The World after the Fall - Chapter 191 - Fallen star (8)

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Chapter 191: Fallen star (8)

Sirwen frantically raised her voice.

“W-why are you talking about Jaehwan! What’s up with that?!”

“Oh, I am assuming you are interested in Jaehwan. I guess I forgot to mention it.”

“W-why are you assuming such…!”

“Anyway, let’s just assume for the sake of things. Even if you hate me so much, if I help you to get together with Jaehwan… wouldn’t you change your thoughts of me?”

“Th-that’s… uh…” Sirwen stuttered.

“Just answer me. Yes or no. It’s just an example.”

“W-well… I guess, yes.”

“What is yes? You mean you are thankful for me helping you and Jaehwan get together?”

“Y-yeah. You’re right.”

Sirwen answered as she gave up. Yoonhwan clapped satisfyingly and the others clapped also.

“You are right. It’s exactly that.”

“What is that exactly?!”

She felt she had been made a fool. She glanced over at Jaehwan, but he didn’t seem to care. Chunghuh and Runald cackled while Sirwen just glared.

Yoonhwan said, “The feeling you will have toward me, is the same feeling these Vicegerents currently have toward Rupture.”


“They are thankful.”

Sirwen became confused. Her 2,400 years of consciousness came back to her. The story that took a long detour finally came back to the original topic.

“Wait… You mean… Vicegerents are…”

“They are thankful for Rupture.”

“Even after all they’ve been through?”

“Yes, although it’s hard to understand.”

“But why! That’s impossible!”

“Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. But it’s an emotional aspect.”

Yoonhwan continued explaining, “The fall of Big Brother so significant that the people don’t care about what Rupture did to <Depth> anymore.”

Sirwen then began to think. Actually, she kind of understood. Big Brother was the most terrifying being in <Depth> until now.

Big Brother was the being that controlled the System and started all the [Settings]. He was a being who could kill anyone at any time for any reason. Big Brother was such a being. A tyrant who could do anything. And it was Rupture who freed <Depth> from that terror.

‘I see…’

Sirwen then understood.

“So, that’s what you mean. We have no justification.”

“Yes. Rupture is not the enemy, but the hero of <Depth>.”

Myad appeared suddenly and took down the tyrant on the day of the Revolution. Yoonwan continued, “And Myad’s recent proclamation is reinforcing Rupture into its frame.”

“Proclamation? What was it?”

“He is claiming that he will unite all unique worlds into one to create a world with no wars, no Big Brother.”

“That’s impossible..”

“Yes, but that’s what everyone believes in now. There are rumors that the sites under Rupture are better to live in. Regardless, I believe that it’s a false rumor.”

Sirwen felt a shiver, “But that’s wrong.”

Defeated Big Brother? It might be a good thing if it was true. But what about all those spirits that were killed before destroying Big Brother? How could killing Big Brother justify all those evil deeds?

Sirwen felt like it was strange to think about all this. It wasn’t like her who was not interested in any ethical issues before she met Jaehwan.

“It’s hard to explain, but it’s wrong.”

“Yes, it’s wrong, but who can blame Rupture for it?”


“Justice is equality, and there is no greater justice to say that you are wrong. Who can say that to Myad at this point?”

“…So what? Give up now?”

“No,” Yoonhwan answered with a smile. “We have to find the person. The person who can question Myad. Well, I think there’s only one person who can do that though.”

And everyone turned to the same place. Yes, it didn’t need to be mentioned from the beginning. The reason they were able to gather here was because of one person.


“Huh? Where did he go?”

“He was here just until a moment ago.”


Jaehwan wasn’t here.

Fortress of Caspion, the 8th site. Office of the Master of Rupture.

Kashim was reporting to Myad who was looking out the window silently. He had a pale face with an unshaven mustache. Myad’s face was pale and it sunk as days passed by. Kashim held back from asking out of concern and continued with his reports.

“We have increased the number of Lost Ones requesting to join us. The numbers from each site are…”

The report indicated that it was hard to control the influx of volunteers. Myad answered in a coarse and tired voice.

“Use the simulation to filter them out. Kill those without potential.”

“…Is that okay, sir?”

“We’ve been doing that since forever. Why is it a problem now?”

“Y-yes, but…”

Kashim became hesitant but he eventually answered, “Understood, sir.”

Kashim then walked out of the room. Everything was going fine, but it didn’t feel so good for Kashim. Why was that? That’s when a man ran up to him.

“4th Captain.”

“Oh, Adel.”

Adel was now a lieutenant of Kashim. They began to walk down the corridor.

“Have you finished the report, sir?”

“Yeah. You?”

“I’ve finished the resupplying of our troops. We can advance toward the 7th site tomorrow.”


“You seemed tired, sir.”

“No, it’s okay.”


“Do you have something to say?”

Adel then asked, “If I may, can I ask a question?”

“Yeah. Anything’s fine unless it’s about leaving Rupture.”

Both men smiled at the joke and Adel continued, “There are words spreading among our members.”


“About Big Brother, sir.”

Kashim realized where the story was going already.

“There are members who are curious as to why the System still exists when we defeated Big Brother.”

“…You are well aware that killing a God doesn’t remove everything.”

“Not only that, the <Little Brother> network is still intact and there isn’t any change within the <Great Lands>. The members are…”

Kashim then raised his hand to stop and spoke.

“Adel. Is it really our members who are curious? Or is it yours?”

“…To be honest sir, it’s both.”


“Yes, sir.”

They were now outside the corridor. Adel wasn’t sure if this coldness was from the outside weather or from his feelings. Kashim asked, “Didn’t I tell you before?”


“A mere fall of a star doesn’t change the world.”

Kashim looked up to the sky. It wasn’t only Kashim. Most beings of <Depth> recently began looking up to the skies often. As if they just realized that there was a sky, people kept looking up. They kept looking up as if something will appear if they just kept doing that.

Adel asked, “…Do you know anything about it, sir?”

“No. I’m just an ‘ordinary’ Awakener.”


“Yes. What would I know?”

They both looked up to the skies without words. They were looking at the same sky, but it didn’t feel that way. Adel felt a bit lonely.

What was it in that sky? What did they do wrong, or what was wanted from them that this world existed?

And in this world, what did the Master of Rupture want to achieve?

“I don’t know much, but I know one thing.” Kashim spoke bitterly, “It is only beginning of the war.”

Next day, news of Rupture’s forces advancing toward the 7th site, Eepoche, spread all over <Depth>. And it wasn’t explained, but the Fortress of Rupture in the 8th site exploded at the same time.

It was beginning of the last war of the <Depth>.