The World after the Fall - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Doctor of Despair (1)

[That old man… because of him, everyone thought people can do that too. What did he say? Repeating same slash trillion times will make him really powerful… or something?]

-Imai Kazuki, 3rd Captain of the [Rupture]

Episode 6. Doctor of Despair

Four men sat in the inner keep office. The middle-aged man in the higher seat was a famous individual within the fortress.

Chancellor Euren Chiver

He was the one who was in charge of the keep while the master was out. The one sitting next to him did not fall behind in status.

“Doctor, are you sure that Jaehwan can use the ‘Dead Man Slash’?”

“…Yeah,” Chunghuh answered, obviously not happy that he had to admit that, and the Anti-Evil Commander agreed.

“I saw it too, Chancellor. It was definitely the ‘Dead Man Slash.\'”

“Well, to be specific, it’s not [Slash],” Chunghuh added and looked at the man in front. The man was the only one who had no relation to the Gorgon Fortress.

‘…Why am I here?’

Jaehwan thought as he saw Chunghuh in front of him.

Chunghuh, the Doctor of Despair.

Everyone in <Chaos> had heard about his rumors. The one who can do ‘Dead Man Slash.’ He was the only one who could do that. But he wasn’t famous just because he was a skilled doctor.

-I heard he’s as powerful as the Ten-Clan’s leaders.

The doctor was extremely strong. This was a good topic to be gossip about.

-I heard he is a ‘Strong from the Depth’.

-I heard he was a member of the [Rupture] also.

-I heard he cleared the [Master]’s tower.

However, no one knew what was true because Chunghuh never talked about himself. Then his rumors became much less exciting over time.

The old man who only knew how to slash.

The old man who loved women so much that he only tended to women.

The word despair was put on him because he always felt despair.

“The doctor is despairing!”

Doctors were shocked to see the rumors were true as they saw Chunghuh kneeling down. The commander approached and asked, “Doctor! Why are you here? What about the Master?”

“…This cutie is about to die. Who cares about the Master?”


Chunghuh then glared at Jaehwan.

“Hey! What are you going to do? You ruined my ‘Dead Man Slash’! And with my sword in this state…”

His sword was crushed. The ‘Dead Man Slash’ could only be used by a sword made from a quadhorn or higher. That’s when Chunghuh’s eyes caught something interesting.

“OH! Boy, you have something good with you!” Chunghuh exclaimed. “Horn of Garnak, eh?”

The sword with the power of a Garnak. He had seen a sword made from pentahorn’s horn, but he had never seen a sword with even the scabbard being the Garnak’s horn. Garnaks were vicious and violent beasts that were difficult to hunt. Chunghuh reached out toward the sword without permission Jaehwan grasped his wrist to stop him.

“…you, young man, got some skill.”

He knew the man wasn’t an ordinary man when his ‘Normal Slash’ was blocked, but it seemed the young man was more than what he had expected. That was when Jaehwan spoke up unexpectedly.

“If I let you use this sword…”


“If I let you, then can you save her?”

Chunghuh blinked. “…Of course. I can do that.”

Jaehwan took out the sword and handed it over with the scabbard on. Chunghuh was shocked. It was his first time meeting the man and that person just gave the weapon away. But this wasn’t important right now.

“…It’s a good sword, but it does fit you.”

Chunghuh cackled as the sword cried as the old man held on it. Then his pupils turned white and Old man began swinging his sword in the air. The area then turned quiet.

‘So this was what he did earlier.’

Jaehwan looked into the world that had turned white. As old man moved his sword, the world was being painted into a white light. Jaehwan finally realized that this was not just some hallucination.

This was the world that this old man was seeing.

Within the bright white area, was Mino as her outline was fading away. The old man then looked at Mino. He stood in front and held the sword like a paintbrush. Then he began painting the lines back in.

Jaehwan felt that it was a strange sight. It was smooth, yet violent. It was relaxed, yet rushed. But everything was accurate.

Mino’s body was repainted into the world. Jaehwan felt relieved as he watched the old man at work. He painted Mino’s nose, her lips, and paid more attention to her breasts. As his brush moved, the world in white danced. It was like a calm, soothing song. Then the song that the old man creating was nearing its end. The old man slumped down, losing his grip on the sword.

“Ugh, I can’t do it any longer.”

Chunghuh lay down on his back.

“Dammit… my Spirit Power is running out…”

Mino’s painting was still unstable. But it was close to completion.

“If it wasn’t for that damn Master…”

The world shook. Jaehwan knew if that picture wasn’t finished, this ‘Dead Man Slash’ would not work. Jaehwan wondered.

He couldn’t do a [Slash], but even if it was a copy of what the old man did…

Jaehwan took back his sword. He felt the people around him shouting, trying to stop him. It was noisy. Jaehwan closed his eyes. His mind always had [Suspicion] on against the world, and the spirit wanting to [Understand] stopped. His thoughts were freed.

Yes, this was how it was supposed to feel.