The World after the Fall - Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: King of Chaos (4)

Sirwen turned grim. [Personal Lab] was a dimensional place that all [Nightmares] had. It was a place where they worked to build their creations.

“Bring us to your [Personal Lab] and then use the ‘Warp Drive’. Then we can teleport.”

Sirwen was shocked. He was right. The [Personal Lab] also worked as a secret hideout for [Nightmares] and had ‘Warp Drive’ installed to allow them to teleport to far places.

“But how could a human know such a thing…”

“It’s not important ‘how’ I know. What’s important is that you CAN do it.”

However, Sirwen couldn’t agree to the idea anyway.

“I can’t!”



She couldn’t explain well. It was something very personal. The [Personal Lab] was a very private place. No [Nightmares] invited others to their [Personal Labs]. To Nightmares, exposing their [Personal Lab] was even more embarrassing then dancing naked in front of thousands of people.

“…Dammit. Okay.”

Either way, she still had to agree. Even if it was exposing her [Personal Lab], she wanted to know what was inside the 8th gate.

And was thus the result. Sirwen finished working on her Control Panel and looked back.

“Hey, I’m done setting up. We will not be at the Palace…!!”

Sirwen couldn’t finish. The three men were now looking around the room. She was so embarrassed.

“W-what are you doing! I told you not to look at it! I don’t make towers anymore!”

Her godfather Mulack once said showing others the process of making a tower was like showing others a naked butt. Having her failed creations exposed was making her even more embarrassed.

‘N-no. They wouldn’t know much about towers anyway.’

But that was crushed the second Chunghuh commented.

“Hey, kid! Look at this. That girl made this tower.”

Everyone was now laughing at the explanation written in front of the small Tower model inside the glass box.

[Product Information]

Name: One who returned a million times!

Explanation: For you who have returned a million times, the legendary Nightmare ‘Sirwen Armelt’ shall bestow the power upon you to rule the Great Lands!

“D-don’t laugh! I made that when I was only 1200 years old!”

Sirwen quickly covered it up with a blanket with a flushed face. A long time ago, when Mulack had been praised for creating a ‘Tower of Remorse’, or the first tower that contained the power to ‘return’, the power of returning became a trend.

-If everyone returns the [Products] to the beginning, I’ll return them a million times!

And that’s how it was created. It was a failure. All the towers, including hers that included a way to return had been considered a failure. It had no real positive effect on [Cultivation] and even destroyed the mental state of the [Product].

The tower ‘One who returned a million times!’ was, by the way, the tower that received 1 out of 5 stars in the monthly tower magazine <T.O.P>.

“That one… did anyone who clear it?”

“Uh… that’s…”

Sirwen couldn’t speak. She couldn’t say the truth: that the [Returnee of a million times] was still in process of [Cultivation] in world 9766245 and the [Cultivator] died while waiting, thus abandoning the entire process.

Chunghuh then found something else and asked, “What is this?”

[Item Description]

Name: Cultivator does not Cultivate

Description: Oh no! My friend was a cultivator?! A one of a kind tower is coming-

Sirwen then became pale and came running, screaming.


“HAHAHAHA! This is so funny.”

“I-I can make better one if I remake it! I was young when I made these!”

“Cultivator not cultivating? HAHAHA!”

Chunghuh laughed and Sirwen felt like she wanted to find a place to hide.

‘That’s why I didn’t want to bring them here!’

She made that tower to have the [Cultivator] not sit and relax on the top of the tower, but to start from the 1st floor along with the [Product]. However, it was obviously very unpopular amongst the [Cultivators] who wanted to do the exact opposite.

“Haha. But I guess I did get old if I don’t feel anything by looking at this.”

“…Still doesn’t feel good though.”

Sirwen, as she was covering up her creations, stopped as she heard Chunghuh and Cayman speaking.

‘….Right. They were [Products] once.’

She then realized she had never faced the tower from a [Product]’s perspective. She was always too concentrated on how the Nightmare Union or the Cultivators would think of it.

To [Products], what would it feel like to be in the place that gave birth to towers?

Sirwen then went back to cover the remaining towers. She knew she couldn’t say anything to them. As she covered most of them, she found Jaehwan standing in front of the last tower.

What he was looking at was the most recent, unfinished creation. She had built the base model three days ago when a sudden idea struck her.

“What is the name of this tower?”

Sirwen shook.

‘Does he recognize it?’

There was a great eye in the sky. The tower was covered in darkness, its shape resembling that of a tree without any leaves.

It was made from various ideas with complicated structures. She had to work on it various times to take out unneeded stuff. It was ten days ago when she first had the idea, the first time she met Jaehwan. She didn’t know why, but she was reminded of this tree when she first saw him. Sirwen said, “….World after the Fall. That’s the name of that tower.”

“I see.”

Jaehwan kept looking at it as if he had left something within the tower. Yet he somehow looked sad, so Sirwen couldn’t add onto her explanation.

That tower was made only to [Cultivate] one man.

Just then, a light began to shine from the Warp Drive.

“We’re here.”

It was time.