The World after the Fall - Chapter 206 - A lone world (15)

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Chapter 206: A lone world (15)

Euren looked up at the fight while biting on his lips. There was nothing that helped him understand what was going on, but Euren could tell that it was an important fight. It was a fight they had to see. That’s why they watched no matter how horrible it was.

“Is that <Depth>?”

“But how…”

“He is fighting against such an enemy…?”

People mumbled and they felt mostly the same emotions. However, they weren’t sure about what they should do with their feelings. It was then that the voice came from the sky.

-I thought of Gorgon, but I guess Gorgon doesn’t exist anymore.

Euren recognized the owner of the voice right away.

‘Karlton! It’s him!’

Karlton’s voice came after a short moment.

-It doesn’t matter. Please help.

People began glancing at each other. Help? But how? Some shouted toward the sky. The answer they needed soon came.

-Please trust in Jaehwan.

They looked at each other. Trust? Some smiled and some shook their heads. Some even laughed out loud. Trusting didn’t seem like it would be helpful.

-Please. Give him trust.

Some responded to Karlton’s words. It was the people who had no power or wealth, people who finally gained their unique worlds through their Awakening. These people who had gotten Jaehwan’s help reached out toward the sky. Only one woman reached out to the sky first.

“I trust you.”

Mino shouted loudly so people could hear her.

“I trust you, Jaehwan!”

Soon, something that resembled a silver ball of ropes popped up from her hands. It then shot up into the sky. Was it because there was something so beautiful hidden within her? Mino gasped in surprise.

It was so beautiful and precious. It soared into the sky, toward the area where Jaehwan was fighting.

‘I see. So I still had such a thing within me.’

Mino held back her tears and shouted, “Goddammit! What are you people waiting for?!”

People were shocked by Mino’s shout. And then they began.

“M-me too!”

“I trust!”

“I trust you!”

“Here I am!”

People began to reach out into the sky from entire the Fortress. Silver balls soared upwards. It was as if snow was falling backward.

The materialization of people’s trust was floating up into <Depth>, beyond the sky. After a while, Euren spoke as he looked outside the window.

“We should forget about the name for now. There’s a more important matter at hand.”

The officials all gathered by the window and Euren looked at each of them. They looked back at Euren, and Cayman nodded. Euren then smiled and reached out to the sky.

“Master Jaehwan. We trust you.”

He felt world power covering his entire body softly. He felt as if he could take any type of damage. There was the power of the people that trusted him. Countless spirits were now with him. He saw Karlton who was barely able to stand from the distance.

‘You finally opened your unique world.’

But the unique world as Gorgon Fortress? It was so like Karlton.

[Gorgon Fortress]

Karlton was able to open passageway between <Depth> and <Chaos> through his unique world. The giant portal behind him showed the landscape of <Chaos>. A chunk of powerful world power traveled through it to pour into Jaehwan.

[This- this is…!]

The voice screamed while gritting its teeth.

[This can’t be…! How can it exceed the population of <Depth>…!]

It was the first time Jaehwan heard Myad in such shock. The concentration of world power was almost about to explode within the 8th site. Jaehwan looked at his hands that were now all silver as they were covered in light. It seemed like the power wasn’t only coming from the fortress. The entire spirit of <Chaos> was sending him world power.

‘There’s no world with more population than <Chaos>.’

Even if <Depth> had many spirits, <Depth> was where only the chosen ones were allowed to come. In contrast, <Chaos> was where everyone ended after they died. It was natural for <Chaos> to have a larger population. Jaehwan wasn’t sure how many spirits were sending him power.

Myad continued attacking Jaehwan but he was no longer being damaged by any of the attacks. He smiled bitterly as he charged against the [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses].

‘I see. So I couldn’t do this alone from the beginning.’

Mulcak mentioned that there were three steps to [Creation] at the end of Awakening. Jaehwan now realized the second answer and the second step to the Awakening.

Awakening – 5th step


The world became real because countless people believed in it. Jaehwan brought his sword up into the sky. Proof? It was the perfect name. It was time to prove himself.

The sky covered in red was torn apart. The red clouds exploded out and it revealed the pitch-black sky of the [Fall] from within. The giant eye appeared in the sky and was looking directly at Myad.

[Ah… ah-ah….!]

With the sound of crows screeching, Myad moaned in terror. Jaehwan’s unique world that had become a reality was running rampant. A world was attacking another world. The giant mouth of the [Fall] was biting away at the [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses] while it resisted like prey captured by a predator.

Skies were torn and the ground trembled. And within the heavy pressure of the world power, Jaehwan stabbed.

Once. Twice… hundred… thousands… millions… billions…

The [Fall] that was unleashed by the stab swallowed and chewed away at the [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses].

And the System of [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses] began to be destroyed. Myad’s disbelief could be seen and Jaehwan’s sword charged against it. The red light covered the lands of <Depth>.

There were the ones who had been fighting against, the ones who were in agony after losing their world, and ones who were betrayed by their own world while losing power… they all forgot what they were doing and looked up into the sky. They felt that it was the end of an age.

And it was for real this time.

The red sky was falling.