The World after the Fall - Chapter 197 - A lone world (6)

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Chapter 197: A lone world (6)

“W-what is this kid!”

The golden boy was charging through the battlefield, paralyzing various parts of the 7th site. Everyone who had been standing where boy passed by had their clothes ripped apart and their weapons thrown away.

‘So, this is what Jaehwan must have felt!’

Runald realized this as he had become powerful. He didn’t train hard like Jaehwan back in the Forest of Madness, but he didn’t just waste time either. At least when he had his [Naked] Setting on, he was as strong as any other strong being in <Depth>.



“That damn kid!”

Awakeners screamed in shock as their clothes were forcefully ripped from them. Even the Lords who were fighting Pierre looked at Runald in disbelief.

“What kind of Setting is that…”




Awakeners who were now naked were busy trying to cover themselves and they were thrown away by Sirwen’s Gigantes. She had brightened up due to Runald’s unexpected power.

“Way to go, kid! Get their clothes off!”

But things didn’t go all that well. Runald’s feats made Lord Varkant become angry.

-Damn fool!

Varkant controlled the Gigantes from within by making it swing its fist. The strong world power charged at them. The ground was torn apart as millions of world power destroyed it. But Runald was already far away from the range of destruction.

-You are good for your age! But not enough!

Runald thought, ‘Their lines are all cheesy.’

Every enemy of his always said something along those lines. Maybe the ‘adults’ who had survived in this world for a long had all become similar. They spoke of the same thing, cursed with the same words, and shared the same stories to live another day.

The Gigantes’ fist struck against Runald’s fist. With the explosion, Runald felt as if he was going to faint as he was thrown to the back.


Runald hated adults. The reason why he chose Andersen who had a naked world and became Jaehwan’s Follower who opposed the System, was probably based on that.

-HAHAHA! Come’re, boy! I will teach you a lesson that world isn’t so easy like you…


-What did you say?

As the world power began to seep out from the unique world, Runald’s mind began to grow stronger. The hatred toward the world and hatred toward the system were rooted in his mind. But there was something that couldn’t be solved with the anger.

As they exchanged another set of blows, Runald’s right shoulder was dislocated. He quickly popped it back in place as he stood up.

‘It’s not enough.’

The enemy he was facing was not an ordinary ‘adult’. It was a being who had reigned for thousands of years in the <Great Lands>, Lord Varkant.

‘It’s not enough. Not at all!’

Runald had used the [Naked] Setting, but it wasn’t enough to fight against Varkant. It was obvious. Varkant had about 5 million world power gained through thousands of years. Runald, on the other hand, only had about 100 thousand world power at most. It was thanks to his [Naked] Setting that allowed him to even survive.


With his laughter, the Gigantes punched Runald’s body. Sirwen quickly threw her Gigantes to push away Varkant’s attack and Runald backed away. He felt like he was going to faint. There weren’t many forces left from the 7th site anymore. Pierre and Surha were still busy and there were still countless Awakeners left.

And now there was Varkant too. The fight was already almost over.

‘Is it over?’

Runald felt angry. Was it okay to be finished like this? After all, that hey had gone through? After they survived until today? Was it okay to let it all end now?

No. That was not okay. That wasn’t acceptable.

If there was just a bit more…

If there was just a bit more power…

Then, Runald heard a voice in his ears.

-Do you need power?

Runald was filled with disbelief. Maybe he finally had gone crazy. It was natural as he was in the middle of such a crazy war. The voice came to him again. It had turned into ‘voices’.

-Hm… should we let him borrow our powers?

-Yeah, but he’s still our only Follower.

-Follower? He’s weak.


-Hmm? This is something new. You don’t even lend your power to our original owner.

-Just a change in mind. He’s kind of cute too.

-CUTE? Did you even look at his hideous thing?

Runald became dizzy. It was as if one man was speaking to act like different people. But Runald smiled. He wasn’t sure, but he had an idea who this ‘original’ was. Runald asked them for help.

‘Please give me power.’

-Huh? Do you really want it?

-HEY. Are you really…?


Runald became desperate. If he was crazy, that was okay. If that was going to give him power, he was ready to give his everything.

-Whoa, he’s determined. Good.

-What? Are you crazy? He’s just a kid!

-Let’s give him a try. See what happens.


The voice began to decrease in number.

-Good. I will give you power. But the price will be dire, so be ready for this. There is always a price to be paid.

The dark power began to surround Runald’s body. It was as if it was based on the hatred itself.

More power. More time. If there was more potential…

Sirwen turned pale as she looked at Runald being surrounded by darkness. She realized something wasn’t going right.

“Runald! STOP!”

And Pierre, the God of Mischief, witnessed Runald also.

“That is…!”

Pierre realized what was happening to Runald’s body as he had lived in <Depth> for thousands of years. It was the most famous disease in <Depth> after.

‘Newbie God Disease!’