The World after the Fall - Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: King of Chaos (6)

Jaehwan looked around. There were women in <Chaos> who had been raped, and some had dead. Sirwen grimaced and mumbled, “Bastards…”

“Who are you, girl?”

“Hahaha! Is it a new girl?”

Some Generals laughed, but Laika couldn’t.

‘Wait. Is he…?’

Laika had heard about the features to take note of. A short-haired man with a black sword. Laika felt goosebumps rising on his skin as the man pulled out his swords.


One of the Generals shouted as the sword let out a roar. The power of the [Stab] destroyed part of the wall and the women around screamed in fear.


The women ran out of the Palace and the Generals stood as they dressed themselves.


“The one you are looking for.”

The Generals looked at each other.

“It’s him!”

“He came all by himself! How lucky are we?”

The Generals spoke among themselves and one asked, “You are the Master of Gorgon?”


“Have you come to fulfill the bargain?”


No? The Generals were surprised.

“I’m here to kill you all.”

Silence fell for a moment, but in the next, all of them started laughing hard. One of the Generals shouted angrily, “FOOL!”

They all jumped at Jaehwan.


Laika gasped. With all of those Generals against him, Jaehwan had no chance.

[Twisting Kill]!

Jaehwan’s stab which was mixed with a slash, fired out instantly. The Generals retreated but were unharmed.

“No use!”

The Generals then charged again, working with each other to coordinate an attack against Jaehwan.

“You have to strike them all at once,” Sirwen said to Jaehwan. Jaehwan then made his move.

His attack decimated the concentrated power from the five Lesser Generals. When the bright light from the powerful clash between the attacks faded, all of the Generals were on the ground. One of them rose up limping and asked, “Wh…what are you…?!”

Jaehwan did not answer, however, he was astonished. He had unleashed the attack to kill them, but all of them had survived, even though they were unable to move.

“FOOL! You will pay for this!”

The Generals began shouting.

“We will kill you for this!”

They began to growl and the one who stood up spoke.

“…You’ve made a mistake.”

None of them seemed like they were scared.

“We will return.”

Then, they all took up their swords. But it didn’t seem like they were going to fight. Jaehwan realized what they were trying to do and quickly acted.

He stabbed and disarmed all of them.

“What are you doing?”

They were all trying to kill themselves.


A General that was still standing up gritted his teeth and spoke.

“Are you trying to sully a General’s honor?!”

Honor? Jaehwan looked at the General. Maybe he was talking about an honorable death from a fight, but he couldn’t see any of that in his eyes. There was no fear of one facing true death. It was as if they were going to be revived.

‘I see.’

That was the reason why they did not fear death.

“I see. You are not yet dead.”

Jaehwan understood.

“YES! We will not die! Because…”

“You came here through the [Narrow Door].”

“…Huh? So, you knew! Hah!” the General exclaimed. Jaehwan focused his energy into [Suspicion] and found a thin line above each of their heads, the link that connected them to their bodies. That was what allowed them to return to their bodies.

“Whatever you do, we will not die…”

“No, you will die here,” Jaehwan declared as he watched the lines.

“Stop bluffing! You foo- UGH!”

Jaehwan swung his sword. Everyone heard ripping sounds from above. The Generals closed their eyes, thinking it was aimed at them. However, they did not feel any pain and opened their eyes.

“…What? Have you given up?”

Another General stood up, reversing his sword grip. He was pointing it at his own stomach.

“Y-you wait right there. When I return…”

“W-Wait! Something’s wrong!”

The General turned, and in the next moment, he felt severe pain from the top of his head.


The Generals all began to scream in pain and Laika shivered in fear as he watched. He had never seen such a thing after he became a General. Laika, who was standing a distance away, clearly saw what Jaehwan was doing.


One of the Generals shouted angrily, “What have you done?!”

The General had exceptional senses and knew what had happened.

“The connection is broken…!”

The link that connected them to their bodies, or rather, the only line that allowed them to return back to their bodies… If it was broken, then…

Jaehwan asked, “How does it feel?”

The Generals felt a shiver run down their spines. It was a feeling that they had long forgotten. They knew what it was.

“Death awaits you now.”