The World after the Fall - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Last Hope (5)

They had snuck into a fortress for an assassination with a small number of people.

This wasn’t a normal thing to do for Yong. Even if the Master was a Non-Adapter, Chunghuh was around. Yong could go up against him, but there was a reason for taking such desperate measures.

“…So, your clan is gone?”



“Like I said, it’s been a week.”

Chunghuh thought for a second and continued, “Let me summarize.”


“Your clan is gone and Gorgon Fortress announced a new Master. So, you jumped in no matter the outcome.”

“…Something like that.”

“And you couldn’t even put up a fight.”


“Your clan is gone, and you are not a Master. You have nowhere to go, so you want Jaehwan to take you in?”



It was a plausible reason. If Yong was kicked out of the previous fortress because his clan was destroyed, it was safer to move to another fortress. But something about that story was fishy. Chunghuh quickly pointed it out with ease.

“Why are you making up such lies?”


“You said the Thunder King Clan was wiped out last week?”


“Yet there are no rumors about it?”

It was one of the Ten-Clan. <Chaos> had unstable spirit movements that interfered with message skills, but a week of no rumors about it was weird.

“One week is too long considering the distance between Manticore and Gorgon,” Cayman added. Yong did not raise his head and continued, “You might not believe it, but it’s true. The reason why the news didn’t reach here is because…”

Yong could barely continue.

“The information is being blocked.”

“Nonsense!” Chunghuh answered. It wasn’t simple to block out information in <Chaos>. If the Thunder King Clan really was destroyed, thousands of messages would have been sent out. How could all those messages be blocked?

“It’s impossible to block such information unless the fortress itself tries to do it. Unless they interfere with the skill system itself…”

However, Yong’s expression was grim. He was angry and yet sad. Then, he looked up at Chunghuh.

“Doctor, scan my body.”

“Huh? What? Why?”

“You’ll know once you do it.”

Chunghuh reluctantly began scanning Yong’s body. It was a scan that was permitted by the target, so he was able to read Yong’s Spirit Corruption level, Spirit Power, and all the details of his skills.

“Wow, kid, you have some good skills… wait, what is this?”

Chunghuh had a confused expression.

“…All long-distance message skills are blocked.”

Yong could not use any long distance message skills as they were blocked. He was a member of Manticore Fortress. The only one who would have such power to block the usage of skills would be the Master of Manticore Fortress.

“Is everyone in Manticore like this?”


“Why? Did you do something wrong to the Master of Manticore?”

One of the Ten-Clan was in danger but the fortress blocked the message skill. The reason was simple. It was to isolate the clan from getting help. It was to wipe out the Thunder King Clan from Manticore completely. It seemed that Yong was lucky to have even escaped from Manticore in one piece. Chunghuh asked, “Manticore… Sky Dragon and Dark Forest. Which one is it?”

The only ones powerful enough to wipe out a group from the Ten-Clan was another group within Ten-Clan. Cayman added, “But that’s weird. I thought the Thunder King Clan had a good relationship with the Sky Dragon Clan and Dark Forest Clans.”

“No, they are not involved.”

Cayman then asked again, “Is it another clan?”

However, that had a even lower probability. No such clan could could crush the 9th ranked Thunder King Clan while forcing the 1st and 3rd ranked clans to stay put while even getting help from the Master of Manticore. The only clan who might even have a slight chance of such an act would be the Arms Extreme Clan, but they were from Gorgon Fortress. If they moved, Gorgon would have known.

Kanghwang lost his patience and shouted, “Talk! For Fire King’s sake!”


“Who destroyed your clan? You should tell us so we can see if we should help! Didn’t you come for revenge?”

“…You have no intention of helping.”


Yong shook his head and said, “Besides, the Fire King Clan alone is not enough.”

The Fire King Clan was not enough? Cayman then tested Yong, “What if the Southern Sea Clan helps?”

“That’s still not enough.”

That was still not enough help, even with the 5th and 8th ranked clans. Who exactly was the enemy?

“That is the reason why I want to work under the Master of Gorgon. The enemy I’m facing can’t be handled with the power of the Ten-Clan alone.”

Chunghuh then asked, “Is that why you tried to become a Master? Gain the power of a Master and get revenge?”

“…I’m sorry.”

Yong apologized from the bottom of his heart and Chunghuh nodded in acceptance. It was then that Jaehwan spoke out for the first time.

“Is it enough if Gorgon lends you a hand?”

“…I’m not sure, to be honest.”

“Who are they?”

“Would you believe me if I told you?”

“It’s not the time to ask if I believe it or not!” Kanghwang shouted, interrupting him. Yong hesitated for a second and spoke, “…It’s the Golden Sky Clan.”

“Are you joking with me?!”

Kanghwang shouted in fury, “You should be accountable for what you say!”

The Golden Sky Clan, the 10th ranked clan of the Ten-Clan was the root of the disaster? No one could agree.

“I heard their power is growing, but I can’t agree that their power is greater than my clan and the Fire King Clan combined,” Cayman stated in a cold voice.

Yong then corrected himself, “The Southern Sea and Fire King Clan… I have been mistaken. Let me rephrase it.”

“Are you trying to change what you said?!”

Kanghwang was already drawing his sword. He thought that he was being insulted. Yong spoke again,

“Even if the Sky Dragon and Dark Forest Clan join, they can’t defeat the Golden Sky Clan.”