The World after the Fall - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Master of Gorgon (2)

The plan that was not possible had become a reality today with Jaehwan’s appearance. He remembered the doctor’s words.

-We can’t do it now. His ‘Dead Man Slash’ right now is just a copy, but it will be complete in a month.

Euren thanked the miracle that had brought Jaehwan to Gorgon.

-I have never tried, but we might be able to do it with two men. Besides, he…

Euren just needed to buy more time. But all the time he had bought was not even a day. He was now being pressured by the other leaders of the Fortress who were glaring at him.

‘Does some of them know about Jaehwan?’

Euren already knew there was a traitor among the fortress leaders. He knew it when Master went out on an inspection on the Outer Fortress half a year ago and returned with spiritual corruption.

“Chancellor, any word?”

Maihan, the Outer Fortress Minister, spoke. He was the second oldest one to have served the Master and the closest one to take up the position next.

“No, nothing.”

Maihan nodded and spoke.

“Everyone, stand ready.”

They were all powerful Adapters, but everyone seemed to be tense. Euren held on Maihan who was trying to walk into the cell.

“It’s dangerous. We’ll move in once the doctor arrives.”

“Gorgon will end if we waste any more time.”

Euren scoffed from within.

‘Since when you care about Gorgon?’

Everyone knew the situation in the Outer fortress had become worse after Master had fallen ill. The North was fine where Karlton was defending, but the other three areas had increasing crime rates.

“We need the doctor to perform the treatment. Are you trying to kill Master or something?”

“Master? You know that we all don’t stand a chance against him.”

“Then why…”

“I have a way.”

A way? Some were confused, but most of them seemed to know what was coming.

“We will proceed with [Dead Man Seal].”

“NO! That’s the last resort!”

“We can’t do it if we wait any longer.”

[Dead Man Seal] was the final resort to seal off the spirit before the powerful spirit turned into a Dead Man. This was a legendary skill only the Greens could perform.

“But we don’t even have the [Stone of Forgotten Spirit]!”

“Chancellor, we know already. Do not lie.”

Maihan spoke sternly. “I know you have the stone.”

Euren’s face became pale.


That was when some figures came from outside of the cell with a black box. Euren knew the box. It was the box with the [Stone of Forgotten Spirit] that he received from Jaehwan. The box was floating with its spiritual energy to avoid contacting the corruption spilling out from the stone. Euren knew who was moving the box right away.


It was the General of Shadowmoon. He never thought that the one who worked directly under him was the traitor. The general did not look at Euren and gave the stone to Maihan.

“Gorgon’s future is in question. Why did you try to hide this?”

Euren wanted to say that it was because he was suspicious of them, but he had nothing to prove. The Master went berserk and the doctor wasn’t coming. The only way left was to do the [Seal].

“If the Master becomes a Dead Man, you know what will happen.”

Giant Dead Man. The monster of disaster. A calamity that would sweep the land with countless Dead Men alongside him.

“W-we have to stop it!”

Some of the other officers shouted, agreeing with Maihan. Euren tried to stay calm and spoke.

“But the [Seal] can only be performed by the Greens. Having the stone doesn’t many anything.”

“Don’t worry.” Maihan calmly spoke. “I have those who can.”

Then, mysterious people came from his behind him with robes which hid their faces and bodies. They even had cloth bandages all over their faces. They were letting out dark energy.

“But they are not the Greens.”

“No, but they can do the [Seal].”

Euren bit his lip.

‘Something’s not right.’

If they start performing the skill, the Master’s spiritual energy would be absorbed into the stone. The problem would occur afterwards.

Who would take the ownership of the stone? <Chaos> did not have succession rules. People who wanted the Master’s stone would appear and the people here would end up fighting against each other. Having the Master’s energy didn’t mean it would grant them the power.

‘Having his power means he will become the Guardian Horned Monster or Gorgon’s master. If it falls into the wrong hands…’

That was when the robed figure picked up the stone. People began mumbling. If one could pick up the Stone when he was not a Green, there was only one answer.

‘Corruption wielder…!’

Euren then remembered Master’s last words.

-There are people who can control corruption…

He was investigating them when he returned in his corrupted state. Euren looked at Maihan.

‘Wait… is it him?’

Euren looked around. Other than the few officers who looked concerned, most of them looked calm. That was when he realized it was too late.


Maihan opened the cell door and walked in with the robed figures. Maihan then used a skill to light the inside up. Bright light from the orb moved up to the ceiling and revealed the cell.

The Master of Fortress was revealed in his bony, near-dead state. His body had turned black and his veins trembled like tentacles. It was the last of the legend of Gorgon. Euren felt like crying at the sight.

‘I’m sorry, Master.’

It was at that moment, that the prison cell’s ceiling exploded. It was so powerful that the robed figures screamed and were thrown backward. Officers and Maihan shouted angrily. Someone came down from a big hole that was made by the explosion. Only the Chancellor knew who it was at once.


It was Jaehwan with Chunghuh on his back.