The World after the Fall - Chapter 187 - Fallen star (4)

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Chapter 187: Fallen star (4)

7th Site of the Depth, Eepoche.

Eepoche was now recovering after the battle was finished between the Lords. Pierre, who had been long silent, rose up.

‘Hope found from the place where hope had been lost.’

That was the phrase that explained the recent events within Eepoche. The word Eepoche meant to stop every thought. It was considered as the ‘stop of all hope’ within the 7th site, but it was now being given a different meaning.

“Shouldn’t we change the nickname now? We should change it from the place where hope falls to the place where the fall dies.”


People had already begun to spread rumors. Hope was now being found. And in the center of it was a man. Everyone who knew of his battle realized that within a week, he would be the most famous man in <Depth>. But that was a story that was going to take place a week later. He was still in the process of becoming ‘famous’.

‘Dammit. Where is he now? It’s not like he’s all that popular or anything!’

Surha, who had been looking after the armies of the 7th site with Pierre’s permission, was walking down Fortress <Edmunt> with a frown. She noticed Chunghuh who was flirting with the woman Followers nearby.

“Hey! Did you see Jaehwan?”

“H-huh? Oh, I didn’t see him.”

Chunghuh flinched and began to act if he wasn’t doing anything and the women Followers ran away at the chance. Surha felt anger rushing up but held back to ask, “Hey, aren’t you too relaxed? We’ve won the battle, but the war is not over yet. It’s just the beginning.”

“I know.”

“You know and you were just…”

“Can we take some time to rest? It’s been a while since we’ve won with such ease.”


It was natural to think that way. Surha remembered the fight that happened two days ago, the fight between Jaehwan and Gerome.

‘But since when did he become so strong? I’m no match against him now.’

A thousand swords ripped apart Gerome’s spirit. Surha grabbed her shoulders from shaking. It was terrifying enough to even think about it. Chunghuh grinned.

“Isn’t it amazing? I didn’t know Jaehwan became that powerful either.”

Chunghuh seemed excited while just thinking about the fight. There was no one who wasn’t excited.

That power. That brutality. It was the hope they had been waiting for. If Jaehwan wasn’t their hope, then there was no hope.

“Hah. He’s not hope…”

“Heh, girl. Wasn’t it you who spoke of all that hope before?”


“That your [Premonition] showed Jaehwan and came running to me…”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, and did you apologize to him? You did some wrong things to him, didn’t you?”

Surha then blushed and shouted, “…Forget it! Have you heard anything about Varkant yet?”

“Oh, the one we couldn’t capture? No. Nothing’s come in after we missed him at the portal.”

That was the only mistake they made in the battle that day. Varkant ran from the battlefield the moment Gerome was killed and they chased him to the portal unsuccessfully.

“What can we do? Forget about him. It’s not like we’re the only ones who suffered a loss.”

“Yes, but…”

“We defeated Gerome, the strongest of the Lords, and captured Imai Kazuki. This is the best outcome there is.”

Surha couldn’t help but accept it. They were so desperate. It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of survival. And they were successful. They also gained a foothold to fight against Rupture as Pierre and the 7th site decided to back them up.

‘Yeah. I guess it’s good for now,’ Surha thought as she sighed.

“So, did you contact Karavan?”

“Oh, him. We can’t get ahold of him.”

“Huh? Why?”

“I dunno. Jaehwan tried earlier, but the communication Setting was a mess.”

“…Something might be up. I heard the 2nd site’s war is almost over.”

Chunghuh shrugged at the concerned voice.

“Well, he should be okay. If Droyan and Ignis are together, there will no one to fight against them in <Depth>.”

“Who knows? We are lacking hands. Karavan can be a great help. If something happened to him…”



“You’re too worried. Are you putting all the pressure on yourself even after you left Rupture?”


“Take time to rest. Take a breath. Rushing things doesn’t always work out.”

Chunghuh spoke and they went out of their way to find more women Followers to flirt with. Surha bit her lips as she looked at Chunghuh going off with his stupid smile.

Chunghuh was right. She knew he was right, but that didn’t mean it made her feel relieved. Take a breath? That was impossible. She was even more concerned and worried than when she was in Rupture.

It was maybe because she found a sign of hope that wasn’t ready.

She knew her choice was right, but that made her become concerned. She was afraid that hope will be lost, and that she would mess it up.

“Hey, Surha,” Chunghuh called out to her. “Isn’t that Jaehwan?”

There was Jaehwan, standing with a few of the ‘Fallbringers’ outside the corridor. Surha became curious.

“What? Why are they gathered…”

“Oh, come to think of it, today was…”

Chunghuh spoke next, but Surha couldn’t hear. Her thought process made her freeze in shock.

“W-W-What are they doing right now!”

Outside of <Edmunt>.

“Jaehwan, are you really okay?” Runald asked Jaehwan. The question wasn’t solely coming from Runald alone. Karlton and Sirwen who were standing next to them also wanted to ask the same question. Jaehwan nodded.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Jaehwan looked at the man in front of him.


As he said that, people turned to the man. Everyone knew who he was. This man was the one who came to this site and massacred countless Vicegerents.

The one who was holding onto the broken katana. 3rd Captain of Rupture. Imai Kazuki.

“Heh… hehe…”

The man laughed hollowly with his empty self without world power. A few Vicegerents taunted him from afar, and some even threw rocks. A rock struck his forehead, making him bleed with silver powder.

“What are you doing! Why are you letting him go?!”

Surha came with a shout. Imai’s disappointed look turned toward Surha momentarily and Surha swallowed as she faced Imai. And in the next moment, Surha pulled out her weapon.

“I’ll kill him then.”

“No. Don’t.”

Jaehwan stopped her.

“Why?! We have to kill him! He’ll become a powerful foe if he returns to Myad!”

It was a cold decision, making it hard to believe that he was once Surha’s comrade. As Jaehwan tried to speak, someone interrupted, “No, Surha. Imai can’t fight anymore.”

It was Chunghuh.

“He has lost his world.”

Surha then increased her senses to check upon Imai. The world power that was hard to even be considered a power was felt. It did not contain the familiar energy that she knew.

“Imai… you…”

Imai looked away. Everything was certain now.

‘He’s lost [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses]!’

Imai’s unique world had been destroyed. It was probably Jaehwan and his [Fall].

So… Imai could no longer fight. Chunghuh was right. An Awakener without a unique world couldn’t fight anymore. That’s when Jaehwan spoke.

“You’re wrong, old man.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“He can fight.”