The World after the Fall - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Master of Gorgon (1)

Episode 7. Master of Gorgon

The commander looked toward the Inner Keep that was filled with ominous energy and turned to Jaehwan.

“You, you can also do the ‘Dead Man Slash’ right?”

Jaehwan shook his head.

“I just copied what he did. I can never do it like this old man unless I learn it from him.”

The commander turned pale at the words.

“At this rate, Master will…”

The only one he could depend on now was the doctor, but he was in deep sleep from being drunk. That was when Jaehwan felt some powers moving toward the keep. The energy was familiar.

‘It’s those Golden Sky people from the earlier.’

Something was going to happen. Jaehwan hauled Chunghuh onto his back and ran toward the keep with the commander. As they drew closer, the powerful energy radiated out from within. It was tens of times stronger than the power he felt from Janya. Maybe it was because it was the Master’s power.

“So, what is the Master like?”

The commander seemed to be surprised to hear such an unexpected question and answered, “…He is a good man.”

Jaehwan had heard that already. That he was last hope of Gorgon, or the Great Master.

“He was a living legend. He is one of the very few who joined the [Depth Expedition Team] along with the doctor.”

“The expedition?”

Before Jaehwan could ask, they were blocked by someone else. The speed and their movement proved that they were not some weak ruffians. One of them stood forward and asked, “Are you the one who does ‘Dead Man Slash’?”

Jaehwan then heard whispers from his [Suspicion].

[Is he the one?]

[Yes. I saw him talking with the Chancellor today.]

[He’s like a Non-Adapter. Are you sure?]

[…I just think it’s a rumor.]

[But we have our orders. We have to kill him.]

The commander then became confused.

“Captain of the 3rd and 5th Battalions…?”

“Long time no see.”

The 3rd and 5th Battalions represented the army stationed outside the fortress. Individual soldiers were weaker than those of the Anti-Evil group, but the group itself still had good fighting prowess. These two men were the leader of such groups.

“Move out of the way. It is an urgent matter. You all know about it.”

“I can’t.”

“…Why is that?”

“It’s an order.”

“An order? Who’s order are you working under!”

The men did not answer and the commander realized what it meant right away.

“You betrayed us…!”

“We serve Golden Sky now.”

The commander shivered in rage as he listened to them.

“The Golden Sky Clan…”

The commander pulled out his sword. The powerful energy of a 5th stage Adapter was unleashed from within. He was the most powerful man throughout the entire military organization within the Gorgon Fortress. The two men combined would not have a chance against him.

“Do you know who you’re trying to fight against?”

“Commander, don’t think that we are the same as before.”

The spiritual energy unleashed they each unleashed made the commander frown. He knew those captains as 4th stage Adapters, but the energy they unleashed was that of the 5th stage.

“How did you…”

Jaehwan narrowed his eyes. The energy coming from them was similar to the energy from Janya. Their power was similar to the Dead Man.

The fight erupted and the commander could not stand a chance against two men who were equal in power. He stepped back quickly before he stood in front of Jaehwan and shouted.

“R-run! I will block this…”

“Hey, hold this.”


Commander then felt something being put on his back. It was the doctor still snoring in his sleep. Jaehwan flexed his wrist and stood forward.

“Like I said, I’m not good at saving people’s lives. That’s his job.”

The two men paused for a second but then charged again, this time at Jaehwan. Jaehwan pulled out his sword.

“But I know a thing or two about killing.”

The prison cell beneath the Inner Keep.

Chancellor Euren looked inside with concerned look.

‘The doctor is late…’

The cell made out of monster horns was being destroyed and the door was letting out ominous energy from within. Euren knew what was behind the door. It was the man who was the closest to having the title of ‘King’ if not including the ‘King of Chaos’ himself. The man who was on the brink of becoming the most terrifying Dead Man in <Chaos>.

That person was inside.

Euren looked around. The people gathered here were the top officers of the Fortress. Euren looked closely at them and thought, ‘Why did the Master go berserk now?’

His spirit had been deeply corrupted that even the doctor’s ‘Dead Man Slash’ did not work. But it had some effect as one ‘Dead Man Slash’ bought a week’s worth of time. It was all thanks to the Master’s great endurance. The corruption was too deep to fully recover from, but the slash allowed him to stop him from becoming a Dead Man. But now it had come to this.

‘Not even a day had passed since the last slash…’

It was in the morning that the doctor had performed treatment. They checked the morphing which had subsided and the power had dissipated. But why? Euren could not understand.

‘If we had a month, we might have had the chance of saving him…’