The World after the Fall - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Master of Gorgon (4)

Maihan shouted and seven officers pulled out their swords. The traitors had revealed themselves willingly. At that moment, ca ountless number of Golden Sky warriors appeared. The commander and Euren’s face paled. It was impossible to defeat an army like that even with the doctor or Leader of the Ten-Clan. It was the unified attack of one 6th stage Adapter and seven 5th stage Adapters, including hundreds of 3rd stages. But why?

“It’s really great-”

Jaehwan looked excited.

“The likes of you-”

His sword roared like a lion.

“Make me feel at ease to put an end to this world.”

Maihan then felt something was wrong. He also knew it was too late to turn back. Something great was coming. But before he could think, he was swept away by something.

An enormous beam of light destroyed the inner fortress’ ceiling and the tower. It soared through the sky and created a giant crack across the night sky. The light shined upon the dark night instantly. People of Gorgon ran out of their houses at the tremor.

Stars were falling down from the sky.

Star particles bombarded the Inner Keep. Armies approaching the inner fortress died from the falling particles and the area was filled with white powder that was blown by the winds.

The extreme of all stabs.

It was Jaehwan’s first time using a ‘Strong Stab.’

When the dust died down, Maihan was revealed again. Golden Sky and all the officers around him were gone. Maihan realized that he could not survive. He had lost his both arms and legs in the attack. His body was torn and he could not even speak properly because of his ripped throat.

“Ugh… he… but… it’s too late! The Master… Gorgon will be…”

And before he could finish, Jaehwan thrust his sword at his face and finished him. Jaehwan then pulled out his sword from the powder and kicked Chunghuh.

“Old man, wake up. You’re late.”

“Nngh… what’s going on? …You’ve done a great mess here, kid.”

At that moment, the alarm went off within the cell.







A siren blared from the outside. It was sound of the ‘Gorgon One’ evacuation order and a voice which told the civilians to run. Chunghuh said, “You, help me out.”


“Your [Stab] is too sharp to save someone right now.”

Chunghuh then picked up his sword. The sword began to move like a brush on a paper.

The world turned white. It was the start of the ‘Dead Man Slash’.

The Master’s spirit burning in black flame was in the center. Chunghuh’s sword moved quickly. Forgotten memories of the Master were being retraced and his darkness moved. Chunghuh’s forehead was drenched in sweat. After some time, the Master opened his eyes. He had opaque, deep dark eyes. Chunghuh quickly took some steps back.

“What is it?”

A spirit opening its eyes meant his conscious was back. But Chunghuh did not seem glad.

“Something’s wrong. Something else has been awakened…”

Jaehwan felt the being in front of them had too great of a power to be considered a human. The eyes began to glow as he stood up and looked down at his skinny body.

‘No, that’s not the Master.’

It was a much more powerful being that had borrowed Master’s body to appear.

[I’m surprised. I didn’t think I would return through this body. …So he has fallen also.]

Jaehwan saw the Master’s body quickly regenerating. Enormous energy filled the body as the flesh gained life. Jaehwan had never seen such power.

‘Dead Man?’

He used [Suspicion], but all he could see was deep darkness. The being in front wasn’t human, and it wasn’t a Dead Man. It wasn’t alive or dead but it didn’t look like an object either. Jaehwan could not figure out what to say about the being.

[It brings back old memories…]

The being was like a ‘world’ of its own.

[I see a familiar face.]

Chunghuh was shaking, terrified. He knew that being.

[Imperfect Awakener… Why are you still in <Chaos>?]

“K-King of Chaos…”

Jaehwan looked at Chunghuh. As far as he knew, the most powerful in <Chaos> were the Masters of the Fortresses and the Leaders of the Ten-Clan. But no one had the title of ‘King’. Jaehwan now knew why.

‘The title was for that thing.’

The only one who had the title of ‘King’ in this <Chaos>. Chunghuh mumbled, “Sole-King Catastrophe…”

Chunghuh knew this being. He had faced it 900 years ago.

Sole-King Catastrophe. The King of all Dead Men and the Master of [Dead Man Palace] located at the center of <Chaos>. The only being who could open the door to the <Depth>.

[Why? Why are you still here? Is it to protect this worthless world?]

The voice shook through the spirit. It was as if the voice was going to suck the spirit into it. The King reached out with his hand towards the white world that Chunghuh had created. The white turned into darkness at once.

[Did you not find what you wanted within the <Depth>?]

Chunghuh slumped down on the ground. His spirit had reached the limit in handling the situation. That’s when the King turned to Jaehwan.

[Interesting. Fully awakened, but with a human heart.]

Jaehwan then realized he had been gripping his sword tightly. He was tense. Jaehwan asked, “Old man, you failed, right?”

Chunghuh looked at Jaehwan while trembling. How could that man stay calm with that thing in front in front of him? How can he be so calm?

“Then, I can kill it right?”