The World after the Fall - Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Triad Meeting (9)

“I tried.”

“I don’t feel much from you though.”

“You will see once you fight me.”

Chunir then frowned. “Good! Then we shall fight!”

Chunir charged immediately and Cayman moved. It was a speed that wasn’t even visible. Chunir was shocked that Cayman could dodge his attack, so he used more serious skills against Cayman.

“Cayman! NO!” Mukeuk shouted. Chunir was using a top-grade skill that Cayman couldn’t possibly withstand.

“It’s finished!”

Chunir’s attack approached but Cayman’s sword moved weirdly. Chunir frowned.


It was a stab. Cayman’s stab collided against Chunir’s attack. The result was unexpected, to say the least. Cayman took a step back, but Chunir had to take three steps back.

“…What is that skill?”

“It’s [Harsh Stab].”

Cayman explained. “It’s stronger than [Normal Stab] but weaker than [Strong Stab].”

“Are you kidding me?”

A mere stab containing such power? It was impossible. That was when something clicked in Chunir’s mind.

“You- you’re an Awakener?”

The Leaders brightened up.

“I see! Cayman finally…”

Chunir then spoke again.

“I didn’t know there was another Awakener other than the Master and the Doctor.”

“You better do your best,” Cayman said. “Because you will die by my hands.”

“Die? To you?”

Cayman nodded.

“Yes. You will die here.”

Then, enormous energy exploded from Chunir’s body. It was an energy that exceeded everyone else’s combined on this training ground. Some of the crowd couldn’t withstand it and even fainted.


He activated his extra-grade skills [Torn Depth] and [Torn Sky] at once. They were powerful skills that would destroy everything within a hundred-yard radius. The power made even Cayman hesitant.

‘Do I have what it takes?’

Cayman had spoken confidently, but he was still not in a perfect state. His insides were boiling with an uncertain fire after he became an Awakener. He felt like he had become a small child. He was filled with the hope that he could do anything, but was also filled with the despair that he would fail at everything.

‘Master ived in such turmoil?’

However, Cayman knew how to overcome this anxiety. Jaehwan had taught him. Cayman closed his eyes.

Humans cannot exist without a world.

A human that is out of the world of numbers and data would wane and die. That was why many Awakeners had killed themselves. But those that reached the 3rd step acquired their own ‘world’ to fight against the ‘Adapter’s world’.

That was the ‘Unique World’.

When Cayman opened his eyes again, he was standing in the middle of a sea. The vast region of the sea that he lived in for 900 years. That was his ‘Unique World’.

“What is this…!”

Chunir became dumbfounded. A giant wave moved together with Cayman’s sword and attacked Chunir.

“This isn’t enough!”

Chunir’s attack collided against the wave, but he was damaged. Then, something that resembled a giant light struck Chunir. It was Jaehwan’s most powerful skill that was to be used against a huge army. [Strong Stab].

Cayman wasn’t used to using it, so he became dizzy after using it once.


Cayman stabbed again. He saw Chunir’s body being torn in between his waves.

-You should attend the Triad Meeting alone.

-But there may be someone too strong for me to handle.

-It’s okay. Believe in yourself.

Cayman was deep in his trance as he kept on stabbing. It was a shocking but wonderful experience.


The powerful Lesser General was dying. Suddenly, another person appeared through the waves. It was Ryung. She used her assassination skill on Cayman, which he deflected with his finger.

“I see. Master did tell me that it was about time for you to betray us. He wants me to teach you a lesson.”

Ryung shouted in anger. “Even if you have become strong, you cannot be so strong in just two years…”

“Two years?” Cayman laughed.

“What’s so funny?!”

Cayman did not answer. Chunir was attacking him yet again with his dying breath. A giant wave of energy was coming at him. But Cayman was recalling what Jaehwan said to him.

-You have trained hundreds of times more than the other Leaders.


-You have been stabbing for two hundred years.

Cayman then thrust his sword. It wasn’t because he believed in himself. He believed in Jaehwan.

-You can do it.

And with that came the attack.

[Twisting Kill]

The skill that Jaehwan and Chunghuh created, and Cayman had named. It destroyed the skill from Chunir and destroyed his body as well as Ryung’s. The entire training ground was destroyed and people were left groaning while covering their ears. After a while, the dust clouds settled and people moaned.

Chunir was lying on the ground, turning into a silvery powder.

They had won…

The person they never thought they could defeat, had been defeated.

Yong became teary and Kanghwang smiled. Jagel Meng was excited. Even Mukeuk seemed like he was overwhelmed with thought. His long-awaited revenge had just taken a step foward.

Cayman then understood why the Master sent him alone. The Depth Expedition Team had been relying on Jaehwan too much. That needed to be fixed.

<Chaos> must stand alone.

And that day, <Chaos> had become victorious against the Lords for the first time in history.