The World after the Fall - Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Triad Meeting (5)

It had been three days since the leaders of the Ten-Clan started training in <Carpediem>. The Leaders were divided into two groups, the ‘Adapter’ team and ‘Awakener’ team. The Adapter team stayed on the first floor to train, while the Awakener team moved to the newly-built second floor to train. The one leading the Adapter team was the 8th stage Adapter Mukeuk. He sighed as he watched the Leaders teaching each other their skills while cursing non-stop.

‘I hope Master knows what he’s doing.’

The idea of having the Leaders teach each other was great on paper, but when the actual training began, the Leaders were too busy boasting about how their own skill was the best of all.

“Are you insulting the skill of the Divine Lady Clan?”

“Hah! You can’t still be faster than my Thunder God skill!”

“Speed doesn’t matter! It’s all about power! And power means me, the Fire King!”

Mukeuk frowned as he watched the Leaders squabble.

‘Fools… that’s why you are still weak.’

The only one who was putting in any actual effort was Jagel Meng. He started out in the Awakener team but came down and was having quick success.

“Mukeuk, how long have you been training this skill? It’s killing me.”

“400 years.”

The skill Meng was practicing was Mukeuk’s Thousand Sword of the Sky. It was one of the most powerful skills in <Chaos>. It wasn’t close to the skills of 9th stage Adapters or higher, but it was still one of the strongest.

“This is still doable compared to being in the Awakener team,” Meng said as he kept on practicing. The Adapter team didn’t start out with so many members. Even with Ryung’s concerns, it was the Awakener team who had more volunteers when they started. Four of the six leaders volunteered for the Awakener team. However, even before a day in <Chaos> had passed, three of them had given up on the Awakener team. Meng was one of them.

“It’s crazy up there.”

In an empty space with nothing, there was only the movement of a blade. Accurate, repeated movement. An old man was repeating the same stab, over and over again.

“Cayman, speed it up.”

Cayman’s sword sped up at Jaehwan’s order. He had been doing this countless times. Even though Cayman had tremendous amounts of Spirit Power, it was too much to handle.

After a while, Cayman grew fatigued and asked. “Can I really become strong with such a way?”

“You still ask?”


“You should know the answer to that by now.”

He was right. Cayman had surpassed the 1st step of Awakening a while ago. Cayman couldn’t forget the day he stepped into the changing world. He was shocked after he gained the keyword [Suspicion]. It was thanks to Jaehwan who prevented him from going mad from such an abrupt and violent change. Cayman remembered Chunghuh’s words.

-Trust him. When it comes to Awakening, he is better than me.

Jaehwan asked, “Are you still worried that you will not become as powerful as the other Adapters?”

“…Yes.” Cayman answered. “I know I do not have what it takes.”

Cayman remembered the other Leaders downstairs. They might have already gotten close to the 8th stage by now.

“…Do you believe I have what it takes?”

“I do.”

From the beginning, Jaehwan believed that Cayman would be the first Awakener. Unlike the others who were blessed with the ‘Over-Adapting’ talent, Cayman purely lived with his own effort. The core aspect of bringing one to the Awakening was that effort. Cayman was the best at this.

“So, you must believe me.”

Cayman nodded and got back to stabbing again. The new world was waiting for him.

Deep into the night, in a tower within the inner keep of Gorgon, a woman with a chain on her waist was sitting at the edge of the tower. She was the one Jaehwan was wary of during the tournament.

“Hah, beer tastes good here.”

The woman took a sip from her bottle as she stretched her leg out over the ledge. Her cheeks were flushed. It was weird. The dead of <Chaos> could not become drunk, but the woman seemed to be drunk. She was looking down at the bottom, at the weird building in the courtyard behind the keep. She laughed.

“Carpediem, eh?”

As she watched, a few Leaders came out of the building, took the medicine made from the horned monsters, and went back into the building quickly. It seemed like they were really in a hurry.

“Hah, they really think something can really change.”

No one answered. But she spoke anyway.

“So, is that your new hope?”

This time, an answer came from the dark. It was the cold voice of an old man.

“Surha… what are you up to?”

“Aren’t you being a bit too cold? How about a warmer greeting for an old friend?”

Surha glanced back. It was Chunghuh, the Doctor of Despair.

“Long time no see, Teacher.”

“I’m not your teacher anymore.”

“Oooh, cold.”

“Why are you here?”

“It’s business.”

Chunghuh frowned. “I told you, I have no intention of returning to [Rupture].”

“Okay, okay. Relax. You’re scary when you get serious, you know.” Surha cackled and took another sip. “You want some too?’


“Wow, really? You love beer and women, don’t you?”

Chunghuh did not answer. “How is ‘he’?”

“Oh, ‘he’ is doing well. He still talks about you.”

“Don’t lie.”

” I miss you too.”

“Another lie.”

“Haha, yeah. That’s a lie.”

Surha smiled. But her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

“But still, come back Teacher. Everyone’s waiting for you.”