The World after the Fall - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: War of Revival (8)

It happened when he was teaching Cayman. Cayman had asked what ‘Awakening’ was, and Chunghuh answered.

-Being awakened, is like being given sight.

-What do you mean?

-The ability to see means power itself.

Cayman didn’t understand, but Jaehwan did.

Being Awakened was being allowed to see the truth of the world. Awakeners looked at the ‘rating’, the truth of the world, and the particles that composed the world. They knew how to read the data that Adapters could not see. It even allowed them to look at themselves in a very different way.

That was the 3rd step of being Awakened.

It basically meant freedom from bodily limitations, and to see things differently. That was why it allowed them to bring energy from the world itself to grant them infinite amounts of Spirit Power.

-You have to worry about being blinded.

Chunghuh reminded Jaehwan multiple times.

-Awakeners can see all, but sometimes it does you no good.

-What do you mean?

-One who sees it all becomes blinded eventually.

-I don’t get it.

Jaehwan did not understand. But now he knew.

Where am I?

He blinked his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. His body was heavy and he felt nothing. Then, he realized where he was.

This was a space.

Why was he in space? Wasn’t he fighting against himself until just now? However, there was no one around. It was pitch black.

Then he saw a light.

A star? No, it wasn’t a star. Jaehwan focused to see what it was. After looking at it for a long time, he finally realized what it was.

It was his memories.

-Jaehwan, are you going to try again?

The memory of meeting Jay in the Tower of Nightmares.

-Who are you, really?

The memory of meeting Mino in the forest.

-What do you think I lack?

The memory of Meikal…

All of his memories and stories were stuck together in the form of a star. It shone continuously upon Jaehwan, but it was too far for him to reach.

Jaehwan then realized what the space was.

It was his consciousness.

The memories kept sending him light and messages, but he couldn’t see or hear any of them. He didn’t want to. He was just too tired. That was when Jaehwan realized what Chunghuh had talked about.

One who sees too much becomes blinded.

One who hears too much becomes dull.

However, Jaehwan did not want to change anything. He quietly crouched, floating within the vast cosmos. It was comforting.

I did my best.

Nobody would have come this far.

Jaehwan was comfortable there. But then he realized he was still holding onto his sword. As he tried to let go, the silence broke from a vibration.

It was a cry. A cry from the sword. It didn’t ask or force anything on Jaehwan. It just cried.

Jaehwan listened to the sound for a long time. He felt that the sound of crying would give him an answer.

Who am I?

The sword answered.

With a vibration. It wasn’t even an answer, nor was it a message. It was unexplainable and unreasonable, but it was an answer. It wasn’t the right answer, but a response that did not put Jaehwan into loneliness. Jaehwan held onto the sword. Then, he felt something new filling his heart.

He closed his eyes and opened them again.

Then the stars asked him.

-Who are you?

Jaehwan looked down at his sword. Who am I? He did not know the answer.

But he could still respond to it.

Jaehwan walked toward the light. The light looked at him. The sword moved.

It wasn’t a stab, nor slash.

It was just a line.

Jaehwan followed the line. The stars were connected, and memories came back to its place. Jaehwan, as he traveled through stars, went through all of those memories. His memories, long forgotten with over a thousand years of stabs, were now coming back to him.

‘This is me.’

Jaehwan opened his eyes again. He felt like he was full of energy.

‘I’ve reached the next step.’

The 4th step.

His first step allowed him to find the faults of the system, the second allowed him to understand, and the third freed him from the system.

Then what was the fourth? He couldn’t find the keyword that defined the 4th step yet. So, he didn’t know what power it held. He just knew he had reached a new level.

‘But I need to get out of here.’

It was apparent that 7th gate was finished as he couldn’t find any more of himself. As the skill name suggested, however, there should’ve been the 8th gate. Jaehwan looked around and found a door in the corner of the room. There was another room.

‘So, this is the 8th gate.’

He walked in. It was empty, other than a table in the center. On top of it was a book.

[Record of the Depth]

Jaehwan then realized the 8th gate wasn’t a trial, but a place for a reward. He opened the book.

-This is a memory of my failure. I send my message to you who finished all the Gates of Hell.

Jaehwan thought, ‘I guess it’s the records of the [Nightmare] that created this skill.’

Jaehwan flipped through the pages. As he did so, he couldn’t believe what he had read. The contents were unexpected to say the least.

-I still remember the day when the Depth Expedition Team first departed.

“This is…”

The book contained the records of the Depth Expedition Team, 900 years ago. Jaehwan flipped through the pages and turned to the end of the book. The author’s name was at the bottom. As he stared at the name, he felt he was struck by a bolt of lightning. It was the name he had been looking for all this time. The being that had led him to <Chaos>.

-Mulack Armelt.

A sharp slash destroyed two Dead Men. Chunghuh cursed.

“…God dammit.”

He had Jaehwan in one arm, and Sirwen on his back, tied to his waist as he flew up in the sky. He swung his sword yet again. Chunghuh then stepped on the head of the Dead Man he had just killed before it disappeared and jumped towards a high building nearby. Chunghuh broke into the window and placed Jaehwan and Sirwen on the floor.

“Kid! Wake up!”

It was obvious that the skill had been broken as Sirwen fell unconscious, but Jaehwan was not waking up.

“HEY! You!”

The [Nightmare] also didn’t seem to want to wake up either. He had been carrying her just in case, but it seemed that both the caster and the target were unconscious.

‘We don’t have time!’

The situation was dire. There were multiple beings with powerful spirit energy already at the outer walls of Manticore.

‘Palace of Reincarnation.’

He had already sent an emergency message to Gorgon. If they were caught in their ambush, it had to be an all-out war. And if they didn’t need to worry about being found out, they could use the teleport station and it would allow them to come within a few hours. At least there should be a few more Awakeners to fight.

‘Maybe we have a chance.’

Chunghuh tried to calm his mind, but the powers that were approaching were too great. As they got closer, Chunghuh found out that the power of the enemy was greater than he imagined.


Lesser General? No. It wasn’t the power of a mere Lesser General.

Chunghuh peeked out through the broken window. There were Generals moving in. And as he looked on, Chunghuh felt his body shake in fear.

‘No… why is HE in <Chaos>?’

There was a being that should not be there.

‘It can’t be! The Palace does not have a Greater General!’

A Greater General or higher was too important of an asset to spend time in <Chaos>. They didn’t die often and was given priority to be revived if they did. However, they were here.

The 2nd rank of three General ranks.

Even among them, he was one of the top as an 11th stage Adapter and a member of the Renowned Family Sameng.

Sameng Garam.

He, two other Greater Generals, and tens of Lesser Generals were flying towards Manticore. In the next moment, Garam found Chunghuh hiding within the building.

[There you are.]