The World after the Fall - Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: War of Revival (1)

The Triad Meeting ended with Gorgon Fortress emerging as the victor. The news of what happened spread quickly through an associate journalist of <Chaos of this Month> who was present in Gorgon at that time.

Aisa Lindcroft felt like it was weird to be in another Master’s office.

‘So, this is the Gorgon Master’s office.’

The room only had a table, a few chairs, and some bookcases.

‘It only has the essentials.’

She was now being held in Gorgon as a hostage. However, not all were given bad treatment. To be fair, Aisa Lindcroft was the only one who was considered an official diplomat. After the meeting was over, Cayman talked to her before she was arrested. After a long talk, Aisa spoke.

-Cayman, if you truly believe him, I’ll reconsider.

Aisa thought it was due to Cayman’s kindness that she was treated differently. Later, she found out it was because she was the only one who changed her mind, which resulted in her better treatment.

‘But I can’t blame them.’

Aisa sighed as she saw the cover of <Chaos of this Month> on the table.

-SHOCKING! Pearl Lord of the 5th region LOST! Cayman of the Southern Sea Clan is the VICTOR!

-New Awakener? What is happening to <Chaos>?

The people who came with her knew how terrifying Lords were. Even if Cayman defeated a Lesser General, it wasn’t enough. Aisa had the same thought, but she was curious.

‘What made them change?’

Cayman had fond memories of the Depth Expedition Team, but Aisa never thought Cayman would really join.

Creating the Depth Expedition Team meant that they would fight against the Palace of Reincarnation.

If Cayman had thought of joining the expedition, then he should have already stormed the Palace of Reincarnation. However, Cayman had not done that in the last 900 years.

“Cayman, are you really going to fight ‘them’?”

Could a man who had lived for 900 years change? Aisa, who had lived for 970 years, couldn’t answer.


Cayman had changed. She used to know Cayman well, as his Southern Sea Clan used to reside in Dryad Fortress. Cayman was always the one who was envious of the other Clan Leaders. He was the one who felt like it was unfair at the difference in strength and talent. But, there was no longer any trace of that in Cayman.

“The Palace of Reincarnation is nothing like the Golden Sky Clan.”

Cayman did not budge. Aisa knew he had the face of someone who was ready to fight. What gave him such hope? She had witnessed Cayman defeating the <Great Lands> Lesser General. Yet she and Cayman both knew that the Lesser General wasn’t the strongest in the <Great Lands>. He was, in fact, the weakest of the Lesser Generals.

“We ran, 900 years ago. We can’t do that again.”

She then saw some Leaders from the ‘Adapter’ team log into the tower along with the new members. Karlton was included in those new members. Aisa became shocked. The way they disappeared looked exactly like when people were summoned into the Tower of Nightmares.

“You were [Cultivating] here?”

“[Cultivate]… I guess you can look at it that way.” Cayman smiled. “That’s not [Cultivation].”

“But that’s the Tower of Nightmares…”

“No one becomes a [Product] in that tower. There’s no [Cultivator].”

A Tower without a [Cultivator]. Aisa was too shocked to even think.

‘So Cayman became so strong because…’

There were countless people who were entering the tower now. Aisa realized there were regular citizens who were also going in.

“<Chaos> will stand on its own now.” Cayman answered. The ones who had been summoned into the tower unwillingly were now going into the tower with a purpose. Aisa noticed a man and he seemed terrified by the bad memory of the place.

‘He’s so afraid and yet..’

But the man did not stop. No one did. They all walked into the tower, even though it wasn’t forced. They were choosing to do this.

‘…To choose.’

Aisa looked at the man closely. He did not give up. And when the control panel moved, the man frowned. Aisa knew what he was seeing. There was no one in <Chaos> who would not know that damn message. The man mumbled, and he was instantly engulfed by light. When he disappeared, he was not terrified anymore.

‘I see. They decided to believe in themselves again.’

When was the last time they had a choice? All of them knew. Even if they spoke of ‘freedom’, their true freedom had been taken away 900 years ago. And this freedom was only going to be given to them if they sought after it.

Aisa became curious about the man who had given this ‘freedom’ to <Chaos>.

“…Where’s the Master of Gorgon?”

In the wide desert region, Manticore Fortress.

Chunghuh panted as he ran.

“…Let’s slow down.”

They did not slow down.

“How far are we going to run?”

They had not used any teleportation station up until now. Teleportation left a trace and it had the potential danger of leaking information, which might sabotage their plans. That was what Jaehwan thought.

“The meeting is probably over by now.”


“Are you sure you don’t have to go? They probably brought a really strong one.”

“Cayman should have done well.”

“Hah! He’s a puny little-”

“He’s stronger than you now.”

“NO WAY! He should live at least 100 years more to beat me!” Chunghuh shouted. “I was an Awakener even before he was born!”

“But you started from scratch this time too.”

“Yeah, but…”

Chunghuh’s voice grew softer. Jaehwan was right. Chunghuh intended to throw away everything he had and he had successfully gained new keyword from Jaehwan.

“But I didn’t ask.”

Jaehwan turned to Chunghuh.

“Why did you start over? Weren’t you right before the 3rd step?”

“Because my way was wrong.”

“So, a different keyword brings you to a different path?”

“…Did you know?”

“I knew you were looking at the world differently.”

The path of awakening that Jaehwan had taken was different.

[Suspicion] that led to [Understanding] that led to Awakening.

Chunghuh was an Awakener, but he wasn’t suspicious, neither did he understand the world.