The World after the Fall - Chapter 195 - A lone world (4)

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Chapter 195: A lone world (4)

Screaming was heard throughout the 7th site. There was the sound of agony, writhing, and begging. The most desperate sound was the screaming. Was it for 30 minutes? An hour? Or maybe a few hours had passed already.

Runald didn’t feel like they were screams anymore.

The screams were only there when other sounds were around. If every sound in the world was a scream, then the scream itself would lose its characteristics.

There was no more screaming coming to Runald’s ears. There were countless Awakeners lying on the ground, and Vicegerents disappearing after a valiant fight. At the center of all battlefield, there were powerful beings exchanging blows of world power. Runald looked at them.

There was the God of Mischief Pierre, and two other Lords. And on top of that were Yoo Surha and 5th Captain Mirel delivering deadly blows to each other, destroying the landscape. It seemed like an equal fight for now, but it was evident as to where the fight was going now. Even if the strongest figures were equal in strength, the sheer number difference was just too great.

“Be careful!”

Many Vicegerents were swept away by Rupture’s unique world that was unleashed by Awakeners. Runald was barely able to dodge it with the help of Sirwen who was fighting alongside him.

“Ugh, this is crazy.”

Her eyes showed that Sirwen was fatigued due to her extreme use of magic.

There were metal giants fighting all around. They were the reason why the 7th site was still holding on. Tens of Gigantes were fighting against Awakeners. It was Nightmare Sirwen’s creation and she was on the verge of becoming a [Master] craftsman. She had received parts from the [Nightmare Union] of the 5th site to create as many Gigantes as she could. They had been hastily created and thus they weren’t very durable, but having the Vicegerents use the Gigantes to fight was helpful.

“Dammit, if only the old man didn’t take the ship…!”

Sirwen controlled one of the Gigantes remotely to push away the Awakeners chasing at her. It would have made the fight easier if they had the ship, but Chunghuh had taken it away.

“You’re good at controlling that thing.”

“Heh, yeah. I’m experienced in Combat Gaming in World 294, you see.”

“…Can a Nightmare travel freely to the [Remote Regions]?”

“Yeah, it’s a privilege for Nightmares.”

Sirwen was controlling them all with three controllers to fight against the Awakeners. It was astonishing indeed. Runald asked, “Did you really train through games?”

“Hey, I’m busy now. Stop interrupting me.”

Nonetheless, Runald wasn’t the type to listen to adults.

“So World 294 must be a terrible place… making a game to control Gigantes like that.”

“Terrible? Hm… peaceful? It’s called Earth. It’s where Jaehwan came from.”

Runald then remembered Jaehwan. He must be at the 8th site by now, or he was probably fighting again. However, Jaehwan was also an ordinary human once upon a time. What was he like back then? Wouldn’t he miss his homeworld? Once everything was over, what would happen to him? Runald became sad.

“Will he be okay?”

“What the heck? You’re his Follower. You need to trust him.”


Runald trusted his God of course. Who else could he trust if he didn’t? But Runald couldn’t hold back his concerns. He wasn’t sure why he felt concerned, however.

There was no time to think. They needed to hold their ground until Jaehwan finished what he went to do…

That’s when the strange sound of metals being ripped apart could be heard. There was a world power approaching as it destroyed the Gigantes like paper. Sirwen turned pale. Once of the Gigantes was lying in ruins. There were only a few with such world power left in <Depth> now.

“Dammit… there was another Lord?”

A sharp piece of debris was thrown toward Sirwen’s left hand. She screamed as she dropped one of the controllers.

“Hehe… you and I have unfinished business, Nightmare girl.”

It was Lord Varkant that was approaching. Pierre and Surha were busy fighting their opponents. The only ones who could fight against Varkant were Sirwen and Runald. Runald bit his lips.

“Give me that!”


“That thing with a stick! Give me that! I can help!”

“NO! It’s not something a kid like you can handle!”

A few more Gigantes exploded in unison. Even if the Gigantes could increase world power by a large margin, it was no match against a Lord.

“An interesting toy.”

Varkant, who had been destroying the Gigantes, thought of an idea and began getting on one of the Gigantes.


Sirwen turned pale. It was impossible to stop Varkant at this rate, but if he started using a Gigantes? It was obvious that they had no chance. Sirwen looked to Runald. If she couldn’t live, she needed to save the boy at least. In the next moment, she was shocked beyond imagination.

“W-W-WHAT!! Why are you taking off your clothes?!”

Runald, who had become naked, was flinging his Ouroboros and stretching.

“Maybe I can fight him.”

“What are you talking about! You can’t even fight a single Awakener…”

“He just put on some powerful clothes.”


“I probably can fight him now.”

A Gigantes was charging directly toward them. Runald bit his lips. He couldn’t stay weak forever. He couldn’t run. After all, he was Jaehwan’s only Follower.

‘Jaehwan, please give me strength…!’

Runald’s naked body began to shine in gold.