The World after the Fall - Chapter 193 - A lone world (2)

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Chapter 193: A lone world (2)

Jaehwan became silent. He didn’t realize Karlton of all people would joke in such a way.

“You don’t want to let me go alone? Can you call THAT your justice?”

“That is my justice, sir.”

Justice was fair. There was no greater nor lesser — that was justice. It was something that could not be compromised. Jaehwan realized that just like how Karlton changed his mind back then, it was time for him to change his mind. Jaehwan sighed, “Do what you want. I’ve warned you.”

“…Thank you.”

Jaehwan turned and began moving toward the Highseeker. Karlton walked closer to follow. It seemed like he was happy to get the chance to walk beside Jaehwan.

“I don’t have world power, but I can share mine with you. I’ve helped our friends with that until now.”

“Share the world power?”

“Yes, sir. I have more world power than what I can share with most people and I don’t lose much in doing so. I’m not sure how it came to be.”

“Is that so?”

Jaehwan looked at Karlton with an astonished look. A Setting to share world power? He had not heard of such a Setting that existed in <Depth>. It was because the world power could’ve been divided without using the Setting. Considering the fact that Settings were deeply connected with unique worlds, it was possible that Karlton’s power was somehow related to his hidden unique world.

As he looked at the Highseeker, Karlton continued, “I knew you would do something like this moment you left the meeting back then.”


“You always did these types of things since the <Chaos> days. Our morale has gone down, we have no options left, and we have no chance against head-on collisions. There’s only one choice for you to make in that case.”

Jaehwan did not answer as there was no need to. Karlton knew everything already.

“I heard forces were on the move toward the 7th site in the morning. They must have arrived by now.”


Jaehwan also knew this. Rupture was gathering all armies throughout all the sites to advance toward Pierre’s 7th site. It was a plan to destroy any last remaining resistance against Rupture. Any surviving Lords or high step Awakeners were probably sent out to the war.

Therefore, that meant that headquarters was vulnerable.

It was a matter of time. Who will cling on, and who will take the flag first?

Jaehwan’s flag was at the top of the Highseeker. With the presence of terrifying world power, it was obvious that Myad was staying within the headquarters. If Jaehwan wasn’t lucky, he might have a few Captains around or limited forces.

But that was all things considered. Karlton asked, “Are you going straight to Myad?”

“Yeah. I’m going right to him.”

“…I see.”

Rupture was controlled by one being. If he who created the unique world were to fall, Rupture would have no choice but to fall. And that was the only plan Jaehwan had right now. Karlton asked again, “He defeated Big Brother. Do you really have a chance against him?”

Jaehwan then smiled for the first time. Or was it a smirk?

“Big Brother…”

It was a brief moment, but Karlton found some possibility in there. Jaehwan was someone who could see Big Brother too. Surha once said that Big Brother disappeared in Pierre’s unique world.

The rumor spread too quickly so no one asked Jaehwan about it. They either forgot about it, or they were just afraid. If Jaehwan couldn’t see Big Brother either, then the amount of despair was too big to handle. They just waited for Jaehwan to mention it himself.

‘That smile…’

It was natural for Karlton to wish for something as he looked at Jaehwan smiling while looking up into the sky.

“Ugh, this is annoying.”


“The tail is too long.”

Karlton looked up to the sky. There, the shadow of a giant ship appeared from the back with the roar of an old man’s voice.

-Jaehwan, you fool! Don’t leave me behind!

Karlton smiled, “I guess you will never be left alone, Master.”

“We sent Mirel and three Lords with 200 3rd step Awakeners. They don’t stand a chance.”

“…Pierre isn’t easy to deal with.”

“I know, but I don’t think he’s stronger than you.”

In the outer castle of the Highseeker-

Kashim finished his briefing as they both looked far out at the scenery from the terrace.

“Maybe in a direct head-on fight, but he trained with me. Don’t let our forces underestimate him.”


Kashim nodded as he was surprised by Budda’s concern. Budda defeated two of the 8 Gods of <Depth>. It was a power that can he could be prideful about, but he didn’t overestimate his power.

“How’s Myad?”

“He looks tired ever since the Day of the Revolution.”

“Yeah. It was that big of a deal.”

Budda cackled. He also remembered what Myad showed.

‘I mean, he did put up a great show.’

Nobody would ever see such sight again — the fall of a star. Budda remembered his excitement as he saw the sight. His excitement was different from the emotions that other beings had felt. Budda was the one who was mostly responsible for what happened that day. Budda was the one who played the biggest part in making the Day of the Revolution become a reality.

‘If it wasn’t for those bastards…’

He gritted his teeth as he remembered Ignis the God of Flame and Droyan the God of Dragons. As he fought them, Budda died 1412 times and reincarnated 1412 times. He had died 1617 times throughout his thousands of years of life, but he had died close to that amount in just one day.

And the Vicegerent of Ignis was so powerful that Budda almost lost his energy.

‘If this time passes, the new world will come.’

And then it would be the end of their journey. The world power of the Gods were taken and their grand plan -A lone world- only had one final step left.

“Captain, can I ask…”


“Do you have the same thoughts as Master?”

Budda turned cold. He became suspicious if the Master had spoken to Kashim about their grand plan, but before his suspicion could take form, Kashim continued, “About… that, he will be coming.”

“Oh, that.”

Budda smiled viciously.

“He will.”

It had been a while since he last heard about the man from Myad. It was surprising to know there was another being who could see Big Brother.

“If Myad said he’ll come, then he’ll come. That’s why we kept him alive.”

Budda glanced at Karavan who was laying on the floor of the terrace. He had now become a Lost One with most of his spirit having been destroyed. They tried to accept him as a member because his spirit had great potential, but he refused strongly.

‘Poor guy.’

A report then came in from the watchtower. There were busy movements from all sides and members were swept away by a world power. Budda smiled.

The only one who knew about the truth of this world had finally appeared at <Highseeker>.

Myad mumbled silently as he looked out the window, “You are here, Jaehwan.”