The World after the Fall - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Millions of Stabs (6)

Jaehwan did not answer and it made Beastlain amused. The moment he looked forward to the most was going to happen now.

“There was no reason. It’s only out of a whim that I picked out your world.”

A disaster that only happened because of a whim. Most [Products] could not accept this. They were devastated to hear that their race was faced with doom for such reason. Most speculated that it somehow had a grand reason or a grand being behind it. But there was no such thing.

It was all out of coincidence. On a whim.

“…a whim?”

“Yes. I just happen to came across your world and started the game. There’s no reason for choosing your world. It just kind of happened. Just like how you were born in your world.”

Beastlain continued.

“You might be considering yourself unfortunate. You must be sad that a demon like me came to your world and killed your people.”

Jaehwan did not answer.

“Think about it. Even if I didn’t come here, do you think your race will live on for eternity? No way. You will all die in due time. All beings in the universe dies soon or later.”

Beastlain continued. He was now getting to the climax. He will now be given with the face of a despaired [Product] who could not face reality. This was what Beastlain loved the most.

“In that case, you can consider yourself lucky. At least you have received a chance to move onto the new world. It had made all the death very worthwhile. You will get a chance to move on to the <Great Lands> and challenge to become a…”

“That’s enough. Let’s skip the boring stories.”


Beastlain could not believe what he was hearing.

“What I’m wondering about isn’t that.”


“It seems like you’ve misunderstood. Let me ask you again, clearly.”

“P-Please. Go on.”

The reins of the discussion had been passed on.

“What I want to know is that why are you managing this tower. What kind of reward do YOU get by doing this?”


Beastlain was shocked. This [Product] didn’t seem to budge at his explanation and asked about the vital point without getting swayed.

“…It’s just- just volunteering. Someone needs to do it, so here I am. Haha.”

The awkward smile made Jaehwan narrow his eyes.


Jaehwan looked at the particles floating above Beastlain and thought. As his [Suspicion] skill got stronger, he was now able to distinguish various particles. Some stood in its place while some moved about actively. The particles that floated above Beastlain were very distinguishable. They touched Beastlain and moved in some kind of formation, and disappeared toward the outside of the tower quickly.

To Jaehwan, the formation seemed like a word. It seemed Beastlain was talking with someone from afar.

‘Lord… …sends… message…’

‘Product… cultivation… harvest… yet…’

‘Don’t kill… the product…’

‘The land… not… conversation…’

‘You can’t… due date… no time…’

Jaehwan spoke again.

“…Hmph. Let’s go back to the story then.”


Beastlain felt sweat running through his back.

“You spoke of a ‘Lord’ back then.”

“Yes, I did.”

It finally came. Beastlain had never spoken with a [Product] this long before finishing up the real game, so he was being extra careful that he did not make a peep about cultivation or harvesting and such.

“Who are they? Are they Kings?”

“It’s similar. They are the rulers of the <Great Lands>. The one who enters the <Great Lands> will be offered to join the forces of the Lords.”


Beastlain noticed Jaehwan’s interest. No [Product] had ever shown interest in the Lords of the <Great Lands>. Choosing the right Lord changed their future.

‘You still are a Product after all.’

Beastlain grinned and continued.

“Not all of them will be offered. Only the strongest will be offered… but I’m sure you will be offered by the strongest of the Lords.”

To put confidence into the [Product]. That was the first step. But Jaehwan seemed emotionless. Beastlain became wary of it, but continued anyway,.

“If you follow my guidance, with the honor of the demon, I will swear that I help you on your future. It means I will do my best to have you sent to the best of the Lords. Of course, that’s only if you clear the real game.”

Jaehwan’s mouth almost came to a scoff.

‘He sounds like an insurance salesman.’

Jaehwan paused for a long moment, then asked, “How can you prove that you are not lying?”

Beastlain seemed to think Jaehwan had fallen for it, that his mouth turned into a faint grin.

“You don’t need to trust me if you don’t want to. I explained everything I can. There’s no more.”

Jaehwan nodded.

“Okay. I will do as you say.”

“Did you finally make up your mind?”

“Exactly 10 days. In 10 days, I will get out of this place.”