The World after the Fall - Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Doctor of Despair (4)

“Do you know what people call a man like this?” Euren asked.

The doctor interjected, “A madman.”

The commander also added, “I’m not sure if you are a hero or a villain.”

Euren smiled.

“Yes, some might call you a hero, and some will call you a villain. Some might even call you a madman. Everyone will call you something different.”

Euren’s tapping against the table stopped.

“I call that kind of man a ‘Protagonist’.”

Chunghuh frowned.

“He’s just a madman!”

“It’s just a metaphor. One who’s not bound to any rules and lives how he likes… only a ‘Protagonist’ can do that.”

Euren continued, “There’s one thing that you have that is related to a ‘Protagonist’. Do you know what it is?”

“No,” Jaehwan replied.

“It’s that they’re famous.”

Jaehwan fell silent and asked, “…and after the investigation, you found out that I’m a famous ‘Protagonist’?”

Euren shook his head.

“No, that’s where the problem lies.”


“You are not famous at all.”

Euren continued, “A powerful being considered to be a Protagonist leaks their powers. Their status, birthright, the legendary stories… even if the protagonist himself did not want the stories to be told, others will spread it anyway.”

Jaehwan listened silently.

“But there was nothing about you that was known. Not here, nor in the Great Lands. Even with the Fortress’ command system that can pull up all Adapter information with the search of a name, we found no information about you. Do you know what this means?”

Jaehwan did not answer, but Euren continued speaking.

“Someone is blocking your information.”


“Someone is protecting you so that you will not be known, whatever the motive may be.”

Jaehwan did not speak.

“And I think the one doing that is probably not friendly toward you.”

“Why is that?”

“If a powerful organization who can meddle with the information is there to protect you, you wouldn’t have run into trouble for a simple certification at the gate.”

Jaehwan was impressed by Euren’s logic.

“My conclusion is this. You are a Protagonist who fled to Chaos ‘accidentally’ and are in pursuit of a giant force.”

Satisfied, Euren asked, “What do you think about my story?”

“It’s amazing.”

What Euren said matched exactly with Jaehwan’s thoughts.

‘It’s about time for the Lord of Darkness to move.’

At this time, the Harvester did not realize that something had happened to the Cultivator and the Product. Therefore, they must have started doing something. Erasing any information would be a start. There was a chance that they would follow him into <Chaos> soon.

Jaehwan asked, “So, what do you propose?”

“My proposal is simple. Gorgon Fortress will protect you.”


Euren nodded.

“We will not ask for your status, nor your identity. We will not ask you to pay back the property loss and protect you. All you need to do is one thing for us.”

Jaehwan was able to guess what the request would be. He had heard many whispers along the way and the powerful spiritual energy deep within the deep castle was telling him the nature of the request already.

“Please, save our Master.”

Two hours later, Jaehwan was walking to the guesthouse of the Inner Keep with Chunghuh. They were guided by a Shadowmoon woman.

“You can rest here. You will be escorted by the servants inside.”


“Oh, and we heard a report that the Guard Captain and woman are now recovering. Captain will take about two weeks and the woman will take three months to recover.”

“Thank you.”

“Please call me when you need anything.”

The woman who introduced herself as Hekuwa disappeared into the shadows. Jaehwan turned to Chunghuh and asked, “Why aren’t you going?”

“…I have a question to ask. Follow me.”

Jaehwan followed Chunghuh. They were going to the underground area with the guesthouse. The fire from the candle lit the corridor as they walked down. Jaehwan thought about what his discussion with the Chancellor.

-Is Gorgon Fortress strong enough to fight the 12 Lords of the Great Lands?

-Is it the 12 Lords that are after you?

-It’s a possibility.

Euren thought about it for a while and answered.

-The only one who can stand against a Lord is one of the Lords themselves.

-Does that mean you cannot protect me from them?

-No, it’s much better that way.

-Why is that?

-Lords are not allowed to directly interfere what happens within <Chaos>.

-What do you mean…

Then, he came back to his senses.

“We’re here.”

Chunghuh stopped and Jaehwan frowned.

“What are you thinking?”

There was a large training ground at the underground area of the guesthouse. Weapons hung from one wall and other wall had training dummies. It seemed that the warriors of the fortress used the equipment for training.

“Kid. From what I can see, you’re not from the [Rupture]. Your energy is vicious, but it’s not machinated like theirs.”

Chunghuh continued, “But you don’t look like the subjects of the Lords either. I don’t feel any energy of those 12 regions from you.”

There were some warriors that were training within corners of the training ground. They noticed Chunghuh and bowed.

“You are an Awakener but not from the [Rupture] or the Lords… and one I do not know.”

Chunghuh waved to the warriors.

“Then there’s only one answer.”

Chunghuh looked at Jaehwan closely.

“Kid, are you the one who cleared the [Master]’s tower?”

Chunghuh grinned as he read Jaehwan’s face.

“I see.”

“…What do you know, old man?”

“I know.”

Jaehwan tried to speak but Chunghuh pulled out a sword.

“Show me a move.”


“Your stab and my slash. Let’s see which one’s stronger.”

Jaehwan pulled out his sword too. He was also curious. For the first time, this old man was a worthy opponent. Jaehwan knew that this old man was one of his kind. Just like how he had stabbed for all his life, this old man must have slashed for his life, for an even longer time period.

“Fight me. If you win, I’ll answer all your questions.”

Chunghuh cackled and added, “But it’s probably impossible.”