The World after the Fall - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Master of Gorgon (3)

“How dare you interrupt…!”

Maihan shook with rage as he watched his men who were on the ground from the shock. The [Seal] was about to be complete, yet some man appeared out of nowhere and ruined his plan.

“Who are you?!”

“Minister, enough with your lies.”

It was the commander who came down next to Jaehwan and spoke.

“We know that you are a traitor.”

The officers were surprised and began mumbling themselves, while Maihan answered calmly.

“Under what circumstances are you accusing me of such a thing?”

“Don’t think you will get away with your lies.”

The commander had one man in each of his arms. Maihan knew these men very well.

“These men confessed to everything.”

Maihan narrowed his eyes as the commander threw down the two men in front of him.


They were badly beaten up and out of their minds. They were obviously overpowered by someone much stronger than them.

‘They did this to them?’

These captains were now almost as powerful as the commander himself. In fact, with their entire battalion, it would even allow them to fight the doctor himself.

‘What in the world had happened…!’

He could not know, but his plan was definitely crumbling by the second. Maihan’s eyes grew cold.

“I-I’m sorry…”

One of the captains moaned, and at that time, their body exploded. The commander quickly moved to check on them, but they were dead.

“What are you doing, Minister?!”

“I didn’t do it.” Maihan shrugged.

“Maybe they killed themselves for their traitorous acts.”

“How dare you spit out such lies!” the commander yelled.

“Don’t accuse me of such nonsense. Come on! We will start the [Seal]!”

The mumbling died instantly. What was important was the Master. Some officers spoke to the commander.

“Hey, we don’t know what happened but we should do the [Seal] first and…”

The commander shouted angrily.

“Clear your minds! This is treason! The minister is a traitor! He cannot continue the [Seal]!”

“Get him out.”

The Shadowmoon Guards and the general circled the commander and Jaehwan. Jaehwan quietly looked at them and spoke to Euren who was next to him.

“It’s a mess.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Euren bit his lips. He realized that Jaehwan now knew what had been going on within the keep. Jaehwan said, “You have given me false hope.”


“This kind of group cannot ensure my safety.”

Euren felt his heart fall at his words.

“You mean…”

Their contract was to protect Jaehwan while he saved their Master. But if Gorgon could not fulfill the promise, there was no need for Jaehwan to uphold his end. But what Jaehwan said next was out of the blue.

“We will change the contract.”


“I will save the Master and kill all those traitors.”

Euren became dumbfounded at the unexpected words. Some of the Shadowmoon Guards charged at Jaehwan, but Jaehwan easily deflected their attacks and threw them at the wall like trash.

“You give me that old man in return.”

Jaehwan pointed at Chunghuh whom he had thrown behind him on the floor.


He deflected few more swords and continued, “Help me create an expedition team.”

Expedition Team. Euren felt his heart pounding at that word. He didn’t know why. Maybe it was because the ‘Expedition Team’ had special meaning to it in this fortress.

“I will recreate the [Depth Expedition Team].”

Depth Expedition Team!

Euren thought of his memories. He saw flashes of Master returning from the Expedition, which he barely survived. He had lived hundreds of years in remorse afterwards.

-Euren, these people need hope. They need greater hope to keep them alive!

That was what the Master of Gorgon said to him in the past. Euren thought as he watched Jaehwan’s back. Maybe it was this back that the Master had waited for after all this time. Euren answered with a shaky voice.

“…It shall be done.”

“Good. Keep the promise.”

The contract was made. Jaehwan immediately struck.



One stab killed three guards. The general panicked and ordered to form a new formation.

“Attack together!”

In the next moment, tens of Shadowmoon Guards vanished after Jaehwan’s normal stab. An enormous black beam erupted out from the sword and almost half of the Shadowmoon Guards were gone, dissipating into white powder. The beam destroyed the ground and shot up into the sky.

The Shadowmoon General looked down at his waist, which was gone. He tried to speak, but he could not make a sound. He then disappeared into powder.

It was a terrifying attack that killed an army and a 5th stage Adapter in one move. The people were shocked. Maihan, who managed to barely protect himself from the explosion, panted.

‘It was him!’

He had heard about him. There was a man who killed Janya after he had become a Dead Man. But the man who reported was Huksurlang who was infamous for lying so Maihan thought it was an exaggeration.

‘He spoke the truth!’

Maihan saw how far he had been pushed out. There were traces of it on the ground. He was pushed back at least five steps. The attack killed all of Shadowmoon and had pushed him five steps back.

‘He’s strong as me or stronger.’

He was nearing the Adapter 7th stage, and there was no other match for him other than the Doctor of Despair within this fortress. Maihan changed his attitude immediately.

“Who are you to bother our sacred work-”

“Shut up.”

Jaehwan’s vicious aura made Maihan flinch and step backward.

‘I’m afraid? Me, who is at end of the 6th stage?’

Jaehwan’s voice was cold.

“You will all die.”

“How dare you say such a thing?!”

Jaehwan caught various whispers through his [Suspicion] even now.

[Prime Elder, what should we do?! Can we proceed with our plan?]

[If we cannot proceed, we should choose the latter option…]

[We should let the Black Cloud loose right now!]

[We should rather eradicate all of Gorgon then…]

“Maihan Keldergran.”

Maihan flinched at Jaehwan who spoke his full name.

“Outer Fortress Minister of Gorgon, and the Prime Elder of Golden Sky Clan.”

Maihan’s face turned grim. How did this man know?

“I do not know why and how you corrupt spirits.”

The man approached and Maihan stepped back without realizing.

“But I know one thing. I like the ones like you.”

“Y-you like us? What are you talking about?!”

Maihan shouted as he held up the sword. He instinctively knew that if he did not stop this man here, the clan’s entire plan would be ruined.