The World after the Fall - Chapter 223 - Big Brother (17)

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Chapter 223: Big Brother (17)

There was the 320 million years worth of slashes from his left hand, and the 100 million years worth of stabs from his right hand.

A point and line that were not bound by time and space continued onward. It was like a shapeless masterpiece. It was more like art rather than an arc from a sword fight. There was no space for Mulack’s ‘space bomb’ to come in between the two swords dancing through the air. Mulack was becoming pale as he realized his bomb was not working.

[This is really unexpected. I did not expect you to have 2 of your ‘clothes’ Transcend!]

But even when Mulack continued to throw the concentrated spaces frantically, he did not stop talking. 8741, who had slashed for 320 million years, answered him.

[Kek. It looks like you lived just as long as me, or a bit more. You should just give up now.]

[Yeah! Combined, we’ve lived longer than you!]

Jaehwan, however, couldn’t be more astonished by the fact that Mulack was holding on. The stab that was being unleashed in his right hand was on a level that he would barely achieve after 100 million years of training, and the slash coming from his left was at a level where Chunghuh who had slashed for his entire life would need to slash for millions of years hoping to get there.

Nonetheless, Mulack managed to defend himself from those attacks.

Of course, he was barely holding on and it seemed like the fight was going to be over soon, but Jaehwan knew how powerful Mulack was. He then felt slight regret. If he only trained a bit harder, if he had withstood that time a bit more, what would’ve happened? Would he be allowed to become strong like them too?

[Hey, don’t go there. If you changed like us, you would never act like how you are right now.]


[You will never achieve your goal if you become like us. You know this.]


8741 answered instead.

[Kek. There’s no ‘but’ or ‘still’. You have to live as a human. You have to.]

Jaehwan then remembered the voice that got him out of the darkness of the ‘Fall of time’. That voice also told him similar things. Stay human.

[It’s a shame. If you became Big Brother, you probably would be the strongest Big Brother in history.]

Mulack’s bitter voice came from the countless sword attacks. He was wounded badly.

[I am really sad. That will not be possible anymore.]

3751 then laughed maniacally.

[HAHAHAHA! Cut that nonsense. Just die!]

3751 unleashed his concentrated stab on Mulack. However, in the next moment, a powerful shield-like barrier appeared around Mulack. A spark fired out as the sword clashed with the barrier. Jaehwan felt the energy was not Mulack’s.

[Did you forget? Like you, Big Brother is not alone either.]

His left and right hand suddenly felt chills. It seemed like the Transcended ones were able to feel something much quicker. Jaehwan looked to the back and saw the white corridor opening up again. And within that corridor, the <Big Brothers> who were sleeping inside the tanks were waking up.


Were they all being awoken?

Big Brothers.

It was the power of the ruler of the universe.

[World Breaker] was a lance used by the Lord of Slumber.

[Kaiser Wing] was a wing used by Kairos the God of Wander.

[Spirit that doesn’t return] was a Part used by Beheet the God of Journey.

[Guardian Wall] was a shield used by Sindler the Lord of Dignity.

Fortunately, they weren’t ‘really’ awake. What was awakened were their weapons and armor. But in the larger perspective of things, that was still very troubling.

[Even you cannot face the power of all the Big Brothers.]

These weapons far exceeded the power of the [Parts] of the Three Ancient Gods. And all of those weapons had the power of Transcended ones that equaled Mulack’s power.

[World Breaker]’s thunder got in the way of Jaehwan’s movement and [Kaiser Wing]’s fire restricted Jaehwan’s movements. The [Spirit that doesn’t return] affected Jaehwan’s sense of time and space and the [Guardian Wall] created a strong barrier that withstood stabs and slashes.

All of those weapons had complicated mechanics. Mulack even had Daeus’ Machina in his hand.

Machina’s cannon fired an energy bullet out from its opening. Jaehwan was thrown to the back as he was struck by it.

[Whoa, those are all the Transcended ones? It’s crazy. How many are there?]

[…Kek. That’s too many.]


[But I’m not sure if the others will help.]

[Of course. They are all like you.]

[…kek kek.]

[Stop ‘kek’ing you assh*le! We might all die!]

Jaehwan felt like he wanted to plug his ears, but the conversation continued.

[Kek. You want to try ‘that’?]

[‘That’? Wait… no. They won’t like that.]

[I think some are sleeping. In fact, I think everyone’s sleeping except for you and me.]

[So, you are going to wake them all up? We might even wake ‘him’ up in the process.]

Silence fell as they mentioned the word ‘him’.

[Kek, kek. Maybe it will become more interesting then.]


But with that shout, the left hand began to shine brightly.

[Dammit. I’m not sure if we’re making the right choice.]

And with that, the right hand also began to shine. Both hands that met each other then began to make a weird sound as if they were playing an instrument. It wasn’t a sound that a living being could create. It was a sound that had no rule or form and it was even painful to even listen to. Then Jaehwan was swept away by the sea of sounds without even being able to moan in pain.

[…What are you doing!]

Mulack also shouted as he noticed something strange was going on. And after a while, voices began to flood in from somewhere.


[…I was having a sweet dream. Why are you calling me?]

[Oh, were you fighting already?]

[You should’ve called me earlier if this was going on!]

A violent amount of information began rushing into Jaehwan’s head. If the brain had the capacity to hold all of it, it was enough to make it explode.

Jaehwan lost consciousness.