The World after the Fall - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Triad Meeting (4)

Tower of Nightmare: Carpediem

It was a week ago that Jaehwan decided to create this tower of nightmares, right after he killed the Extra-Large Dead Man Magrit.

-Kid, are you serious? There have been no cases where a tower was created by a non-[Nightmare].

The Tower of Nightmares had historically only been created by [Nightmares]. Other higher races like Demons or Angels had ways to interfere in the systems, but only [Nightmares] could create and repair them.

However, a human trying to create it? It was foolish.

-It’s okay. Meikal can do it. Besides, we are only making the first floor.

-First floor?

-Just enough to control time. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

That was when Meikal and all the entire smiths of Twilight’s Fall were called in. And one week later, it was completed.

“….I never imagined that a human could create the Tower of Nightmares.”

“It only has one story, but it’s still amazing.”

Inside, there was only an endless amount of space and sky, but it was still a great feat. It was something that no other race had achieved in the millions of years of history. Jaehwan then thought.

‘Well, we did have a really hard time.’

For a whole week, Meikal and Jaehwan put a lot of hard work into creating this tower. It would not have been possible without Jaehwan’s experience as a [Product] and Meikal’s skill as an experienced blacksmith. Jaehwan also came to understand a lot about the [Nightmare] race. The skills that they used were very similar to the power of an ‘Awakener’ that Jaehwan used. It was so similar even to the point where it seemed like [Nightmares] were the first Awakeners, as most of their skills were based on Awakening steps.

However, it also seemed only natural. One needed to know the truth of the world to make another. Maybe it was the [Nightmares] who knew the reality of this world.

And so, Carpediem was created. It was a tower to bring back lost hope to <Chaos>.

Meng said in astonishment, “I am deeply touched! To be able to return to this place not to be [Cultivated] but to destroy it!”

“M-me too! I wanted to say that too!”

Yong also agreed. The Leaders turned to Jaehwan, asking for his next words.

“All training will be done in here now.”

Jaehwan looked at each one of them carefully.

“As you may have guessed, the time in this tower goes a hundred times slower than in real time. A day in <Chaos> will mean a hundred days in this tower. Considering the fact that we have a week, you will have close to two years to train.”

Two years. That was given time for the Leaders.

“But, as time is expedited, it has also been compacted. It means that your spirit will feel much more fatigued in this place.”

The Leaders frowned. It didn’t just mean that they would grow tired faster.

“You mean our corruption rate will increase as well.”

Meng guessed it, and Jaehwan nodded.

“Yes. It is especially true as you are older spirits. You are not young spirits who just joined the tutorial.”

Some of the Leaders who had elevated senses knew that Jaehwan was speaking the truth. They had resistance to corruption since they had powerful spirits, but their corruption rate was increasing ever so rapidly.

“As such, this tower has a mechanism to kick you out once you reach 80% corruption. I have readied horns for you to take once you log out, so you won’t need to worry about corruption.”

It was a very well-thought-out plan.

“I will now divide those who volunteer to become Awakeners, and those who will not.”

It was now time to choose.

“Those who wish to become Awakened, stand on my right. Those who just want to increase your Adaptation stage, to my left.”

It was Cayman who acted first. He moved to Jaehwan’s right without hesitation.

“I will remind you. You might die.”

“I will not regret it even then.”

Cayman was certain of the choice he had made.

“The only possibility left in me will be an ‘Awakening’.”

Unlike the other Leaders who were ‘Over-Adapters,’ Cayman knew that he had reached his limit. He also learned this clearly in the few days that he had trained against Jaehwan.

‘An Awakener is not limited by one’s maximum spirit power limit.’

That was what Cayman had learned in those few days. All of the skills that Jaehwan used required a huge amount of spiritual energy, but Jaehwan’s actual Spirit Power was only at the level of a Non-Adapter.

‘It’s impossible to achieve without at least reaching the 10th stage.’

Adapters, when they reached the 10th stage, learned a power skill called [Infinite Circuit] that allowed them to have an infinite amount of spiritual power. But Awakeners were able to wield such power at just the beginning of the 3rd step. It seemed to work differently from [Infinite Circuit], but it was the same in regards to being allowed to use Spirit Power infinitely.

Cayman did not hesitate with his choice. He knew he couldn’t increase his stage any further. But becoming an Awakener was possible with Jaehwan as his support.

“If I can become powerful enough to fight against those Lords, I will do whatever it takes.”


With the first volunteer decided, the other Leaders became uncertain.

‘What if I try and fail…’

The thoughts of the Leaders were so obvious that it was even shameful. Chunghuh frowned at such a sight. That was when Ryung asked, “Mind if I ask you a question?”

“Go on.”

“The method that you will use for us to become ‘Awakened’. Is it proven?”

The leaders turned to Jaehwan.

“It’s not proven.”

All the leaders, excluding Cayman, were shaken by those words.

“And you want us to take that treacherous path?”

“I, who only lived for 50 years, have walked that treacherous path. Are you saying you cannot?”

Ryung couldn’t answer. Jaehwan continued, “I know the dangers and that’s why I’m giving you an option. If you go into the <Depth>, there will be worse thingswaiting for you. Isn’t that right, old man?”

“The Master is correct.” Chunghuh answered from a distance.

“With your level, you can’t even pass the Dead Man Palace at the entrance.”

Dead Man Palace.

The residence of the Sole King Catastrophe and full of Large Dead Men.

“If we succeed, how strong can we become?”

It was Meng who asked.

“If you succeed, you will become as powerful as me.”

“…Is that true?”

“Yes,” Jaehwan answered. Jaehwan had the power to defeat Magrit and open a way into a wave of Dead Men. He was the one who had the power of a Lesser General of the <Great Lands>.

“But the percentage of you succeeding is not high. My guess is….”

“It would be a miracle if even one of you succeeds.”

Chunghuh interrupted.

“I know the girl spoke of the [Great Disappearance] and all, but even [Rupture] failed at creating more Awakeners. Their project had a 0.01% chance of success. Even then, most of them died.”

It seemed like Chunghuh knew it very well. It was nothing surprising as Chunghuh had lived for a thousand years and must have known about what happened seven hundred years ago.

“Even so, we want you to try to become Awakeners to have at least a chance of surviving the expedition.”

The leaders became deep in thought. It was Ryung who spoke again.

“But I’m sure there’s another way to become powerful. I believe a 9th stage Adapter is as powerful as a 3rd step Awakener.”

Chunghuh frowned.

“Girl, aren’t you smart? Yes, you are right. But the question is, how will you become the 9th stage when you are only at the 7th?”

“That’s not my problem to worry about.”

Ryung looked at Jaehwan.

“Well, we have solved the ‘time’ problem. Let me ask you the second question.”

“Go on.”

“How are you going to increase the stage of Adaptation?”

It was a straightforward question. Awakening was an entirely different story. The question remained on how Jaehwan would help the Adapters increase their stages.

“I heard that you Adapters require new skills or a good amount of rating in learning the truth to move on.”

“Right. It’s not just some new skill. It has to be the best of the best.”

Jaehwan answered, “I have that solved also.”

“…And what is that precisely? Have you prepared top-grade skill books or something?”

Top-grade skills were impossible to get unless from the Lords or Renowned families of the <Great Lands>. The Leaders gathered here only had about three of those skills at maximum because of that reason.

“It doesn’t have to be a skill book. You can learn from a teacher.”

Teacher? Ryung frowned. Skills could be taught, but there was no one who would dare teach their top-grade skills. And there was no one powerful enough to teach the Leaders of the Ten-Clan.

“Who would dare to teach us?”

“They are here.”

Ryung glanced around, expecting to see some powerful individuals. However, there was no one else other than them.

“Wait, are you saying you will teach us?”


“Then, who…”

Realization suddenly struck Ryung as she froze. It was obvious at that point. Jaehwan nodded.

“You will learn skills from each other. All of you will teach.”