The World after the Fall - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: King of Chaos (5)

The Far East of <Chaos> was a desert region. Within it was a narrow path that led to deep fog. Beyond the fog, was a giant lavish palace.

The Palace of Reincarnation.

A place where people who had lost their lives went to find their lives.

A man was smoking in the outer area of the Palace.

“Ugh, how can those <Chaos> bastards smoke this crap?”

The man spat the cigarette onto the ground.


In front of him, or in front of the Palace, were crowds of people.

“H-hey! Don’t cut in!”

“I was here first!”

There were members of Renowned families and followers of the Lords, from the 5th to 8th stages. It was the line to wait for their turn to be revived. The line was so long that where it ended wasn’t visible as it stretched into the fog.

“I’ve waited for so long! 6 months!”

“I waited for 8 months, you asshole!”

The two men in front started fighting. It was the 8th stage Adapter McDowell and Agribba. McDowell served the 7th region, the Lord of Immortal Abraxas, and Agribba served the Lord of Darkness.

‘Ugh, they’re starting again.’

The man inside, Fog General Hirkmyer, frowned. He, the 72nd Prince of the Palace, knew very well that there were two species in this world. One that could be revived, and one who could not.

The ones that were fighting in front of him were the latter. The ones who could be revived weren’t even in the long queue. They were just guided straight to the [Fruit] storage to be revived. Hirkmyer shouted at them.

“FOOLS! You waited for that long already. Isn’t it time you give it up?!”

“No way, Prince! Even you can’t be revived yet! Isn’t this your 3rd year?!”

“If you are revived, the next is us!”

“…I’m ‘choosing’ not to be revived, you fools.”

“That’s the same thing!”

Hirkmyer then became furious.

“Insolent fools… Do you wish to perish?”

“HEEK! I’m sorry!”

Agribba and McDowell quickly bowed.

“I will kill you both if you two start again.”


Hirkmyer didn’t feel good at all. They were actually right on that point, it was actually the same thing. Why was he left in the palace to guard when he was a 9th stage Adapter? It was simple. It was because of the Neutral Treaty made 900 years ago.

-All Generals who die in battle have the responsibility to serve as Prince of the Palace. The amount of time to serve is until the next General comes along to serve.

It was because of that treaty that Hirkmyer was stuck in this remote part of <Chaos>.

‘Damn that Pearl General…’

It was 3 years ago when he died. There was a fight between the 5th and 7th region. To avoid the fight becoming bigger, the Generals of each region decided to resolve it with a one-on-one fight. Hirkmyer was in the 7th region, and it was Bang Chunir the Pearl General that fought against him.

‘I saw him a while ago.’

He saw Chunir coming into <Chaos> a few weeks ago. He almost went up to fight him but held back. However, after a while, he heard a strange rumor.

Chunir was killed by an Awakener in Gorgon Fortress!

Hirkmyer did not believe it, but the rumor did not stop there. There were Awakeners appearing within Gorgon, and the Depth Expedition Team was created. The team was trying to attack the Palace of Reincarnation. Even then, he did not believe it.


How dare they attack the Palace? Yet, he was shocked when the Generals of the 9th region came through the [Narrow Door].

‘The Great Generals are here? What is going on?’

The Prince did not have much authority other than managing the [Fruits]. He wasn’t even allowed to move out of the Palace to check on what was happening.


Hirkmyer turned back, but he felt someone with powerful spirit energy approaching from a distance.


The being started attacking the people who were in line to be revived, and they all died immediately. Among them were Agribba and McDowell.

‘What is that?’

Hirkmyer pulled out his greatsword.

“Who are you?!”

His powerful spirit energy amplified his voice and spread out.

He heard more screams. Someone with the strength enough to kill 7th and 8th stage Adapters with ease. Hirkmyer swung his sword at the fog.

The attack was deflected, letting out sparks that illuminated the man’s face.

“Wait. Are you the Master of Gorgon?” he shouted. The man shook his head.


He was a middle-aged man. Hirkmyer knew him.


“Long time no see, Fog General. I’m here to take revenge from 900 years ago.”

It was Cayman.

At the same time, a fight broke out behind the Palace of Reincarnation.

Two 9th stage Adapter Generals crouched to duck the powerful slash before them.

“You will have to fight me!”

There was an old man in front of them. They knew the man right away. He was one of the most famous figures in <Chaos>.

“Doctor of Despair?”

Why was he here? What was causing the ruckus at the front gate?

“Why are you here? Have you come to die?”

“Haha! No, the opposite.”

The Generals looked at each other and scoffed.

“I guess you finally have gone mad.”

As they took out their weapons, Chunghuh struck them at the same time. The [Strong Slash] that Chunghuh trained for 200 years made a powerful strike.

‘He’s strong!’

He was now powerful enough to fight against two Lesser Generals.

“You have become strong.”

Chunghuh did not respond. He wasn’t all that relieved. He couldn’t use too many powerful slash moves.

“Even if you can handle us two…”

The General did not continue, but Chunghuh knew what he meant. There was more powerful spirit energy coming from within the Palace.

“It’s not too late. Bring the Master of Gorgon.”

“He’s already here.”

The Generals frowned and sensed the Palace, but something was wrong. The strong presence that was coming here and to the front gate was returning back to the Palace.

‘What is going on?’

In the most lavish place within the Palace of Reincarnation.

Den of Pleasure.

It was the place where [Narrow Door] and [Fruits] were stored. There were a lot of Lesser Generals. Through many transparent curtains and dim lights were the moans from men and women pressed up against each other. Ten naked Lesser Generals were surrounded by many naked women in their active involvement of vigorous activity.

There was only one Lesser General who wasn’t involved.

“Something’s happening at the gate. Shouldn’t we go check it out?”

“Hah, hah. Let Hirkmyer handle it.” The voice was out of breath.

After a while, the Lesser General gasped, shaking his body in pleasure before he laughed. “Haha! These girls are the best!

Women in the <Great Lands> weren’t good. They couldn’t harass them without facing the danger of backlash from the General Women’s Union of [Castration]. However, they didn’t need to worry about any of that in <Chaos>. Besides, they didn’t even have to worry about ‘pregnancy’ as it could not happen in <Chaos>.

“I don’t know why those bastards in <Chaos> want to leave this place. It’s so good!”

“I know!”

The two Generals spoke to each other.

“Hey, cut it out. It’s really weird.”

The one who did not join in spoke again. His name was Laika.

“…Ugh, are you jealous because you can’t enjoy it anymore?”


Laika became angered. But it was true. He had been captured by [Castration] while trying to harass a woman General and had his genitals cut off.

“Why? You want to fight me?”

“N-no.. I’m just…”

Laika couldn’t fight. They were the same rank of Lesser General, but the power difference was too large.


If they weren’t going to move, he had to go alone.

‘The Greater Generals might punish us.’

The Greater Generals had ordered them to watch over the Palace.

‘Let’s check the front gate.’

Laika did not know that he had saved himself by going out to the gate. As he tried to jump out, a corner in the Den of Pleasure distorted and a man and woman appeared through the portal. All the Generals turned to him.

“…What a mess.”

It was Jaehwan.