The World after the Fall - Chapter 184 - Fallen star (1)

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Chapter 184: Fallen star (1)

Episode. Fallen Star

[The fall of one star will not change the world.]

-4th Captain of Rupture. Kashim.

Lieutenant Adel looked up to the sky. Dark clouds loomed the borders of the sites. It seemed like it was going to rain soon.

The small particles began to drop. The rain in <Depth> consisted of small particles of world power. It was so small that it didn’t make one get soaked in it to increase in the world power, but it had restorative abilities. Because of that, the rain slowed down the war. Rain did not discriminate. All Vicegerents and Followers alike stopped fighting to enjoy the rain.

The peace was short while the rain was upon them.

“It’s the raining season, Adel,” Mirel said from the side. Adel looked at her long blonde hair becoming wet from the rain and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“We will have peace for a while.”

“A deceiving peace at that.”


Mirel raised her eyebrow and Adel continued, “I will fix the word if you don’t like it. Peace in the eye of the storm.”

“…Adel, that’s the same thing.”

Adel did not answer. Instead, he looked at the dark clouds.

Giant world power had the power to attract other world powers. The rain clouds were also in response to the giant world power. But even so, it was difficult for the 8 Gods of <Depth> to bring about climate change like this one. If this were to happen, it required at least two or more Gods to fight someone who had appeared with such power.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a good sign. If Gods were opposing each other, it meant a fight. And if another being was born, it meant all hell will let loose in <Depth>.

That’s why people respected the rain. It was their last chance to rest before the fight.

“It’s been 700 years since I’ve known you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I always thought it was a mistake to force a man like you to stay in your rank for that long.”

“No, ma’am.”

“I thought it was good that you were their lieutenant. I believed they will learn enough from you.”

“…Is that so?”

Adel didn’t seem to be pleased by the compliment. Mirel continued, “You seem very sentimental today. It’s unlike you.”

“It’s the rain.”

“That’s for ordinary people.”

“I was an ordinary man once. Maybe so, even now.”

Mirel became silent for a second.

“Normal men cannot become Awakened.”

“Do you really think so, ma’am?”


“Look at them. They are all normal people.”

They saw fighters of Rupture enjoying the rain. Most were young spirits who joined Rupture only recently.

“Yes, and they might die soon.”

Everyone went through the Great Disappearance Simulation. They had killed their memories time and time again, but they still had glimpses of their memories and emotions.

Adel wasn’t sure if they could still be considered humans, but he hoped that they might not die. Or even if they did die, they’d die as humans.

“You don’t seem like your usual self today.”

“A man cannot stay the same every day. Just like how one who was [Rupture] becomes something else tomorrow.”

“Are you influenced by the Squad Leader you served recently?”

“Squad Leader… You’re talking about Yoonhwan.”

Yoonhwan. He was a man who didn’t belong in Rupture. He was a being who had too beautiful a spirit to be used in Rupture.


Adel couldn’t stop but smile when he thought of him.



“Yes, ma’am. Maybe I have gotten the energy from the young spirit.”

“Hah. Adel, are you serious…”

“And I’m sure you’re not in the place to tell me that, Captain.”

Mirel frowned, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Wasn’t it you who stopped Yoonhwan’s simulation?”


“He did not clear his simulation.”

“He was Awakened anyway.”

“Awakened? Since when we, Rupture, accept imperfect Awakening?”

Mirel couldn’t answer. Adel continued, “Things are changing, Captain. You, me, and the others.”

Mirel became silent for a while. Rain kept falling down upon them. After a while, Mirel spoke.

“…Yes. Maybe so.”

Mirel knew it too. Something was changing. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was happening. But…

“But the time of revolution will come faster than the change itself.”

“…Time of revolution? What do you mean?”

The rain began to grow heavier. Mirel and Adel had never seen rain like this in 700 years. There was no world power equal to the Gods around them. Therefore, this meant that a powerful being was coming down to <Depth>.

Mirel looked up to the skies and the rain. There was something there that could control all of <Depth>. Or rather, it was known to be there. Mirel did not have the ‘eyes’ to see it even if it wasn’t for the dark clouds covering the sky.

Maybe someone will say this: How can one believe when it cannot be seen? But that wasn’t believing at all. It was just something to be realized naturally.

Because without such a thing, there was no way the world could be like that. Adel realized and asked, “So… the rumor was true?”


“And when is it? When…”


Thunder tore through the air. Mirel shook, but she did not look down, imagining the being beyond the dark cloud.

“Tomorrow, Master will go fight Big Brother. The 210 thousand years of <Depth> is now over.”

And with the voice, Adel also looked up. The organization that came all the way for just one purpose — the conclusion was upon them. Adel asked, “Do you think the world will change, Captain?”

Can the world change? If it changes, then how will it be changed? Mirel did not answer and shook her head. She didn’t say for sure that she believed that the world would change; she did not know. Maybe they were too old to even think about those things.