The World after the Fall - Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Last Hope (4)

He had only lived for 207 years, but he knew about Chunghuh well. A member of the legendary [Depth Expedition Team]. The one who traveled to get the [Fruit] to bring salvation to <Chaos>. The one who faced despair and lost everything.

There was no one who knew despair better than Chunghuh.

However, what was with that expression? Chunghuh’s expression as he watched Jaehwan practicing with his stab was far from despair. Chunghuh suddenly spoke.

“Kid, you are lucky. You met him before facing real despair.”

Yong wanted to ask, what was it about that man that changed Chunghuh? That’s when someone burst into the training ground.

“I’m here for a duel, Master of Gorgon!”

It was Kanghwang, the leader of the 8th ranked Fire King Clan, and Cayman, leader of the 5th ranked Southern Sea Clan.

“I was wondering when he would show up.”

Chunghuh mumbled as he watched Kanghwang.

“I have a lot of healing to do today.”

The fight only took ten minutes to end. Kanghwang filled the area with powerful flames and charged in, but fell after a few stabs. It was Cayman that had withstood the attacks for a long time. He had exchanged over 100 blows with Jaehwan.

“I give up. I yield.”

Jaehwan did not use his new skill as it was not yet controllable. All Jaehwan used were slight stabs and a normal stab.

“It was a good fight.”

Jaehwan was astonished at Cayman’s power. Unlike the other two leaders who were at the 6th stage, Cayman was well into his 7th stage. He was not too far behind Chunghuh.

“You have not used your full power.”

“That goes for you too, Master.”

Cayman laughed.

“But I can see it without fighting to the end.”

Cayman bowed and moved to the other leaders. Kanghwang was letting off breaths of fire as he was being treated by Chunghuh.

“You still have the temper, Kanghwang.”

“…Thank you, doctor.”

Kanghwang ranted.

“Damn Yong. Jaehwan ‘barely’ won?”

“Don’t blame him. It’s you who lost.”


Yong had been deep in thought for a while. When the treatment was finished, the three leaders grouped together to talk, away from Jaehwan and Chunghuh. It was Yong who spoke out first.

“Do you know who else is coming?”

“The Disciples and the Divine Lady.”

It was Cayman who answered.

“The 6th ranked Disciples and the 7th ranked…”

The 5th ranked Cayman had already lost. There was no way that those two would have a chance to win.

“What about the Sky Dragon or 3rd ranked Dark Forest?”

“You know them better than me.”

Cayman asked weirdly. The Sky Dragon Clan and the Dark Forest Clan had their headquarters in Manticore Fortress, same as the Thunder King Clan. But Yong looked upset at those words.

“What is it?”

“…It’s nothing. Anyway, what are you two going to do now?”

They lost the fight so they had to join the expedition team, but who would want to do that? That was when an unexpected answer shocked them.

“I was going to join the team from the beginning.”

It was Cayman.

“Cayman, are you for real?”

Kanghwan asked suspiciously.

“Of course.”


Kanghwan then realized what kind of man Cayman was. A friend of the former master Aimel, and the one who wasn’t powerful enough to join the expedition team a long time ago. Cayman was the one who saw the end of what happened to the Expedition Team.

“I was planning to go there anyway.”

Cayman had lived 954 years. It was his biggest regret that he could not join the expedition team. Kanghwang was astonished.

‘I guess some things don’t change even after 900 years.’

“What about you, Kanghwang.”

“Well, I lost. What choice do I have?”

Kanghwan shrugged and Cayman turned to Yong.

“What about you?”

“I’ve made up my mind.”

“Made up your mind? What are you…”

Yong quickly bowed to the other two leaders and approached Jaehwan. Kanghwang became shocked.

‘Wait, is he trying to fight him again?’

Even Cayman could not defeat the Master. Then, Yong did something unexpected.

“I, Yong of the Thunder King Clan, pledge allegiance to the master of Gorgon, Jaehwan, from this day forward.”

Kanghwang’s eyes opened wide in shock.


Jaehwan answered.

“No, I don’t need your allegiance.”

“No, I will!”

He was now kneeling on his knees. Chunghuh frowned.

“What are you up to, kid?”

There was no way that a leader of the Ten-Clans would do such a thing.

“Nothing, doctor. I am just astonished by the power of the Master-”

“Cut the crap.”

Yong looked hurt as if he would cry. But Chunghuh was stern.


Yong realized his acting didn’t work. Jaehwan then spoke again.

“I just need teammates. I don’t need servants or anything like that.”

“It sounds like the same thing to me.”

“How is that same?”

Chunghuh interrupted. Yong looked at Chunghuh and asked.

“…Doctor, have you not heard anything yet?”

Chunghuh became confused and shook his head. Yong sighed and turned to Jaehwan again.

“Anyway, Master. Please take me in as your member.”

“Member? What do you mean?”

“I won’t steal anything. Oh, and if you can, please take my boys too…”

Chunghuh then shouted.

“Aren’t you the leader of Thunder King?! What about your clan?!”

“…Huh? Clan? Thunder King Clan?”

Yong seemed infuriated, but also empty at the answer. He then spoke.

“The Thunder King Clan no longer exists in <Chaos>.”

“…What do you mean? Who are they, then?”

Chunghuh pointed at the members of the Thunder King Clan that came together with Yong. Yong sighed and answered,

“The Thunder King Clan was wiped out a week ago. The only ones who survived are me and those seven men.”