The World after the Fall - Chapter 189 - Fallen star (6)

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Chapter 189: Fallen star (6)

The fall of the star.

Rumors spread quickly on what every being within Depth saw.

“Myad was right!”

“He claimed Big Brother was in shape of a star for hundreds of years and finally…”

“So, he did everything just to destroy Big Brother after all!”

Myad’s fight began to become glorified and it became the truth, influencing the entire <Depth>. After a week, there was another truth that everyone came to accept.

-<Big Brother> has fallen.

It was the most shocking incident out of the 210 thousand years of history of the <Depth>.

“Dammit. That damn thing buried Jaehwan and the 7th site!”

7th site, Throne Room of Edmunt…

Surha, who was the strategist of the ‘Fallbringers’, was discussing matters with Pierre. She mumbled as she paced around the room endlessly, “Ugh, this is crazy. We should’ve had enemies running to the 7th site by now…”

The incident made Jaehwan become an instant star. The incident named [Return of the Hope] was the only chance for the 7th site and the Fallbringers to grow in power. Surha knew this. That’s why she used every ounce of her power to spread Jaehwan’s name and to have him act a symbol to fight against Rupture.

But a week ago, on the [Day of Revolution], her plans turned to dust.

Everyone’s attention was now on Myad and Rupture. Even within the 7th site, Rupture and Big Brother were bigger issues than Jaehwan himself.

“…Ugh. Pierre, talk to me. What should we do now? What do you think?”

In the midst of all the questions, Pierre just looked out to the window dumbfoundedly. Surha didn’t expect an answer so she didn’t care.

‘I didn’t know Rupture was going to do that… so what really happened?’

She felt like her head was going to explode just by thinking about all the questions she had.

“Pierre. Did Master really defeat Big Brother?”

She was confused. Her head refused to believe it, but she saw it with her own eyes. The star. She still remembered the face Myad made whenever he pointed at the star.

-Surha, that is where our goal lies.

It was certain. The star that was destroyed was the star that Myad showed her before.

‘But there’s no way. I didn’t see that future. Master didn’t plan on fighting Big Brother..!’

Surha bit her lips as she remembered the [Premonition] she saw before.

<Depth> in blood red. Rupture that had fallen, and the gods who were destroyed. Myad, stood upon everything he had finished, declaring a new world.

Was it really Myad?

It was one of the strongest and clearest premonitions, and she had to believe it. Yet every bit of reality was opposing her premonition right now.

Myad suddenly flew up into the sky and took the star down.

Myad, who had been accused by everyone, was now becoming the savior of the <Depth>. There were now forces agreeing to his Depth Invasion as a whole.

The fall of Big Brother had that much significance. Surha asked again, “Pierre. Did Big Brother really fall? Do you think so?”

Pierre glanced over at Surha and turned back to the sky. He had been looking into the sky increasingly lately.

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

Surha became curious.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what I said. Maybe and maybe not.”

“…Is it a trend to make things difficult? That brat did it while ago.”

Surha frowned at the thought of a boy mumbling ‘Ouroboros’.

“You told me before that Myad can’t defeat Big Brother.”


“So, how did Myad defeat Big Brother?”

“I don’t know.”


Surha barely held back from screaming. Her discussions with Pierre were always like this. She remembered that Ouroboros boy explaining that ‘It’s all because of Ouroboros.’

‘Pierre also went to the forest too.’

Jaehwan, Runald, and Pierre. Those were the ones who had visited the Forest of Madness. She realized they all shared similarities in how they discussed things. To them, important things were never clearly said.

Surha wasn’t sure what Jaehwan was thinking right now. She knew he was trying to go up to the top of Tree of Imagery to destroy the System, but she wasn’t sure what made him want to do that and what was driving him. Runald once spoke to Surha who was frustrated.

‘The problem is the question.’


‘You have to ask the right question.’

She didn’t pay much attention, but she thought maybe, maybe it was true. What was important was the question… Surha looked at Pierre. Something came to her mind.

“Pierre. You said Big Brother is a ‘moon’ to you.”

Pierre stopped and slowly nodded.

“Do you still see that ‘moon’?”

Pierre became hesitant and answered, “No.”

“..Oh. Dammit.”

Surha answered with disappointment. This time, Pierre turned against Surha. It was the right question.

“I don’t see the moon anymore, so you think Big Brother has disappeared.”

“…I won’t deny that.”

Surha thought if Big Brother really disappeared, every being who could see Big Brother could no longer see him. And in <Depth>, only four people could see Big Brother.

Myad, Budda, Pierre, and Jaehwan.

Surha had two questions to ask. But maybe she didn’t need to ask both. Asking one was enough.

“Pierre, if you can’t see Big Brother, I guess Master defeated Big Brother. It must be true.”


Surha was surprised to see Pierre looking so lonely.

“The moon did disappear from my unique world.” Pierre started, “I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Budda. The founders of Rupture share the unique world in some way.”

“Huh? You mean..”

“If Myad’s world lost the ‘star’, then my ‘moon’ will disappear also. It will be the same as the ‘star’ in Budda’s world.”

Surha didn’t know the founders of Rupture shared their unique world. However, it made sense as they were the ones who created Rupture’s unique world too. They were just looking at the same world in different ways.

This meant something had to be certain.

“…Then, Big Brother is dead?”

Surha wasn’t sure of her despair. If Big Brother was dead, it was a good thing. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t feel so good about it.

“I’m not sure.”


“Because no one knows what Big Brother actually is.”

It was another question as an answer. Surha tried to shout angrily when Pierre spoke.

“Surha, you are from a [Remote Region], right?”

It was so sudden that Surha lost her chance to shout angrily.


“What was the place like?”

“It was a small planet. Ordinary. Enough living beings… That kind of a planet.”


Pierre smiled and asked, “How can you be so certain?”

“Huh? What?”

“That it was a planet. How can you be certain?”

“…What is this nonsense?”

Surha felt as if she was being treated as stupid.

“It’s common knowledge. We had a thing called science. We studied planets and whatnot…”

“Science… so, did they prove your world to be a ‘planet’?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Then, you trust them and think that your world is a planet.”

“…What are you trying to say? Isn’t it common sense that the remote regions are just planets?”

“And wasn’t it told by ones who studied science?”

“Yeah… I mean it’s a fact. It’s obvious.”

“Obvious? What’s obvious? How can it be a fact when you never moved out to space to see your world with your own eyes?”

Surha became dumbfounded.

“I haven’t, but there are scientists who have done that!”

“So you just trust their words.”

“NO! I mean… UGH!”

Surha became frustrated. She didn’t need to look with her own eyes to really know. People learned it to be true, and there was no need to doubt it.

“Did you ever wonder if the scientists were maybe lying?”

“I mean.. huh? What?”

“Lie. Have you ever thought that they might be manipulating the truth?”

“And why would they…”

Surha gasped in the middle of the sentence. She now realized that this discussion wasn’t actually about a planet or her own homeworld. Pierre had been talking about Big Brother all along.

“Y-you are saying that Big Brother is fake? There was no such thing from the beginning?”


“Wait, did you not see the ‘moon’ from the beginning? You…”

“I didn’t say that.”

Pierre looked up to the skies again.

“There was a star. It’s the ‘truth’.”

“But why…”

“But there is no way to prove that the ‘truth’ I saw was an actual ‘fact.\'”

Pierre looked into the skies. There was no more that used to exist above. The one he longed for and hoped for was no longer there.

That’s when Pierre looked at the man outside the window. Below, there was a man looking up to the sky. Jaehwan.

It was weird. How could he look in such a way? They were looking at the same skies, but they looked at it so differently. Unlike Pierre who had lost what to see, Jaehwan was clearly glaring at something.

‘I see…’

Pierre smiled.

‘So, that’s why they call you hope.’

Pierre thought he could finally understand humans a little more.

A month passed.

-Big Brother is dead. We will now live in a world without him.

Myad’s declaration spread across entire Tree of Imagery within a month.

It was the beginning of the time of Rupture.