The World after the Fall - Chapter 198 - A lone world (7)

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Chapter 198: A lone world (7)

It was a disease that new Gods who had spent less than 2 years in <Depth> contracted, but it was unknown as to why it was happening to the boy. Nonetheless, Pierre was sure. His experience was telling him that it was the disease.

Pierre even wrote a book about it before. The black energy seeping out from Runald was a famous symptom of that disease.

‘That is a top quality disease also…’

Most Gods considered the disease to be a mental type. It was because Gods who got the disease seemed to be mad. However, Pierre thought differently. He thought in this way:

That disease was the only ‘hope’ against the System. It was a disease that gave birth to Settings that had no efficiency or popularity, but it gave something that was unique to itself. The mind was the only thing that could save a ‘being’ in this stubborn world.

‘The disease mostly fell under humility but…’

Pierre felt weird as he watched Runald walking toward Varkant. That was different. That didn’t seem it was going to succumb or fall against anything. It seemed like it was willing to stand up to any oppression in the world.

Runald was now like Jaehwan.

That’s why Pierre knew. He was now looking into the possibility of a different world. That’s when he remembered a line he wrote in the book.

-The disease starts from [Copying].

Runald’s right fist soared into the air. His fist was thrown up like a sword. As Pierre felt the concentrated world power within it, he was astonished.

That boy put everything he had in there. Not only his past or present, but the future. The spirit with countless potential put every bit of potential on the line to earn the power.

It was Runald’s [Eye of Geshtalt].

Runald’s world power struck against Varkant’s Gigantes. Varkant gasped in shock as Runald’s two eyes burned in golden light. The knowledge that Jaehwan gained was now being shared to Runald through the unique world.


In the excitement that seemed to explode his spirit, Runald threw his fist again and again. He thought maybe this could be his last fight in life, but he didn’t stop. The Gigantes was being destroyed and he heard Sirwen’s desperate voice.

‘Jaehwan, please give me more power!’

Runald felt the pain coming from his bones melting away. His head felt like they had been burnt away. Varkant appeared through the destroyed cockpit. Runald focused all his power into his right fist. The concentrated world power shined brightly and Runald punched the cockpit.

It was Runald’s version of the [Fall].

The dark power of the Fall penetrated the Gigantes, and the powerful explosion shook the battlefield. Varkant’s screaming could faintly be heard from the explosion.

787 times. Budda figured Jaehwan was going to give up soon.

Jaehwan’s sword penetrated Budda’s heart.


1,862 times. Budda thought it was almost time. Jaehwan’s sword destroyed his face.


2,763 times. Budda thought, ‘This one’s demon! He’s a demon!’

Budda died as he felt the swords ripping his entire body apart.

3,971 times. Budda now gave up on thinking. He could only moan along with the mixture of laughter and tears.

“Ka… kahh…. Ah…”

The sword cut the spirit in half.

And finally, 5,487 times.

Jaehwan was holding Budda up with his hands. He didn’t think it would last this long, but Budda was certainly at his limit.

“Reincarnation, are you going to try it again?”

Budda couldn’t answer. No, maybe he couldn’t even think now. There was no dignity of a God or a 1st Captain in Budda’s shaking body. His empty face no longer held the will of life. Jaehwan then thought maybe Budda could finally get a hint of Ouroboros in this state, but it was too late.

“So you tried to take Karavan as a hostage.”

Jaehwan found Karavan as he moved through with Budda in his hands.


It seemed like Karavan had regained his senses. He tried to reach out for Jaehwan but fainted. He had traces of wounds all over his body. Jaehwan controlled the ship remotely to put Karavan inside. He seemed to be weak without a God, but they had Chunghuh to take care of him.

Chunghuh was almost done too. Jaehwan looked around in the dust and stopped in one direction.

“When will you stop watching?”

Jaehwan then threw Budda’s body into the dust and heard someone grab him. The sound was as if flesh had struck against metal.

-You are one of a kind, for sure.


-I didn’t think you could force Budda into such a state. Haha… you only have one set of clothes now. Are you okay? Don’t say you’ve died already.

It was hard to tell if he was joking or not. Jaehwan knew whose voice it was.



The dust cloud died and the giant Gigantes body appeared from within. A blood red giant that stood over ten meters looked down at Jaehwan.

There was the best Gigantes of <Depth>, Machina of Daeus.

Jaehwan’s [Eye of Geshtalt] was resonating. It seemed like the [Parts] of the Three Ancient Gods recognized each other. Myad’s voice came from the cockpit.

-If you have come all this way, you must know everything. We won’t need to talk about it then.


-Then, come.

Machina and Jaehwan took a step toward each other instantly. A fight between a human and a giant. There was a huge size difference, but it was hard to tell whose world power was greater.

Jaehwan’s [Fall] exploded out as Myad’s [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses] spread through the world. Jaehwan’s sword roared and Machina growled.

It was the final battle to decide the fate of <Depth>.