The World after the Fall - Chapter 190 - Fallen star (7)

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Chapter 190: Fallen star (7)

“It’s bad.”


“Sorry to say this, but I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Surha confessed to everyone in the Fallbringers. Chunghuh and Karlton looked at each other. It was weird to see Surha, who was so full of pride, to be that sullen.

“I heard they got Karavan. And Droyan, the God of Dragons.”

“It is as I figured…”


They had expected it, so it wasn’t surprising. The biggest problem now was not about Karavan. No one dared to say it out loud, but they all knew very well. Rupture had already won this war.

“As you all know, this is really bad.”


“Apart from the fact that all the other sites are under Rupture’s control, we are losing men in our 7th site too. It will get worse as time goes by.”

It was as she said. The forces of the 7th site were getting weaker as the days passed.

It was due to the Lost Ones created from Machina’s [Link Destroy]. Jaehwan went out to restore each individual’s link manually, but there was a limit as many beings refused to return back to their Gods.

These people all walked out of the 7th site to join Rupture. Vicegerents were hesitant on what was right, and the Followers who were bent of their own good all succumbed to astonishing feat by Myad.

But how couldn’t they? They just witnessed the strongest God in <Depth> perish.

The Fallbringers’ expressions darkened. It didn’t fit the ‘Fallbringers’ who had been charging recklessly no matter the outcome until now. Sirwen opened her mouth in annoyance.

“What’s up with you all? We’re not done yet.”


“Why are you so down? Are we giving up before we even fight?”

Surha then became furious at her words.

“Don’t you get the situation?”


“Big Brother is dead!”

“So what!”

Two women shouted at each other like children. Sirwen continued angrily, “Who cares! Who cares about Big Brother! It doesn’t matter!”

“…No, you’re wrong, Nightmare girl.”

Chunghuh interrupted them.

“Contrary to that, the death of Big Brother isn’t a simple thing.”

“Then what is it?”

“That’s… hmph.”

Chunghuh did interrupt to stop the arguing, but it seemed like he could not find the words to explain himself. Besides, he wasn’t good at explaining things anyway.

“If it’s okay, can I share a word?”

“H-huh? You are…”

Chunghuh and Sirwen turned to the voice. A man limped out with a helping stick to the front.

It was Yoonhwan. He had volunteered to join the Fallbringers after the battle with Gerome. He hadn’t fully recovered yet, but he had recent information about Rupture. Sirwen almost snapped for letting some sissy interrupt them, but she remembered this sissy had a close relationship with Jaehwan.

‘Oh, he’s a friend of Jaehwan.’

If Jaehwan moved out to rescue him, he should have been a really close friend. Sirwen remembered Yoonhwan falling unconscious as he tried to touch Jaehwan’s cheek. It was a sight that brought her an awkward imagination. Sirwen let him talk although she was slightly annoyed.

“Well… you can talk.”

Yoonhwan nodded.

“To put it simply, we’ve lost our justification now.”


Sirwen didn’t understand where he was going, but she didn’t respond as the mood began to change due to Yoonhwan. He was smiling at each and every one of the members. It was a good smile. He did share a bit of character with Karlton, but unlike Karlton who had a more cold, formal side, Yoonhwan’s smile was very heartwarming and friendly.

He had a smile that calmed just by looking.

This alone changed the mood of the meeting room. It was the power of Yoonhwan, the Smile Knight. Sirwen frowned.

‘What? Has everyone gone mad? What the heck is going on? It’s just some sissy smiling!’

Sirwen didn’t know, but Yoonhwan’s ability had been developing since the days at the tower. He had the power to ease friends who were tense. Jaehwan knew this also and allowed Yoonhwan to join the meeting. Yoonhwan’s ability now even became a [Setting] after he came to <Depth>.

[Increase Morale]

It worked to increase friendliness toward Yoonhwan while increasing the morale of the people around him, but it did not work against Sirwen. Therefore, she just became more annoyed by Yoonhwan’s smile.

“What is a justification?”

“I will have to go into detail, if it’s not too much…”

“It is too much.”

“Oh, don’t worry. It won’t be way too much though.”

Some people laughed at Yoonhwan’s words. They were becoming relaxed. Sirwen did not laugh.

‘Is he making fun of me?’

Yoonhwan began to speak.

“You all know what Rupture did in <Depth> recently. They started a war without warning and invaded many sites illegally, killing Vicegerents and Followers. You too must know what happened then, Sirwen.”

“Rupture became the public enemy of <Depth>.”

“Yes. <Depth> began to criticize Rupture. It was because what they did was wrong.”

Yoonhwan spoke as he smiled like an elementary school teacher. Sirwen quickly understood what he meant.

“Right. So is that the justification? That Rupture was bad?”

“Yes, if put simply.”

“But isn’t that still in effect? It doesn’t change the fact that they attacked all those sites.”

“They did, logically speaking. But it’s the feeling that says otherwise.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Sirwen. Do you have certain concerns?”


“Yes. Let’s say… about a romantic relationship?”


Sirwen glanced around and her eyes met with Jaehwan’s. She raised her voice.

“I- I don’t have such concerns!”

Yoonhwan seemed to recognize something.

“Well, let’s just assume you have for now.”


Sirwen blushed, but Yoonhwan continued before she can start.

“How about we put it this way. Sirwen, you hate me. Don’t you?”

“…Yeah. I hate you. I hate you the most right now.”

Yoonhwan smiled as if he expected it.

“Of course, you do. I was a part of [Rupture] until recently after all.”

“…Well, that’s not the reason,” Sirwen mumbled with a small voice.

“Anyway. So?”

“And what if I become a great help to you?”


“Yes. I will help you accomplish… something so great that you can forget about all the bad emotions you have about me… such as your life goal.”

Sirwen scoffed, “There’s no way you can be of such help.”

“Why not? I can have you and Jaehwan to get together, for example.”