The World after the Fall - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Dead man (4)

Jaehwan had deflected every single shadow blade and aimed for Janya’s head. But his attack barely missed.

‘He dodged?’

It was Jaehwan who was surprised. There was no one who had dodged his ‘Slight Stab’ until now. No, there was one, but he killed that with his ‘Normal Stab’ and was now his scabbard.


Janmyung was holding Janmang while he was shocked by the unexpected damage. It seemed Janmang ‘s thighs and right arm were wounded by the stabs.

Janya was shocked. He could not believe what he had just experienced.

The man in front of him had just deflected every attack just by using [Stab] and even aimed for his head. The only reason he was able to dodge the attack was because he was lucky.

If his instincts did not warn him, he would have been killed. He messaged the members outside again.

[Isn’t the man a Non-Adapter?]

[…Yes. We are sure.]

If the Golden Sky members said so, then it must be true. But how could he be that strong?

‘…is he the ‘Strong of the Depth?\'”

No, he felt something similar but no ‘Strong of the Depth’ were Non-Adapters.

‘Then what is he?’

Janya readied himself again. The man had no spiritual power and only used [Stab], but he was much more powerful than the three brothers.

[I can’t believe it, but he’s stronger than us.]

[B-brother, then…]

[Change tactics.]

Janya accepted quickly reality. If the enemy was strong, he just needed to fight accordingly. Jaehwan frowned at the change in tactics. The Jan brothers quickly grabbed the hostages and began fighting while holding onto them. It was a tactic to fight against Jaehwan, who only used [Stab].

[Stab] was quick, but it was also very simple. If the direction of the attack was blocked from the start, it was easy to deal with. It proved to be very useful in fighting Jaehwan.

However, that didn’t matter.


Jaehwan’s right hand began gathering Spirit Power. It was so powerful that the whole building was shaking. He was preparing for ‘Regular Stab’.

Jaehwan did not care about the hostages. The Jan brothers, the criminals, the hostages, they were all dead bodies in his eyes.

But when he tried to [Stab], his heart ached. His sight blurred and the faces of the hostages were covered with an image.

‘What is it?’

Jaehwan ignored it and tried again. His sight blurred and a voice came to him.

-I’m human. I’m not as strong or as confident as you, but I’m still human.

Jaehwan became confused. Why was he seeing those dead bodies as humans? His body was refusing to attack. His body was telling him to not use ‘Regular Stab’ against them.

The brothers began running rampant once Jaehwan’s attacks stopped. His [Suspicion] was shaking and his [Understand] was doing the same.

He needed to kill the hostages.

He tried to use ‘Regular Stab’ again, but he couldn’t focus. Even his [Suspicion] was now making it hard to focus. His [Suspicion], instead of being suspicious of this world, was now being suspicious of [Suspicion] itself.

He felt his spirit undergoing change. Something deep and powerful that was also warm was being born from within. It was something very old, but something he longed for. Long-lost power…

However, the problem was that it was not going to help him right now.


Jaehwan, for the first time ever, regretted that he only knew how to stab. If he had some other skills at least…

‘Other skills… hmm…’

Jaehwan suddenly redirected his ‘Slight Stab’ at various parts of the saloon. Some attacks were aimed at the Jan brothers, while others were aimed at the roof. The attacks made the saloon look like it was full of bullet holes.

“He’s gone mad!”

Janya laughed as he thought he had gained the upper hand. It was apparent that the man’s Spirit Power would soon fall to zero at this rate. A few minutes later, Jaehwan stopped attacking. He had used his stab so much that the saloon roof was now full of holes and the sky was visible. Jaehwan looked up at the sky and lowered his sword.

‘This should do.’

He turned his back to them and Mino became shocked.

“W-what are you doing?”

“I’ll let him take care of them.”

“…Him? Who are you talking about?”

“The talkative, stubborn one.”

Talkative, stubborn one?

Mino thought of someone. But how…? At that moment, one of the Golden Sky members shouted in shock.

“Janya! The Silence Barrier has been broken!”

Janya was completely shocked.

“What?! WHEN?!”

He sent a message to the ones working on the Silence Barrier, but he couldn’t feel their Spirit Power. He then glanced around the saloon. The holes made by the stabs. Those attacks…

Suddenly, everyone in the saloon felt powerful energy quickly approaching. It was powerful enough to confront a 4th stage Adapter with ease.

It was a powerful, yet pure energy. There was only one who had such spiritual energy. The door burst open and men in silver-white plate armor walked in. It was the guards from North Gate and…

“What is going on here!”

The silvery glow filled the saloon. Bright, blonde hair, with a silver wing coming from the back shoulder. The most stubborn Gate Captain.

Karlton the Silver Bind.

Mino swallowed as she watched. It was her first time seeing Karlton look so reliable. Karlton narrowed his eyes as he found Jaehwan in the crowd and asked, “Jaehwan? What’s going on here?”

Jaehwan nodded and answered, “These are people who have disobeyed that law of yours. I’m not too familiar with your laws, but they probably did not follow Chapter 276 and Line 4.”

Karlton glared his eyes and asked, “…Who are they?”


Jaehwan pointed with his chin and Karlton turned to them. There were criminals holding hostages.

“What are they…”

“I think they are conspiring to destroy the world with this saloon as the start.”

Mino was dumbfounded by the lie but Karlton pulled up the giant silver halberd in his hands.

“Destroy the world… I can’t let that pass.”

His face grew cold.

“Under the laws of Gorgon, I will arrest you all for illegal trespassing, destroying private property, and kidnapping.”

The Jan brothers and all the Golden Sky members became pale.