The World after the Fall - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Last Hope (6)


Kanghwang tried to charge at Yong, but Cayman stepped in and stopped him.

“…What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what I said.”

“You sound as if the Sky Dragon and Dark Forest Clans have already fought with them.”

“They did.”

Kanghwang started trembling.

“What do you mean…”

“That’s why I couldn’t speak up easily. You wouldn’t believe me. Don’t you see? Why would I not have asked Golden Sky or Dark Forest for help?! Why do you think I’m all the way here in Gorgon?”

A tear slid down Yong’s cheek. Kanghwang and Cayman were shocked. A 207-year-old man was crying. Kanghwang asked in a shaky voice, “Wait… Sky Dragon and Dark Forest were wiped out?”

That was impossible. He thought it was a lie. Three of the Ten-Clan were wiped out in a matter of days?

“…It’s not only them.”

Yong continued, “Golden Sky now has full control of Manticore Fortress.”

Within Manticore Fortress, on the throne of the Master, was a boy with a Golden Drape. At his feet was the head of the former Master of Manticore.

“…I couldn’t get the Guardian Horn, but oh well.”

The endurance of the former Master was stronger than expected. Even when his Spirit Power was sucked dry, he did not give up his control over the Guardian Horn. The boy then stepped and crushed the head in annoyance. The blood became white and it all vanished into white powder.

The men kneeling in front of the boy shook in fear.

Jinong, the leader of the Golden Sky Clan.

The boy who appeared in <Chaos> 30 years ago and quickly rose to power. There was a rumor that he was of the legendary generation who cleared the [Master]’s tower, but no one knew for sure.

“Can I report now, sir?”

“Go on.”

“I will start with the Sky Dragon and the Dark Forest…”


Jinong opened up a hologram panel to show an image within the fortress. The live video of a fight was shown, monsters with tentacles and giant mouths were massacring the warriors of the Ten-Clan.



“Oh, I’m sorry, sir!”

The sound was so loud that the man quickly lowered the volume. At the corner of the panel, was a chart that showed the losses of each group. Jinong glanced at the chart and nodded satisfyingly.

“It will be done by today.”

“Yes, sir.”

“How are the Leaders?”

“We have cut off the arms and legs of the Sky Dragon Leader and placed him in a cell. The Dark Forest Clan Leader is still putting up a fight with his crew but…”

“Who’s on them?”

“The Elders.”

“Then, they will be done soon.”

“Right, sir.”

The men bowed their head, even when Jinong did not do anything.

“Oh, and did you capture the Thunder King Leader?”

“That… I’m sorry, sir.”

“I see.”

Jinong frowned. That was the only failure.

‘I never thought those Leaders would work together so quickly.’

As Golden Sky infiltrated and invaded the Manticore Fortress, the Leaders of the clans quickly fought back. The power of the Dark Forest Clan Leader was especially great.

-You who dares to use the power of forbidden magic! <Chaos> will not leave your atrocity unchecked!

The Dark Forest Clan Leader managed to allow Yong, the quickest of the leaders, to escape the fortress. That was a week ago.

“I’m so sorry! P-please!”

“It’s alright. Do you know where he ran off to?”

“I… I heard it’s Gorgon, sir.”


That complicated things. Jinong knew the recent stories of Gorgon.

‘He’s forming a [Depth Expedition Team]?’

That was nonsense. He didn’t think that a man who thought of such things would still exist in <Chaos>.

‘What should I say to the Lord of Darkness?’

It was a plan that got help from the Lord of Darkness himself.

Uniting <Chaos>.

If his plan was successful, Gorgon should have been under his control by now. The force he sent to take control of Gorgon was 20% of all the Golden Sky Clan. It was nothing compared to the 50% of forces that were put into Manticore, but the amount of work previously done was much more.

‘I didn’t think the Prime Elder would lose.’

Maihan the Prime Elder was in charge of the Gorgon issue. Maihan put in some hardwork and effort, but he eventually failed because of one man.

‘…His name is Jaehwan?’

He knew the story. A man who appeared out of nowhere and killed a thousand elite warriors from Golden Sky. It seemed he was either powerful as Chunghuh or stronger. There were reports that he had used only stabs to kill everyone, which was obviously a lie, but it still meant that the man was very powerful. Jinong watched the video sent by his men. It showed Jaehwan using stab to kill Janya who had become a Dead Man.

‘I think he’s familiar…’

That’s when the Elder in charge of the inner keep came running in.

“L-Lord of Darkness sends a message, sir!”

“The Lord of Darkness? What is it?”

The Lord of Darkness, Jerome, was the best sponsor of the Golden Sky Clan. The Elder tried to open up the message window but Jinong waved his hand.

“Just summarize it.”

“The content is the same, sir.”

“Oh, you mean to look for the [Product]?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ugh, why do they want us to find the runaway [Product] that they lost? Tell them we’ll try.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Elder bowed and left. Jinong dived into his thoughts. After some time, he spoke out.

“Don’t you guys think it’s absurd?”

“Yes, sir?”

“A [Product] killed a [Cultivator] in the tutorial game and destroyed the tower and came out into <Chaos>. Do you think it makes sense?”

“N-no, sir. H-ha. Haha.”

“Right, they’re out of their minds.”

The men meekly answered. It was a Lord of the <Great Lands> that they were talking down upon. Even if their leader was powerful, the Lords were different beings.

“Anyway, where were we?”

“The leader of the Thunder King Clan has escaped to Gorgon Fortress.”

“Oh, right. Let him be then.”


“Aren’t all the Leaders gathering there too? It’s fine.”

Jinong remembered the last report that Maihan left. If by any chance that their plan failed, Maihan would activate his plan.

-I will eradicate Gorgon itself.

He did not hear from Maihan after that. But Jinong knew what he did. The terrible energy of a Dead Man radiating from Gorgon. Even in Manticore Fortress, a long distance away from Gorgon, Jinong clearly felt the power. It was a power that made Jinong shake in fear, even when he was ready to become a 9th stage Adapter.

Sole King Catastrophe.

The energy of the King disappeared quickly, however, Jinong knew it wasn’t the Catastrophe itself that was terrifying.

Jinong smiled ominously.

“They will see why the Sole King is named ‘Catastrophe’ soon enough.”