The World after the Fall - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Last Hope (11)

“I promise you that if anyone of you defeats me, I will make you the new Master.”

It was a battle of one Master against six, including some leaders of the Ten-Clan. It was a fight that would never normally occur. It was a chance to see how strong this Master, who claimed to be embarking on an expedition to the <Depth>, was.

This was exactly what Jaehwan wanted. He knew from his experience as the leader of ‘Carpediem’ about group mentality.

He needed the trust of these people. But true trust could only be gained through relationships, and that was the outcome of time. However, he had no such time. So, he resorted to showing strength. Overwhelming strength that would create awe in anyone who watched.

The woman on the other end of the stage laughed. It was the woman hiding something that Jaehwan couldn’t read. Jaehwan focused on his powers. All those who he could not read using [Suspicion] were powerful, like Chunghuh. It meant that she, too, was at least as powerful as Chunghuh.

“I knew something interesting was going to happen.”

She then walked straight up to Jaehwan.

“I like you. To the point that I want you as my own right now.”

She stopped right in front of Jaehwan, close enough that a few more inches and their lips would have met. Jaehwan did not push her back as he couldn’t feel any threat from her. The woman whispered into Jaehwan’s ear.

“I’ll step off from here.”

“Are you giving up?”


She then walked off. Jahir quickly announced through an extra microphone,

-One of the attendees has suddenly given up! Does she not want to be a Master?

She shrugged as if a Master was nothing to her.

“I don’t want to be caught up in any more trouble. Besides…”

Her last words were too soft to hear, but Jaehwan didn’t miss her lip movements. What she said was this:

-Disaster will come soon.

Jaehwan couldn’t understand what she meant, but he couldn’t think of anything. That’s when someone spoke up from the stage.

“Hmm. Master, I will surrender also. I know I cannot beat you in my current state.”

It was Yong. He already had advanced into the round of 8 as promised, so he didn’t need to fight. But this was not what Jaehwan wanted.

Then, another man came up.

“I know that I do not have a chance against you. I accept my loss.”

It was Cayman. The crowd began to mumble among themselves. They did not understand why Cayman, who loved to fight with honor, would give up without even putting up a fight.

Jaehwan frowned. This was not what he had expected.

Cayman silently bowed.

“This is weird. Is it a setup?”

The crowd began to grow suspicious, and this was exactly what Jaehwan was concerned about. The remaining people were now down to three. It was the Leader and the 2nd rank from Divine Lady, and the woman who defeated Kanghwang. Jaehwan pondered what he should do next.

“That’s a shame. It didn’t end up as you wanted.”

It was Ja Ryung, the leader of Divine Lady, who spoke first. Jaehwan shook his head.

“It sucks for you, as your chance of winning has decreased. You still want to fight?”

“…You are an arrogant man.”

Her voice seemed to be full of anger.

[Leader, we should just defeat him now.]

The 2nd rank of Divine Lady whispered to Ryung. She didn’t like this whole thing from the beginning.

[He can’t win against the three of us.]

[Calm down.]

Ryung shook her head.

[We are not here to fight him.]

[Yes, but…]

Jaehwan, who overheard what they were saying by using [Suspicion], became intrigued.

‘Not here to fight? Then what is your purpose?’

Ryung then sent whispers to the woman who beat Kanghwang. It seemed they knew each other from before.

[Hyeyoung, what will you do?]

[I will have to see further.]

The woman, who was called Hyeyoung, answered.

[What made the Lord of Steel send you anyway? Who’s behind Golden Sky?]

[As I said, I cannot tell you that. You shouldn’t interfere too deeply with this matter.]

Ryung’s pride seemed to be hurt but nodded as she answered.

[…Sure. So, what do you want me to do?]

[I need to know his character.]

[You want to know if he will be useful as your pawn.]

Heyoung did not answer right away but soon replied.

[The Lord of Steel will not forget your help.]

[What if the Master of Gorgon doesn’t fit your standard?]

Another moment of silence. Hyeyoung thought for a while and then answered.

[Then we will find a new individual. I trust your wisdom will do the job.]

Ryung answered satisfyingly.


As their whispers ended, the three women turned to Jaehwan and Jaehwan at them.

“Master of Gorgon, we have no intention of fighting you.”

“Are you surrendering?”

“Surrender? That would be the wrong word. It’s different.”

“What do you mean?”

“You said before that those who lost in a one-on-one battle with you must join the [Depth Expedition Team].”

It was a familiar question. Jaehwan replied, “Are you trying to play word games like that Meng?”

“No, I do not intend to do that.”

“Then what?”

He could feel Ryung smiling behind the veil over her face.

“We will not lose to you.”


She was clearly speaking of a future that had not happened yet. She continued, “We are telling you that we will join the [Depth Expedition Team] voluntarily.”

At the same time, a blue messenger bird arrived at the office of the inner Gorgon fortress. As no one was there to receive the message, the bird let out a screech. Chancellor Euren quickly came into the room to check on the message.

“Who is it? I’m kind of busy right now… wait.”

Euren froze. The blue bird was only used to send messages in times of emergency.

[Master of Dryad Fortress. Aisa Lindcroft]

It was from the southern fortress. Why did she send such a message?


Euren paled as he read the contents of the message. He turned to look out the window, towards the southern sky of Gorgon. It was dark. It was still very far away, but something was surely coming toward the fortress.

It was the Army of Despair that was moving toward Gorgon Fortress.