The World after the Fall - Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Master of Gorgon (6)

[I see. This is your world! Interesting!]

The King’s voice became even more excited. Their swords clashed. Jaehwan felt strange as he moved his sword. He had never felt this way. As their swords clashed, thousands of words were exchanged.

[You do not give up on your hatred even after you realize the truth and emptiness of life!]

The King was astonished.

[I have seen beings that destroyed worlds for over millions of years. All of them climbed this tree with their questions.]

King Catastrophe spoke while deflecting stabs.

[What question do you seek to be answered with such a world on your back?]

Jaehwan did not answer. But the King seemed to understand.

[I see. The world itself is your question.]

Their swords clashed again.

[A world that has fallen!]

The stab had reached its maximum power.

[Arrogant world! A mere human questioning the worth of the <Great Lands>? You ask through your words that if the <Great Lands> is worthy enough to exist?]

Jaehwan swallowed his breath and spoke.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”


Jaehwan did not answer. Instead, he thrust his sword.

The world screamed. His [Strong Stab] was unleashed.

The light that penetrated the world stormed the area. The place that stormed left the Master’s body. Only the flesh remained with the bones while the left arm and right leg were missing.

[I see… so it wasn’t a question. You are not climbing the Tree to question.]

The King was enraged.

[You are an insolent fool!]

Powerful Dead Man energy quickly regenerated the Master’s body. The arm and leg regenerated and all the wounds on the body had healed. Yet the King was shocked. Jaehwan had disappeared from his sight. The King then felt the pain of something being cut from the back.


[Strong Stab] was made to fight against an army. It wasn’t a good skill to use to attack an individual. Jaehwan had not intended to kill him with [Strong Stab]. It was just a decoy to buy time.

‘This being cannot be killed. Even when I’m using a stronger skill than [Strong Stab].’

The only thing that would be destroyed would be the Master’s spirit. The King was using his spirit as a conduit to appear in this world. Its material body was not here, so it was impossible to kill. The only way to fight it was to cut the link between the King and the Master.

Jaehwan had done it on Beastlain back in the tower. He was sure that he could do it again. As the King focused on defending against the Strong Stab, Jaehwan concentrated his entire focus on [Suspicion]. He was then able to see a faint line coming out from the body.

[How did you use this skill…!]

For the first time, the King was shocked.

[…Interesting. Skill of [Rupture]!]

The power of the King was being lifted and the Master’s damaged spirit was coming back. The King glared at Jaehwan and spoke.

[You who live the fall. I will wait for you at the entrance of the <Depth>. Please, do not disappoint me then.]

And he was gone. Master fell down on the ground like a rag doll and Jaehwan sighed.

‘It’s finished.’

He wasn’t sure if he could succeed. The King was a powerful enemy. He might have lost if he tried to fight it outright.

‘I should get stronger.’

His stab wasn’t enough anymore. He needed new skills to climb up to the <Depth>. Jaehwan then turned to Chunghuh.

“Old man.”

Chunghuh had fainted. Euren and all the others also had fallen unconscious. It was then that he heard a whisper.

[You… come over here.]

Jaehwan gripped his sword tightly again.

“Still here?’

[I’m not the King.]

It was coming from the Master. There was a faint spirit power within that was holding on. Jaehwan realized who it was immediately.


[I was in the state of Dead Man, but I was watching you. Having the courage to fight the King… I thank you.]

The whisper barely continued.

[I do not have much time. Let me ask you a favor. If Chunghuh or Euren, any of them are near…]

“Both are here.”

[Bring them over…]

“They both are knocked out.”

Master moaned.

[…Please come closer.]

Jaehwan walked up to him and the Master used his remaining strength to grab Jaehwan’s wrist. Jaehwan frowned.

“What is this?”

[…Maybe Gorgon needs to change… please take it.]

Jaehwan felt powerful energy flowing into him. It was the Master’s spirit. But it wasn’t just a normal spirit. As the power was absorbed, a drawing of a black serpent appeared on Jaehwan’s left arm.

[You have a familiar energy… that brings back old memories…]

Master seemed to have felt something from Jaehwan and smiled with satisfaction.

[Please, do not lose your humanity.]

And then he was gone. The drawing squirmed as if it were alive. That was when he heard Chunghuh from the back.

“…What on earth.”

He was looking at Jaehwan’s arm with a dumbfounded look. Euren, the commander, and all the others were waking up. The Black Serpent let out a faint silvery glow.

“Is that…?”

Jaehwan could not understand what was going on. Euren and other officers approached Jaehwan and began to kneel. One, two, three people increased into tens and thirty… even the other officers who arrived at the scene late, saw the drawing on Jaehwan’s arm and quickly kneeled.

All of Gorgon was now kneeling in front of Jaehwan.

Then the man at the front, Euren spoke.

“Euren Chiver, at the Gorgon’s new Master’s service.”