The World after the Fall - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Master of Gorgon (9)

Irhan knew what everyone became after being entrapped in Eight Gates of Hell. The entrapped would beg to be taken out of the hallucination and end up getting their minds destroyed. The best part about this skill was the secrecy. No one other than the user and the target would know that the skill had been used.

Yet, many people in <Chaos> had gathered here. There were some who knew the skill and were suspicious about Irhan using it.

[Is he using the Eight Gates of Hell?]

[That’s too much for a 50-year-old kid!]

Some even sent direct whispers to Irhan.

[Irhan, stop! He is the Master of a Fortress!]

Irhan frowned. ‘Old fools are irritating.’

Irhan had no intentions of stopping. If he was successful, the permission to build the office would be easy to get. There was no need to back off now. Irhan ignored the whispers and concentrated on Jaehwan’s hand.

‘It’s about time for a reaction.’

Something was wrong. It was the [Eight Gates of Hell] from a 6th stage Adapter. Even the powerful warriors of the Ten-Clan would have reacted by now. But this Jaehwan did not show any change.

‘Is he hiding something? So the 3rd gate is okay? How about this?!’

Irhan instantly opened up the 6th gate. That was the farthest he could open up the gates before reaching Frost Dragon Velkisus.

‘This will be…!’

But Jaehwan suddenly spoke out loudly.

“What are you doing? Can you let go if you’re done introducing yourself?”

“Huh? Uh, y-yes. I’m sorry.”

Irhan became confused. Was the skill not activated? Was he okay even after facing the Frost Dragon? That was impossible.

‘Did he withstand the skill?’

That was the only possible explanation. There was no way to get out of the hallucination created by the skill other than facing the fear itself.

‘That’s impossible.’

As Irhan let go of the hand, he felt dizzy. He saw his field of vision changing in front of him.


Irhan clearly saw the world changing in front of him for a slight second. What was it just now? Even when he faced the Leader’s [Eight Gates of Hell], it wasn’t like this. Where did such a place exist?

It was a place that only could be described as hell itself. When Irhan came back to his senses, he was slumped down on the ground, shaking.

[What had happened?]

[Did the skill get deactivated?]

Jaehwan warned him. “You insulted the Master so you deserve a lashing, but I will let you go for now. There won’t be a next time.”


Chunghuh became frustrated.

‘What? Is that it? That’s boring!’

Chunghuh was looking forward to something exciting as he thought Jaehwan will stab away at the man for such a transgression. But nothing serious happened. It seemed he just showed his own world and called it a day. It didn’t seem to make sense for Jaehwan to stop at such a small repercussion. Chunghuh knew Jaehwan better than anyone else here. He wasn’t the type to show courtesy or kindness. But he was holding back.

‘…What is he up to?’

Chunghuh became concerned. That was when Euren spoke.

“Next will be the new Master’s speech.”

Speech? Chunghuh became amused. The ceremony did have the purpose to welcome the new Master, but even then…

‘He’s doing a speech? That’s interesting.’

Chunghuh could not imagine Jaehwan speaking in front of people. But part of him was worried about what Jaehwan would say.


Everyone turned to the newly appointed Master.

“I’m Jaehwan. I’m the new Master now.”

Some scoffed while some became frustrated. There was no one who would start a speech like that. But some of the men from a few clans looked especially interested. One of them was the 2nd rank of the Divine Lady Clan.

‘He’s very interesting. Is he trying to act strong?’

Even if he was a Master, the ceremony was filled with a lot of powerful warriors from <Chaos>. It was weird for a Master to start a speech with such arrogance.

“I don’t know who Aimel Grosheck is. I don’t know what kind of man he was, and I don’t care.”

It was a shocking speech. Even Euren who was standing next to him became pale.

“I know you don’t like me here. You do not like the fact that someone as young as me is becoming a Master. You all probably think of me like this.

‘How did that young fool with such Spirit Power become a Master?’

‘He must have nothing but luck that got him there!’

“…And yes, I understand. You are right. I did not want to, but became a master due to luck.”

Some became angered while some scoffed. Some cackled. The one who cackled was the lady from the Divine Lady Clan. She asked Chunghuh, “Doc, what is he anyway?”

Chunghuh did not answer so the lady turned to him. Chunghuh was just awestruck.

Jaehwan continued, “So, you don’t want me as a Master, and I don’t want to be a Master. So I thought, we should combine all those complaints together and create something new. So after about 10 minutes of thinking, I found the answer to that.”

The people became uneasy. Jaehwan waited until the murmuring died out. “I am quitting as the Master today. Gorgon Fortress will appoint a new Master.”

Some gasped while some slammed their tables and rose. But they all were thinking of the same thing.

‘What is he talking about?’

‘Did I hear him correctly?’

Chunghuh thought to himself.

‘Dammit. It was a retirement speech!’

Then people began asking questions.

“Calm down. I’ll listen to one at a time. You, with the lightning-like hair.”

The Elder from the Thunder King Clan rose at those words with an angry face.

“Look, Master.”


“Are you out of your mind?”


“Do you know what you are talking about?”

“I know.”

“You mean you will ‘die’ to give away the Master’s rights?”

The Master of a Fortress could only be changed when the former Master died. Jaehwan nodded.

“You can say that.”


Chunghuh thought, ‘So, he really does not want to become the Master.’

Others were curious and asked more questions. Jaehwan decided to answer the vital questions first.

“Let’s say you will appoint the new Master. How are you going to choose them?”

“Only one who can beat me in a one-on-one duel will be given the chance to become a Master. Anyone who defeats me first will become the Master.”

A one-on-one fight! People were shocked by the details. Jaehwan was serious about his offer. Then, someone laughed.

“HAHAHA! What a man he is! Aimel appointed a great man!”

Everyone seemed to cower at the huge Spirit Power radiating from the man. It was Cayman, the Leader of the Southern Sea Clan.

“Cayman was here too.”

“Yeah, he was friends with the former Master.”

Jaehwan spoke again.

“I will give you all one month. Anyone. If anyone can beat me in a one-on-one fight, I will have to make him the new Master of Gorgon.”

“Is that it? Any other conditions?” Cayman asked in place of everyone else.

“Of course there is. I don’t gain anything with this deal. I will add one condition.”

“What is that?”

“All who challenge me and lose will have to follow my orders.”

People became outraged at the words. These people were from the Ten-Clan, the most powerful group in <Chaos>. Even if it was the Master of the fortress, it was impossible to order the Ten-Clan. But what order was he trying to make? Cayman asked again.

“What will be the order?”

Jaehwan answered, “If I win, all the challengers will have to join my [Depth Expedition Team] that is set to depart within the next two months.”