The World after the Fall - Chapter 192 - A lone world (1)

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Chapter 192: A lone world (1)

[Fact that only one exists also means that none exists.]

-Pierre, the God of Mischief

Episode. A lone world.

Heavy rain was falling. Lightning struck from the sky with thunder roaring down to the ground. All people of <Depth> walked out to the streets to soak themselves in the rain of world power. They all said the same thing.

There had never been a rainy season for this long. If this was over, the world was going to change into an entirely different world.

There were soldiers advancing through the rain. People of <Depth> did not know what lied beyond the end of the advance but they just guessed that there was something.

‘Is there really something though?’

Mirel, the 5th Captain of Rupture, thought grimly as she saw the 7th site coming to sight over the horizon. Yoo Surha, her old friend, was probably within the site.

‘Surha. It’s time for your decision.’

Jaehwan’s footsteps were covered in the area. The 8th site, Caspion, seemed to be very different since his return after four months. He did hear the rumors that the land had been prosperous after Rupture took over, but it all seemed like false rumors. As Jaehwan took another small portal, he stepped into the blue forestland of the 8th site.

As it was a forbidden place, there were the Lost Ones who became monsters or broken down [Parts] attacking him, but they were no match against Jaehwan. As he walked further, he smelled water from the distance. Jaehwan followed and reached a familiar place.

He had reached a Fishing Spot, or the place where spirits were being fished up to <Depth>.

Jaehwan stopped right there. This Fishing Spot was special to him. There was someone who had taught him many things when he just got to <Depth>. Maybe he could call her a ‘friend’ now. She had given him so many significant things. He remembered her name. It was Andersen.

-Andersen? I remember her.

Pierre knew her.

-She is the only god I inherited the [Naked] Setting from when I disguised myself as a God of Madness.

-YOU were the God of Madness?

-Yes, I was. It was 100 thousand years ago though.

-I see.

-Technically, the God of Madness didn’t specify just one God. It was supposed to mean all of the Long Living race. Everything they did in their region was considered to be the work of the God of Madness. The God of Madness that Andersen mentioned is probably me. I was the one who taught her.

Jaehwan remembered Andersen as he came back here. He hoped she was alive somewhere since she was a God, but it was just false hope. He wasn’t the only one who could kill a God. Myad also had such power.

Jaehwan clenched his hands and opened them. Faint silver powder was thrown up into the air. Jaehwan looked up to it and turned.

Soon, the forbidden area was gone and Jaehwan was up on the hill toward the place where Hatchnold auction house used to be. Nothing was there anymore. The auctioneers and gatekeepers weren’t there. They had all been killed in that clash.

Maybe it was Jaehwan’s falt. Perhaps it was his mistake, choice, or determination that made people die along with countless worlds and their potentials. Jaehwan knew this, but it didn’t stop him from moving forward. It actually made him move forward.

Jaehwan stopped all of a sudden.

“How far are you going to follow me?”

Behind Jaehwan, the air distorted and revealed one man. There was a silver wing on the back of the man. Jaehwan knew the man. His blonde hair shook against the wind and rain.

“Since when did you know?”

“Since when you began following me.”

Karlton nodded. He was just lucky that he found Jaehwan quietly moving out of the meeting room. He snuck away without letting anyone notice. If Karlton hadn’t kept looking at Jaehwan, he too would not have noticed. Jaehwan couldn’t let others know as he had to follow Jaehwan quickly. It took him hours of running to not fall behind Jaehwan. Finally, he looked back.

“…Why did you not stop then?”

“Because I had no reason to then.”

“Which means you have reason to now?”



“It’s dangerous from here onward.”

Karlton then glanced over at the fog beyond Hatchnold. He knew what lied between their current location and the end of that fog. For the first time, the word ‘danger’ came so clearly to him. There was that much terrifying world power.

<Highseeker>, the headquarters of Rupture.

The most powerful beings who were on the precipice of uniting <Depth> was in there. Just looking at it from afar was enough to feel its power. Karlton knew. If he went closer to it, he would be crushed instantly.

“You are no help. I know that you don’t even have a unique world right now,” Jaehwan answered. Karlton couldn’t object or deny it.

“Did you know?”

“How would I not know?”

Karlton had achieved the 4th step Awakening, but he still did not have his unique world. Of course, not having a unique world was the point here. It was impossible for an Awakener to reach the 3rd step without a unique world. So, Karlton probably had a unique world, but he just couldn’t realize that he had one. He probably had a powerful world within him, which he was drawing his power from, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

If he put in the effort and looked carefully within him, he would become a powerful 4th step Awakener. But that was in the future, not now. Karlton couldn’t even handle a high-ranking God’s Vicegerent right now, let alone the Master of Rupture.

“I know I am of no help.”

“You do? You don’t seem to know that based on what you are doing.”

“Yes, I do,” Karlton answered and Jaehwan frowned.

“Let me rephrase it. You will be getting in the way.”

“I know.”


“But what will you do if I still will follow you?”

Karlton’s determination shook Jaehwan’s eyes. He closed his eyes to hide it. He thought about it. This was why he tried to come alone.

It was the same in the Tower of Nightmares, in <Chaos>, and in <Depth>.

Jaehwan always lost something. He knew this very well and refused to make friends if possible. The only thing promised that stood in his way was a loss. He’d have to pay the price of something he valued for something else. He even wished for someone to walk the path together with him. Honestly, he was so lonely and tired that he felt weak.

After he realized Ouroboros and acquired the [Eye of Geshtalt], Jaehwan realized that he had to walk this path alone. No one was allowed to walk together or behind him. The one who walked this path will…

“You will die.”

Jaehwan opened his eyes and spoke coldly. He knew this would hurt Karlton, but he still did it anyway. Karlton just smiled.

“Yes, I will die. I will not be able to protect myself, Master.”

Karlton did not back down and Jaehwan frowned.

“Why are you still calling me Master?”

“Because you are the Master.”

“We aren’t at <Chaos>.”

“I know, sir.”

“You don’t need to serve me anymore.”

“I know.”

“And why are you following me?”

Karlton smiled, “Master, do you remember the first day we met?”


Of course, he remembered. How could he forget the first day he entered Gorgon Fortress? Karlton the Stubborn was the one who memorized all laws of Gorgon and scanned for any illegal entries.

“I told you then that our justice might have a chance to fight against each other.”

He remembered when Karlton accepted Jaehwan to come in. The day when no one was hurt, no one’s justice was ruined. When Jaehwan asked Karlton for the change of mind, Karlton spoke then.

“And this is the moment.”

And Karlton was now continuing on with those words.

“You want to go alone, but I can’t let you go alone. So, the day has come at last. The day our justice clashes.”