The World after the Fall - Chapter 200 - A lone world (9)

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Chapter 200: A lone world (9)

-I’m sure you are aware that there are various rumors about Big Brother.

Myad began with a story.

-Some say that Big Brother is a group that controls the world from underneath, while some claim that Big Brother is a sole God that governs the entire dimension. Some say they are victims of Big Brother and some claim that Big Brother is behind a lot of disasters. It is amusing to see all these conspiracies floating about. They speak as if Big Brother is behind everything that happens in this world.

“…And what’s your point?”

-Do you think all those conspiracies have values? Are they true? Or even some of them?

Myad continued without waiting for Jaehwan to answer.

-Do you want to know one more interesting fact? No one, including me, not even any of the Gods in <Depth> have confirmed the existence of Big Brother.

Jaehwan did hear this before. Gerome, a Lord who was considered to be the strongest of all Lords, told him that he had never seen Big Brother.

-Everything about Big Brother is that every ‘fact’ is not a fact. It’s all but a hoax. Rumors. Big Brother, a threat to <Depth>, master of the System, God of Adapters… it’s all a fluke.

“So, you claim that there is no Big Brother?”

-That is what I am trying to describe. Yes.

Jaehwan scoffed, “I’m pretty sure you did a great job in creating such a hoax and spreading the rumors.”

-Yes, I did. Big Brother was the best public enemy.

Jaehwan grimaced, “Are you claiming that YOU created Big Brother to maintain your organization?”

-Yes, that is right. Big Brother. The enemy of all. Evil of all worlds. Isn’t it convenient? It relates to everything.

Jaehwan felt like Myad was being quite serious in what he said. It was realistic if he thought about it. Having an enemy was a good way to increase unity among groups.

It was always an enemy that would jeopardize safety, and if that enemy was a being so powerful and relatively unknown, that was much better. However…

-Jaehwan, you must get rid of your illusions. There is no Big Brother. Everything about it is a ‘lie’ created by works of Gods. And the world needs to wake up from it.

Jaehwan did not answer. Instead, he looked into the unique world that spread out behind Myad. There was an empty sky, a sky that probably had something up in it for thousands of years.

It was then when Machina moved slightly to cover Jaehwan’s sight. It was impeccable timing to say that it was a coincidence. The action was completed as if he wanted to cover the skies. Jaehwan felt a certain sadness.

“Are you okay with that?”

-Why am I not okay?

“For saying such things.”

Silence fell. They did not exchange any more words, but Jaehwan knew Myad was deeply hurt at that moment. Of course, Myad would never agree to being hurt since agreeing to it would destroy him, just like how it destroyed Budda and Pierre.

“I heard from Pierre. By saying everything you have said, you are denying the entire life that’s behind you.”

Budda, Pierre, and Myad. The story of the three men, the founders of Rupture. The story of their dream of hunting down Big Brother. Jaehwan was looking at that shadow of a dream from Myad’s world. The one that fell from Myad’s world was probably not Big Brother. How long did it take for a star to fall? Jaehwan didn’t know.

-…Pierre must have given you useless information.

Myad smiled softly.

-If people gather together and claim that the same thing is not true, then it becomes the truth. That’s what we did.

Created a false truth? Jaehwan shook his head.

“No. To me, I think you look like you rather destroyed about something that existed before.”

However, Jaehwan’s voice was swept away by an explosion as Machina shot up to the sky while unleashing world power. It was an action that showed that Myad was done talking.

-I heard you have gained the Eye of Geshtalt. You better use it otherwise the fight will quickly be over.

The voice had faint anger in it. Machina’s wide wings were spread out.

Machina – Phase 1.

Activating Setting [Daeus]

The ground trembled as if the entire <Depth> was shaking from the first Setting of Machina, [Daeus]. Jaehwan also activated his [Eye of Geshtalt].

The two world powers began to increase rapidly, but the situation wasn’t going well for Jaehwan. Increasing world power was much more efficient for Daeus at this point as Daeus just ‘multiplied’ the user’s world power while Eye of Geshtalt just ‘added’ more world power to the current power.

Myad’s world power now exceeded 70 million.

The entire 8th site was overwhelmed by the giant world power. The power equaled that of the Three Ancient Gods from the old times. It was a world power that not even the 8 Gods of <Depth> together could withstand.

Jaehwan’s world power did not increase past 14 million, however. He heard the shouts of his clothes in his head.

-Are you serious? There’s no way we can win against that!

-It’s the limit! We can’t give you any more power than this!

The world power was at the limit, but Jaehwan did not grow concerned. He had a secret weapon for this problem now.

A long, long time ago.

Naked God lived.

He hated clothes.

And lived naked for his entire life.

Myad laughed as he realized what Jaehwan was trying to do.

-Are you going to use ‘that’ again? You know it doesn’t work anymore.

Machina quickly used the Setting, [Augmented Reality], to clothe Jaehwan. Myad was exploiting the weakness of the [Naked] Setting, or the power where one needed to become naked in order to use the power. However, Jaehwan did not stop singing.

Finally, the naked God was surrounded by clothes.

The lonely naked God said-

The reason why this world so unfortunate.


Because we all wear clothes.

Because we all can’t take off our clothes.

Jaehwan’s body began to shine in golden light even with the clothes on. It meant that the [Naked] Setting was taking effect. But how? Myad was shocked.

No one can take off the clothes.

That is the truth.

And Jaehwan moved. Myad couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jaehwan had his clothes on. But why did it look like he was naked now?

Naked while wearing clothes at the same time? It didn’t make sense.

Was it because the thousands of Jaehwans were giving him power? Myad saw the illusion of thousands of naked Jaehwans running at him in a wave of golden light.

The Naked Gods were unleashing their dream. Jaehwan mumbled, “Ouroboros.”

I am wearing clothes.

I am not wearing clothes.