path. Chunghuh and Sirwen quickly grabbed Cayman and evacuated behind Jaehwan to avoid being caught up in the aftershock.

“How dare you!”

Kanael jumped in. He originally just intended to watch, but it wasn’t going as they expected. Even if their pride was important, he couldn’t let Magito die. He quickly flew to Magito, who was being thrown back, to grab him.

“…I’m sorry, Magito, but I will have to jump in.”

“…Dammit…” Magito moaned. He had no choice, however. They were out on an official mission, and their job wasn’t to compete in an honorable duel. They would not truly die as they had come here through the [Narrow Door], but they couldn’t allow their spirit to be damaged as it would take days to recover.

“W-watch out!”

Magito warned as Jaehwan’s sword fired again.

A third strike.


Kanael then fought back, using his skill [Wings of the Storm] that allowed him to become the General of the Storm. However, hostility aside, Kanael was truly astonished. It had been a long time since he was faced with such power by a non-General.

‘Three powerful attacks!’

But it wasn’t over yet.

And then the fourth strike came.

The 4th strike was on a different level. Jaehwan’s unique world spread from the attack, and Kanael flinched at the glimpse of the giant dark eye within.

“This… this can’t…!”

His wings were ripping apart. Kanael used all his might to resist the attack, but Jaehwan made his final move.

The fifth strike.

It seemed like the world had been bombarded with a nuclear strike. Kanael and Magito were thrown into the sky like a pair of rag dolls. There was no Spirit Power from them as they were severely injured. Then, from all the scars from the previous attacks, dark matter began to seep out, covering the entire region in its picture.

The unique world.

Everyone watched as Jaehwan’s world appeared. Laika, who was watching all this from behind, looked at Jaehwan’s eyes. He realized that this man had let him survive to show him this moment.

<Chaos> was not weak.

‘If he is here… no one will dare to enter <Chaos> with ease.’

Jaehwan’s sword sliced the connections from the two Generals and they began to writhe in agony. But it wasn’t over yet.

Jaehwan’s unique world was now advancing to where Sameng Garam was standing. He, for the first time, had drawn his sword. The power that reached him that defeated two Generals seemed to be too great for any one man to fight back.

“You are strong.”

The unique world stopped in front of him.

“A physical power that destroys the world itself.”

Sameng Garam reached out for the border and held it.

“But it’s not enough. You have the weapon, but you are still a child.”

Then, the world began to shrink as if it was afraid of Sameng Garam.

“A unique world that has not faced ‘Creation’ is only a trickery.”

The world faded. Jaehwan was shocked.

‘He scattered the unique world.’

Sameng Garam began walking over to Jaehwan. He felt his body growing heavy and his skin tightening as Sameng Garam approached, as if Jaehwan was being taken into a unique world.

‘…Unique world?’

Sameng Garam said, “There are fools who think that the unique world is only available to Awakeners.”

An Adapter had his own world? That was impossible. Jaehwan’s [Suspicion] had told him how the world was formed. But Sameng Garam continued with his explanation. “Everyone has their own world. Even if it’s not ‘unique’.”

The world of Adaptation was gathering in him.

He was, in fact, the one closest to becoming a Commander as an 11th stage Adapter.

Jaehwan gripped his sword tighter. It was the first time, other than during the Sole King Catastrophe, that he faced such power. This was like-

‘The power given by the world itself.’

Jaehwan was facing a ‘System’.