The World after the Fall - Chapter 185 - Fallen star (2)

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Chapter 185: Fallen star (2)

At the same time, in the sky of the 2nd site, lightning came down from the skies. As he felt the rain coming down at him, Budda looked out to the front.

‘It’s tomorrow. I don’t have much time.’

He was looking upon the inner castle of the 2nd site that should have been invaded three days ago according to the plan. The fight went on for a week. Followers and Vicegerents of the 2nd site fought valiantly and even when they only had a slight chance of winning, it seemed like they had no fear.

Budda spat on the ground and looked at Kashim who stood next to him.

“Hey. How much world power does Master have now? Do you have a recording?”

Kashim answered, “25 thousand middle-ranking Gods and 12 hundred high-ranking Gods. He also absorbed two of the 8 Gods of <Depth>. Do you need records of the low-ranking Gods too?”

“No. They don’t change a thing.”

Budda didn’t look away from the front and calculated.

’25 thousand middle-ranking Gods, 12 hundred high-ranking Gods and two of the 8 Gods.’

If the average world power was correct, it was not enough to open the Great Realm yet. They needed at least two more out of the 8 Gods of<Depth> to complete their plans. If everything went as planned, Droyan of the 2nd Site and Anonymous of the 7th site should’ve worked, but…

‘Gerome is unreachable from the 7th site.’

Budda knew Anonymous well. Two Lords and one Captain were enough to take him out. And Gerome had power not too far behind Budda himself. However, he couldn’t get into contact with Gerome right now.

‘Did he betray us?’

Budda bit his lips. If Gerome betrayed them, things might change. Even if Budda defeated the God of Dragons, they still needed one more.

‘That damn God of Dragons is still… huh?’

Budda suddenly frowned. It seemed like he had sensed something bad, and his eyes began to shake. Budda spoke with a heavy voice.

“I’m going in.”

“…Now? But the rain…”

“I know it’s the raining season.”

It was an unspoken rule to not fight during the raining season, but…

“It’s not important right now. I must go now.”

Kashim became silent and nodded.

“Okay. I’m going in with you.”

“No. You all go back.”

Kashim frowned, “What are you…”

“It’s an order. Go back to headquarters. Or just stay as far as you can from this site.”

There was no such thing as order between Captains. Order? Kashim then realized Budda’s desperation. 1st Captain Budda was a powerful man that could handle all the Captains at once. If he was this serious, then there must be a reason.

“GO ON! I can’t let you all become mixed up in this!”

“…Okay. I will move as far as I can and stay on guard.”

Kashim then began to move out with the rest of Rupture. The place they left was barren, or the lands of war. Soon, someone walked out from the fortress of the 2nd site.

He had an unforgettable and unique fashion sense. From the thick cosmetics and an eyepatch over one eye, he had a black vest that revealed the entire chest while his arms were filled with dragon tattoos and he also had gloves with studs. Behind him was a giant pillow with a drawing on it.

It was the master of the 2nd site who had been through hell while fighting against Budda for the past week.

Depth called him Droyan, the God of Dragons.

Droyan, who had finished taking control of his Vicegerent, shouted toward Budda.

“HAHAHA! What? You’re still hiding in your shack? I’m here! Cowards!”

“…You’re finally here to die, Dragon God.”

“Oh, there’s one left. So you’ve waited for me to come down? Kekeke.”

Budda didn’t feel good that he had fought this fool for a week. He could defeat him if he tried hard, but that would have resulted in huge casualties. Besides, his [Dark Dragon Flame] was the Setting that was considered to be the best.

Doryan took out the pillow where a girl with cat ears was drawn on it, and began to talk.

“Hehe, Mimi, don’t you think so too?”

“Yes, Droyan! Everyone’s been waiting for you to make a grand entrance!”

“Hehe. Of course. Of course.”

“Oh, look. That stupid monk is still looking savagely at you!”

“Yeah, he’s a dumbass.”

“How about you use the Dark Dragon Flame to destroy that stupid monk?”

“Yeah! Of course! COME! Power closer to the legend than the legend itself! Master of Darkness, darker than destiny itself…!”

He was crazy. And this crazy man needed a beating. Budda focused the world power onto his hands. It was the beginning of his Setting.

[Thousand-armed and Thousand-eyed]

The giant Buddha statue appeared behind Budda with a thousand hands. All of its hands wielded world power as it struck down toward Droyan. Budda thought, ‘I will use all my power! Even if I lose, I will get rid of him now or else…’

Against the raining hands, Droyan frowned as he couldn’t activate his Setting yet.

“…From the hell of the west… UGH! I’m not done with my enchantment!”

The Setting was now barely making its appearance. Taking time to activate was the weakness of Droyan’s Setting. The Dark Dragon Flame began to crumble against Budda’s attack. Droyan frowned.

“I’m sorry, Mimi!”

“It’s okay Droyan! I loved you..!”

“M-me too, Mimi!”

Budda increased his power. Droyan’s body twisted weirdly as the hands struck him down again and again.

“Kek, kek, ugh, UGH!”

Droyan gasped with a voice that was hard to tell if it was laughing or moaning. The God who was known to be strongest once was now facing the end.

[You are in a terrible state.]

A voice came to Droyan’s ears. It only came to his ears. Droyan shouted as he realized the owner of the voice.

“HEH- HEHEHEHE! This voice! Is it my best comrade, Flame of the Fire?”

[I’m not your friend.]

“Mimi! Our love has brought a miracle upon us!”

[…Ugh. Are you still doing that?]

“Of course, Droyan! You and our love is invinc…. UGH. EGH.”

[So, Mimi seems to be well also.]

And the flame exploded in the air. Hellfire was unleashed, raining down all over the site. Budda quickly protected himself by using his hands, but the heat was impossible to block even with his thousand hands.

[Flame of Hell]

It was one of the strongest Settings in <Depth> that had destructive power equal to Droyan’s Dark Dragon Flame.

[Hmph. The power has grown strong. Is it the outcome of your training in the forest?]

“Are you envious? You can become like this if you become naked and scrub them.”

[No, I’ll pass.]

Ignis laughed and the man appeared from the flames.

“Hey, monk. Are you Budda?”

The man had fiery red hair.

“So, you left my site in that state?”

[You’ll pay with your death.]

And there he was, the Vicegerent of Ignis, Karavan.