The World after the Fall - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Millions of Stabs (5)

[User Details]

Name: Jaehwan

Level: 100 (At maximum level)

Title: (EX) Nightmare of 99th Floor

Class: Swordsman

Skill: (EX) Perseverance

[Status Detail]

Strength: 100 (At maximum)

Dexterity: 100 (At maximum)

Stamina: 100 (At maximum)

Will: 100 (At maximum)

Mana: 100 (At maximum)

He pulled up the screen through the Interface System. Jaehwan had tried hard to reach the limit at every end all this time. 30 years, and he had hit the maximum limit on all stats. That was when he began to think.

Can humans really be calculated with such numbers?’

After some time, he began seeing something weird. He thought it was just an illusion, but it wasn’t. He realized what he saw was the nature of this world. It was sometimes a smooth particle and sometimes became rough rocks. It always seemed to be in various shapes and sizes.

That’s when his stabbing became unstable.

He felt a weird sensation each time he used his [Stab] skill. The skill that he had stuck in its form in perfection, had become loose and Jaehwan felt something he had been forgetting was coming back.

It was the feeling of being ‘alive.’

Jaehwan named it [Suspicion] for now. The power to look into the truth of the world. However, he had no idea how to use the power yet.

The quick thrust of Jaehwan’s Dragon Sword was easily deflected. Beastlain shouted in irritation,

“Hey, Jaehwan! Talk to me!”

Jaehwan did not answer.

“Wow, this is crazy!”

Beastlain seemed frustrated.

“You are not going back! You’re just starting the real game!”

The second reason Jaehwan wasn’t ending the Tutorial, was the demon Beastlain.

After some time, Jaehwan realized that for some reason, Beastlain could not kill Jaehwan.

‘I don’t know why, but he can’t force me.’

Beastlain not forcing the game to end or not killing Jaehwan right here was the proof. If he had opened the tower, he must have the power to close it, but he didn’t do so. There must be a reason why. For Jaehwan, Beastlain was just a good teacher right now. He challenged him countless times to adapt to the change happening with him.

Beastlain was growing even more frustrated.

‘Dammit, the due date is coming closer!’

However, there was nothing he could do. The only thing he can do was to ask Jaehwan,

“Hey! Please, answer me!”

“Answer what?”

Jaehwan asked as he pulled away the sword grabbed by Beastlain.

“Wow, thank you! I thought you had gone mad because you didn’t speak! I was worried that the precious [Product] had been damaged… uh, nevermind that,”

Beastlain stuttered.

“Good. What do you want of me? I will do anything, other than killing myself, and moving to the next floor.”

Jaehwan then stopped the sword.

‘There we go.’

After Jaehwan realized he had the upper hand, he had been waiting for this very moment. He had waited until the Demon in front of him become frustrated. Jaehwan waited until Beastlain could not wait any longer and took the bait.

“I need to ask you something then.”

“What is it? Anything!”

Beastlain brightened up and continued,

“Do we now have room to negotiate?”

“Well, that depends on you.”

The answer made Beastlain frown.

After pondering for some time, Beastlain sighed and explained,

“Don’t be surprised. The universe isn’t connected in just one dimension.”

“I know.”

“…huh? You know?”

Jaehwan scowled.

“Do you think I’m a fool?”

Jaehwan did not know much about the universe. Everything he knew about it was what he had learned from school and what he had heard from Sakamoto when he climbed the tower. But he did hear a lot of different theories about the universe.

“So, the universe is comprised of <Great Lands> and countless <Distant lands>?”

“You are right.”

According to Beastlain, the universe was comprised of one main dimension called <Great Lands> and millions of other <Distant Lands>. The earth was a small planet within one of many <Distant Lands>. Beastlain called Earth as World 294. Jaehwan summarized the explanation,

“So this Tower of Nightmare is to prepare Walkers to adapt to the <Great Lands>.”


“And only the Walkers who successfully completed the Tutorial and the real game gets to move to the <Great Lands>.”

“You are absolutely right. You sure grasp the idea quick.”

Beastlain did not use the word [Cultivation] or [Harvest]. He knew what the product would become if he heard it. Jaehwan then asked,

“So what does adaptation do? Does it just mean getting stronger?”

Beastlain shook his head.

“No, it’s to get used to the <Interface System> of the <Great Lands>.”

“…the one to use skills, get items, or invest status points?”

“You can say that.”

Beastlain grinned.

“Most races going to the <Great Lands> without preparation die out because they can’t adjust to the system. That’s why we made this <Tower of Nightmare> to help them adjust. Through the tutorial and the real game, you learn what it is like to have the system on the <Great Lands> and increase your survival rate. Demons like me work as an aid to this game.”

Beastlain was careful with his explanation, but he was also astonished. He had seen no product this calm after hearing the truth about the world. All the products he had cultivated either refused to believe it or had gone mad. However, Jaehwan calmly accepted what he was hearing. It seemed like he had been born for the game. And Beastlain was satisfied by it.

“Let me ask you one more thing.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why are you doing ‘this’?”

Beastlain smiled bitterly. He knew that Jaehwan would ask this in the end. He had cultivated thousands of products for hundreds of years. Some had become powerful beings in the <Great Lands> while some had perished to its spirit. But all of them had asked this.

-Why are you doing this?

Beastlain asked back.

“I don’t get your question. Do you want to know why I manage the Tower of Nightmare?”


“Well, I don’t think that’s what you really want to know.”

Beastlain grinned and continued speaking,

“Isn’t it that you want to know why I brought the Tower of Nightmares into YOUR world, instead of countless other options?”