The World after the Fall - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Last Hope (3)

The Ten-Clan of <Chaos>

The Ten-Clan of <Chaos> consisted of the clans that controlled the vast land of <Chaos>. But they were not all of equal power or presence. There were ranks within the clans. This rank was decided by the fights between the Leaders or the war between each clan.

Thunder King Clan was the 9th ranked among them. But even if it was only the 9th rank where change often occurred, the Thunder King Clan quickly rose to power, even being introduced multiple times in [Chaos of this Month] magazine.

‘100 years! It took us 100 years to get here!’

Yong was the youngest of the Clan Leaders of the Ten-Clan. He was 207 years old, a former member of Five Renowned families of the <Great Lands>. He was more of a slave than an actual member, but he was lucky. Most of his friends who cleared the tower had been taken into the battlefield to serve as meatshields, while he was taken in as a slave of a Renowned family when he was a Non-Adapter. He lived for 100 years as a slave.

However, when he finally earned the trust of the Youwun family after 100 years of work, he stole a skill from them. It was only a middle-grade skill in the family, but it was one of the highest grade skills in the entire <Great Lands>.

Thunder God’s Energy.

The skill allowed the user to wield Thunder energy, making all cells younger, and when the proficiency exceeded the 8th level, it allowed the user to wield the power of the Thunder God freely.

He had to flee from the Youwun family Adapters for the next 20 years for stealing and was eventually killed, but the skill allowed him to become the leader of the Ten-Clan. It was a record that had not been achieved by any throughout the history of <Chaos>.

However, here he was, a man who had only lived half of 100 years. And he was the ‘Master of Gorgon Fortress’.

How was this possible? Yong could not believe it.

“Tsk, tsk. How did you end up becoming first?”


“I knew you would get yourself into such trouble one day.”

“…Why are you here, Doctor?”

“To heal the ones like you!”

It was thanks to Chunghuh that Yong was able to get up so quickly.

“Who is that man?” Yong asked Chunghuh as he watched Jaehwan stabbing in the middle of the training ground that had a hole in the ceiling.

“Master of Gorgon.”

“A man with no name suddenly became the Master? It doesn’t make sense.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Chunghuh answered. “Everything about him doesn’t make any sense.”

Yong was surprised. The doctor never held anyone with such high regard until now. Yong felt his pride being hurt.

“I can beat him if I fight him again.”

He didn’t seem to accept it. “I’m the leader of Thunder King Clan. I let my guard down but…”

“You don’t even stand a chance,” Chunghuh scoffed.

Yong sat down and shouted.

“NO! I was ambushed! It’s not fair!”

“Wasn’t it you who tried to assassinate him?”

Chunghuh spoke but Yong furiously denied it.

“Assassinate?! No way!”

That’s when Jaehwan spoke.


Yong brightened up instantly.

“You mean…?”

“I will fight you again.”

Jaehwan pulled out his sword and Yong smiled.

‘That attack was definitely from the Doctor.’

He had seen the doctor’s slash once. A slash that was on par with the highest grade skills of the Clan Leaders. The storm that hit him was very similar. If he was able to bring out his true power and fight, he might have a chance.


Chunghuh saw Yong flying in towards Jaehwan and shook his head.

‘Foolish clan leaders.’

Next day, the rumor that the Leader of the Thunder King Clan lost, and that the Master of Gorgon ‘barely’ won spread through Gorgon.

“…I spread the rumor as you ordered.”

Yong reported while nursing his bruised eyes. Chunghuh cackled.


Luckily, Jaehwan’s first opponent was the 9th ranked Clan Leader. The Leader of the 9th ranked clan was considered the least powerful of the group. It would have been bad if he fought the higher ranked leaders, as the other lower ranked ones would cower away after hearing that Jaehwan had defeated them. Chunghuh asked, “Did you make sure that the Master ‘barely’ won?”

“Of course.”

The leader of the Thunder King Clan was a 6th stage Adapter. If that man was barely defeated, it would mean that the Master only had power equal to that of a 6th stage Adapter.

A 6th stage Adapter was powerful, but it wasn’t enough to fight against the Leaders of the Ten-Clan.

The 7th ranked Divine Lady Clan Leader was a 7th stage Adapter, and the other leaders were 8th stage Adapters. Yong sighed.

‘I will be taken to the <Depth> then.’

Yong didn’t feel good about it. The rumor itself didn’t mean much if other the Leaders defeated Jaehwan, as he would not have to join the [Depth Expedition Team], but the problem was that no one came to his mind.

‘Maybe the Leader of the Sky Dragon Clan or the Arms Extreme Clan?’

The Sky Dragon Clan ranked first and the Arms Extreme Clan was the 2nd. Their leaders were at least two times ahead of Yong. But were they enough to defeat Jaehwan? He wasn’t sure.

‘No, that is not possible. The other Leaders will defeat him for sure.’

Yong knew some of the Leaders had already entered Gorgon Fortress. They were probably on their way by the time they heard the rumors.

‘Doctor, even if he is that strong, he will not be able to fight against all of Ten-Clan.’

Yong glanced at Chunghuh and was shocked.