The World after the Fall - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Triad Meeting (8)

Aisa Lindcroft looked at the hall with a burdened expression. She did not like this situation one bit.

‘Have I made the right choice?’

She glanced at the woman who appeared along with the man. She had visited Aisa a while ago as a messenger from the <Great Lands>.

-The Master of Gorgon is more dangerous than the Golden Sky. He is planning to unify <Chaos> with his Depth Expedition Team.

Her name was Hyeyoung. She was an Adapter who worked for the Lord of Steel of the <Great Lands>.

-The Lord has named him as a ‘Threat Point’.

A potential threat. One that would bring change to <Chaos>. Every Threat Point appearance had brought hope to <Chaos>, but the result of that hope was more despair. Aisa knew this very well, as she had lived for 970 years.

-We must get rid of him or <Chaos> will be disrupted.

After Mulack was appointed as a 1st class Threat Point, hundreds died. Aisa had not forgotten.

‘We can’t repeat that tragedy.’

Euren frowned.

‘It was the Lord of Steel…!’

There was no way that Masters would be this rude to the Depth Expedition Team that was comprised of mostly Clan Leaders. Euren looked at the woman named Hyeyoung. Euren knew a lot about her. After the tournament was over, Hyeyoung had directly contacted Euren. She offered to help with the Golden Sky Clan, but Jaehwan had rejected her offer.

-<Chaos> does not require help from the Lords.

Hyeyoung left Gorgon immediately, and it seemed that she had gone to Dryad and Garuda next. The Lord of Steel changed his target immediately as Jaehwan did not bow to his will. That was the course of events that had led to the Triad Meeting.

“It’s been a long time, Mukeuk.” The man spoke. “How about a hello to an old friend?”

“Bang Chunir.”

Mukeuk knew the man well. He was one of the Generals that stood in front of the Depth Expedition Team 900 years ago. One of the Generals who killed countless spirits and stole the [Fruit].

Pearl General Bang Chunir. That was his name in the <Great Lands>. Mukeuk drew his sword.

“You dare return to <Chaos> after what you did?”

“Are you still bitter about that?”

Chunir shook his head. “It was 900 years ago. We’re both from Moorim. How about some understanding, hmm?”

Chunir was the one who cleared [Mobydick], along with Mukeuk and Chunghuh. He reached the 9th stage and became a General.

“Same… Moorim, you said?”

Mukeuk growled. “You betrayed Moorim and dare say that?”

“Huhyou forgave easily. But you don’t seem to be doing that.”

Mukeuk frowned at those words.

“Wait. You now work for the Lord of Steel?”


“…I’m disappointed in Huhyou.”

“Well, our Lord loves people from Moorim.”

Chunir spoke while smiling, and turned serious all of a sudden. “The Lord wants you back, old friend.”

“Friend?” Mukeuk suddenly moved. “You are no friend of mine!”

His sword flew at Chunir.

“Mukeuk, you cannot defeat me. You know this.”

“Shut up!”

However, his attack was easily blocked. The difference between the 8th and 9th stage was too great.

This 9th stage Adapter was a Lesser General.


Mukeuk could not defeat Chunir 900 years ago. He had worked so hard to get revenge, but Mukeuk still could not overcome the 9th stage barrier. However, he couldn’t give up now.

The two fought. Mukeuk tried his best and soon became fatigued but Chunir still seemed relaxed. After some time, Mukeuk’s sword changed. It was his final attack, the most powerful of his skills, that was unleashed at his 900-year-old nemesis.

Yet the power was destroyed by the energy shield from Chunir. It even went beyond defending, as it released energy that swept away all the others on the training ground.

Mukeuk was barely standing. The other Leaders stood up, but their confidence was shaken. This was the power of a Lesser General. Not even a Greater General, or Commander, or one of the twelve Lords.

Was this the enemy they needed to face?

Euren shook. He thought even the Master had no chance against such power. Were they dreaming of the Depth Expedition Team when they could not even defeat that one man?

“You cannot defeat me.” Chunir spoke.”False hope only gives you greater despair.”

Mukeuk knelt. He had lost the strength to stand. Then, the door to the training ground opened. A ragged man was walking into the center. Chunir asked Hyeyoung, “…Is he the Master?”


The man went to the Leaders and spoke softly. “I’m late.”


Euren brightened as he was helped up.

“W-what of the Master?”

“He will be a bit late.”

Late? Why would he be late? The Depth Expedition Team was at the brink of destruction. Cayman smiled, and clasped Euren’s shoulder.

“It’s okay.”

Euren then felt something strange. Cayman’s hand felt like Jaehwan’s.

‘Is he really the Cayman I know?’

Cayman was now a different man. He moved to the center and helped Mukeuk up.


“Stand back. I’ll handle him from now on.”

“You can’t fight him… he’s too…”

“Don’t worry.”

The Leaders ran to help Mukeuk out as Cayman turned to Chunir.

“Long time no see, Pearl General.”

“You look familiar.”

“Yes. We meet again after 900 years.”

“900 years? Oh, I see.”

Chunir then scoffed. “You’re the kid from 900 years ago.”

“You are right.”

“You’re the kid who couldn’t even join the Expedition Team 900 years ago!”

“That is also correct.”

Cayman didn’t bother one bit with Chunir’s sarcasm. He looked very relaxed.

‘He’s okay against my pressure?’

Chunir asked as he increased the pressure on Cayman. “So, I guess you’ve been training? Seeing how you’re trying to fight me.”