The World after the Fall - Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Last Hope (7)

Within the training ground of the Gorgon Fortress, Jaehwan, two of clan leader and Chunghuh was stood in front of the leader of Thunder King Clan, listening to his stories.

“…So, that’s how it came to be.”

Silence fell after the story was finished. There had been no accounts of fortress being overtaken like this in past thousand years.

“I can’t believe it.”

“Golden Sky had grown that quickly? Big enough to take control of Manticore itself?”

Kanghwang and Cayman spoke. Jaehwan also spke out.

“Who are these Golden Sky Clan?”

“They are 10th rank in Ten Clan of Chaos. Weakest one.”

Kanghwang answered.

“But it’s unbelievable that they took down a fortress. I can’t believe what he’s telling me.”

“I think what he says is true.”

Chunghuh interrupted and Kanghwang turned to Chunghuh, in shock.

“How do you know this?”

“Because they tried to take down Gorgon also.”

That’s when Kanghwang’s face frowned.

“Wait, the commodity happened week ago… was it because of them?”

It wasn’t a week past since the attack of Golden Sky’s Prime Elder Maihan was quelled. If it wasn’t Jaehwan to stop it, Gorgon would’ve had been under control of Golden Sky also. Cayman added.

“I guess what Yong says is true. I just have received message that our office in Manticore is not responding.”

“But… how did the Golden Sky gain such strength?”

That’s when Yong who had been staying quiet, spoke.

“I don’t know who, but they are surely getting help from someone.”

Being who can be of help to Ten Clan was very limited. Yong continued.

“I am suspecting it’s one of the Lords.”

“Impossible! Lords cannot interfere in Chaos!”

“But I can’t see any other possibility. Who can be of a help to Ten Clan if it isn’t a Lord?”

Silence fell down. Cayman then added.

“I guess it’s possible. Great Lands are under full scale war. There’s possibility that one of Lords will try to make this chance to interfere into Chaos.”

“Shouldn’t we contact the <Palace of Reincarnation>?”

“You really want to get help from them?”

<Palace of Reincarnation>. The place where Lords and members of Renowned Family are reborn, and where all [Fruits] of Chaos is stored. As it was under direct control of Lords and Renowned Families, the ones that stayed there were one of them.

“If it is a Lord that’s interfering, they are responsible for breaking their pact!”

900 years ago, members of Lords and Renowned Families made a pact to Chaos as they took the [Fruits] from the Depth Expedition Team that they will not interfere with the matters of Chaos from that day forward. It was known as the 295th Great Lords Agreement.

“They did break it but…”

“We must confront them of it!”

“We have no proof. Besides…”

Cayman gritted his teeth.

“I don’t like asking help to them.”

Kanghwang shook his head. But he understood that Cayman would rather die then get help from those in the palace.

“And what if the palace is siding with the said Lord?”


Kanghwang seemed he had not thought of such chance. Chunghuh turned to Jaehwan.

“I guess it’s got more complicated. What do you want to do?”

“What about it?”

“Manticore is down and 3 clans are wiped out. If you continue your plans…”

“There will be a war.”

Chunghuh fell silent. The last war that happened in Chaos was 900 years ago, when Depth Expedition Team fought against the Palace of Reincarnation, resulting in death of countless spirits.

“Doesn’t matter. It’s better that way.”


“I have to fight them soon or later.”

Clan leaders then was shocked and asked.

“You mean…”

“You will go after Manticore?”

Jaehwan did not answer. He wasn’t going to stop at just Manticore. Chunghuh realized what Jaehwan was really after.

“…Are you really trying to unite Chaos into one?”


Cayman then bursted out of laughter.

“Hahaha! Are you serious? Are you really trying to unite Chaos?”

“I’m serious.”

Cayman stopped dead in his laughter and Chunghuh’s face turned grim. He had heard from Euren about it, but didn’t really think Jaehwan was serious.

-Jaehwan is trying to unite Chaos and kill all enemies so he can stop being a Master of Gorgon. If fortress is not needed, then he don’t have to be a master.

Uniting Chaos didn’t just mean taking control of four fortresses and Ten Clans. There was stronger enemy than combined forces of fortress and clans.

<Palace of Reincarnation>

Chunghuh knew of their power all too well.

“You can’t do it. Not in your current power.”

“You never know until you try.”

Chunghuh could not understand. He knew Jaehwan was powerful and that he was an Awakener. But-

“Kid, war is not that easy.”

Chunghuh spoke in quiet voice.

“Even if you are powerful, there are things that you can’t do it alone.”

“Doesn’t matter.”


“That’s why I have you.”

Chunghuh opened his eyes in shock.

“Like you think, I have no experience. But I have you.”

“Wh-what! I never said I’ll side with you!”

Chunghuh shouted but he was bit happy that Jaehwan had acknowledged about him. He became ashamed that he was happy for that and turned away. Jaehwan then turned to clan leaders.

“Let me ask you all too.”

Leaders took a step back.

“I’m not just trying to gather the expedition team. I will unite Chaos first and destroy the palace that took [Fruits] from you 900 years ago. It’s after that we will depart for the Depth. I need people who can join me in that quest.”

Someone swallowed an empty throat.

“If you don’t want, you can leave. Forget everything that happened here and live. Go back to your normal lives.”

Leaders became silent. It was Cayman who spoke first.

“What are you going to do if none of us helps you?”

“Then I will do it alone.”

“Didn’t you say you can’t do it alone?”

“Since when I said that?”

Jaehwan answered.

“I came all the way here alone.”

Cayman then laughed and spoke.

“Good. I will follow you to wherever you go. To the Palace or to the Depth.”


Kanghwan became shocked and shouted.

“I, Cayman, am here to let down my role as the leader of the clan. I am ready.”

“So am I.”

Yong also answered.

“Yong, at your service, my master.”

“I don’t need that.”

Then everyone turned to Kanghwang.

“I… uh… have not decided yet.”

Kanghwang’s answer was just. He did not know anything about Jaehwan yet.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if the Master is really worthy to be the leader of Depth Expedition Team.”

Kanghwang spoke.

“Enemies you spoke of is all too powerful. It might get us all killed.”

Jaehwan nodded.

“What will prove my worth to you?”

“As you know, there are total of 6 clan leaders in Gorgon now.”

Chunghuh asked.

“Six? Who else are there other than you three?”

“The leader of Arms Extreme who resides within this fortress, the leader of Disciples Clan, and the leader of Divine Lady Clan.”

“Hah, greedy fools trying to become a Master of fortress.”

Chunghuh frowned but continued.

“Get the approval of other three, and I will accept you.”

“Kanghwang, I see what you’re doing there.”

“…It’s needed. Doctor, you must know that if he wants to go to the Depth, this should be an easy task.”

Jaehwan nodded.

“Good. I will do it.”

Kanghwang seemed surprised but Jaehwan continued.

“But I have a condition.”


“If I am to get the approval of you, you all need approval of me.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kanghwang didn’t seem happy with the words. They were leaders of Ten Clan. What kind of approval would they need?

“I don’t care if you are the leader of a clan or not. What I need is a true warrior.”

Before Kanghwang can speak, Jaehwan continued.

“I will open a tournament.”

Everyone became shocked.

“It’s a tournament to become a Master of Gorgon. I will put this as a prize too.”

Jaehwan then took out a dark horn from his backpack. It was the last remaining horn of Garnak. Cayman gasped and shouted.

“Horn of rare horned monster!”

Jaehwan continued.

“Become the remaining 8 within the tournament. That will earn my approval. I will receive your test afterwards.”

Kanghwang became blushed with fury. How dare he test the leaders of Ten Clan? But Cayman seemed intrigued.

“What you say is true. Being a clan leader doesn’t make us the strongest in Chaos. When will this tournament start?”


“Kanghwang, shouldn’t we prove ourselves before we test others?”

Kanghwang fell silent and everyone turned to Jaehwan.

“When will it start? Well…”

That’s when someone came running into the training ground. It was the one that everyone knew well.


It was Chancellor Euren.

Euren ran in with furiated look on his face, with a flyer on his hand.

“What is this! Since when did you make this!!”

-Everyone who wants to become a Master of Gorgon, COME!

The 1st Gorgon Tournament

Preliminary starting 18:00 today

It was the beginning of the Gorgon Tournament.

South of Chaos.

There were no continent in south of Chaos. It was the green see where part of surface is covered with plants. Adapters called this plants ‘Sea Way.’ Adapters used these plants to travel through the sea or hunt down marine horned animals. As they traveled deeper into the sea, the plants grew in size and thickness, eventually arriving to a famous fortress.

Dryad Fortress.

Its entire structure was created by plants that grown upon absorbing sea water and spirit power from the depth of the sea. Plant Horned Monster Dryad. It was one of the four guardian horns, along with Gorgon, Manticore and Garuda.

As Dryad flexed its body, huge branches soared through the skies and the seven horns stuck on Dryad’s body resonated rough sonars out to the sea. As Dryad roared, giant horned monsters of the sea fled in terror. On top of the branch was a woman. She was the master of Dryad Fortress.

“Dryad… something bad is happening.”

Dryad wiggled on its branch as she spoke. She was dressed in Blue Chinese Dress with pinned up hair, exposing her white skin upon her neck. She looked to the horizon, towards the far north where Gorgon Fortress was located at.

Unique Skill [Far-Sight]

It allowed user to observe enemies at thousands of miles away. With her skill, she saw terrible things moving towards Gorgon.


She knew what these monsterss were.

“It’s Giant Dead Man…”

The Sole King Catastrophe had its followers. Widely known as Giant Dead Man, the once strongest of Chaos that became Dead Man. These were monsters that even combined forces of leaders of Ten Clan cannot defeat it.

‘Upright Magrit!’

Master of Dryad knew the name of this Dead Man. Magrit, was one of Master of Fortresses once. It had face on its legs that gave its name. The Dead Man was leading other dead man into direction of Gorgon.

-No peeking, girl.

Then the skill [Far-Sight] was cut out immediately, damaging the master of Dryad a bit. The spirit power of Magrit had reached thousands of miles to this place.

‘I must let the master of Gorgon know!’

Cayman and the leader of Divine Lady, whom resided in Dryad had already left to Gorgon. There was no time to waste. The master of Dryad, Aisa Lindcroft used fastest messaging skill she had to send the messge.